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Benovymed is the World's Top 20 & India's No:1  Most Impact Innovation DeepTech HealthTech Global Startup MNC in Creating, Building & Launched a variety of more than 90 Next Gen Disruptive Innovative Health Technologies in India & Global Healthcare Market since 1993  by its Founder &CEO | Board Chairman | Promoter | Successful SerialHealthTechEntreprenur, Serially Founded, setup, as a serial Investor in Investing in 17 Most Impact Innovation DeepTech HealthTech Global Startup MNC ( including Benovymed Healthcare Group) in his last 30 Years of Toughest Most challenging Startup Building Journey.

Our Founder & CEO is World's Top 30 Most Impactful Innovation DeepTech HealthTech Startup Global Business Leader & Guru.

We created the next-gen HealthTech Market in India and many countries Globally, educated, Trained, and Mentored to Impact & benefit Physicians, Hospitals, Clinics, Govt & all other stakeholders by creating a HealthTech Ecosystem with a Big Impact in bringing change to the Healthcare Technology Ecosystem & have done Multi-Million $ Business Globally including in India for 30 Years by our Founder & CEO & over 100 Years collectively by our Founding Leaders working in DeepTech Health Technologies in Revolutionizing Digital Health | AI Health | Telemedicine | MedIoT | MedTech through Disruption & Innovation impacting the Lives of Billions of People Globally. 

Benovymed is born as the Most Successful | Powerful & fastest-growing Indian MNC Founded by our Founder & CEO | Board Chairman | and Promoter as a serial Founder, he set up, serially Invested & built successfully 17 Global HealthTech Startups in his last 30 Years.                   

On his own shoulders, our Founder & CEO Launched over 90 Impact Innovation Health Technologies in Digital Health I AI Health & MedTech in India & Globally. Now, these technologies are utilized by every hospital and Healthcare Facility Globally to Impact the Lives of Billions of People Globally & Benefiting all stakeholders. 

On his own Shoulders as a rare and daring Impact Innovation Visionary Passionate HealthTech Global Leader, Next generation Impact Innovation Healthcare Technology Entrepreneur, He is a 1st generation Entrepreneur working serially in Next Gen HealthTech, He Converted Big Impossible into Possible without any Large Team, Without Investors Fund, Bank funds, without Government Support, without any kind of effective Startup culture in India to bring this Big Change to our Healthcare Ecosystem.


Benovymed Healthcare Group has 9 Healthcare Business Verticals Global Business on the same Horizontal as mentioned below.

it is an Impact Innovation DeepTech | HealthTech Global Healthcare Organisation with Deep Science | Deep Technology | Strong 360 degree Domain Expertise & R&D based World’s 1st of its kind advanced Quality Global Healthcare Institution growing, building & establishing one Gigabyte at a time as one of the fast emerging World’s Most Impact Innovation| Respected | Reliable | Trusted to Solve 1000s of Complex Problem locally and Globally down the line in next 5 Years from Disease Prevention to Complete Disease Management & Disease Control ( in Public Health and Private Health in Communicable Disease to Non – Communicable Disease Management in our entire Healthcare Ecosystem ) Global Organisation Multi National Company (MNC) to build the Future of Healthcare for Accessible | Affordable | Safe | Reliable | Quality Health to all

Powered by: Benovymed Global R&D & Artificial Intelligence in Health Innovation Lab.


Benovymed Healthcare Group is not like 1000s of HealthTech Startups mushrooming all across the world.

Benovymed Healthcare Group
Benovymed Healthcare Group is World's Top 20 & India's no:1 most Impact Innovation DeepTech HealthTech Startup Global Healthcare Organisation in Revolutionising Digital Health | AI Health | Telemedicine through Disruption & Innovation

A Global Leader in Digital Health | AI Health | Telemedicine Innovation

Remote Patient Monitoring-Engagement-Management in Revolutionising Through Innovation

Revolutionizing the Power of Digital Health | AI Health | Telemedicine Through Innovation

( Global DigiAIHealth is the brand name of Benovymed Healthcare Private Limited )

Powered by:

Benovymed Global R&D and AI Health Innovation Lab

Deep Science  |  Deep  Technology  |  Artificial Intelligence  |  Disruption  |  Innovation

Our Products | Services | Novel Health Solutions | Our Addressable Market

Benovymed developed the World's 1st Most Comprehensive Integrated Care Disease Management SaaS Cloud Platform for a multi-stage Journey in Chronic Diseases (NCD) & COVID-19 type Disease Management.

A Highly Scalable Platform | Driven by our Digital Health | AI Health | Telemedicine | Remote Patient Monitoring | Remote Patient Management Innovation Novel Solutions with a Holistic Approach in Healthcare Systems in

Public Health-Individual Health-Hospital- Healthcare Management | Clinical Management with Benovymed on Ground Medical Operational & Medical Experts Team delivering end to end Solutions in Non-Communicable Diseases-NCD (all stages all types of Chronic Diseases Including all types of Cancer | Diabetes | Heart | Mental Health| COPD) & COVID-19 current & Future like Pandemic Management

Impacting the Life of Billions of People Globally & Benefiting all stakeholders


​Benovymed is a Gamechanger in a

Trillion Dollar Fastest Growing Emerging AI Health Global Market & in  a

Multi-Trillion Dollar Global Market in our Addressable Areas in


COVID-19  Present | Future Emerging Infectious Disease Pandemic Management Preparedness Readiness


Chronic Diseases ( Non-Communicable Diseases)

Cancer  |  Diabetes  |  Heart Disease  |  Mental Health  |  COPD​


​In complete end tend Innovative Holistic Health Solutions with Integrated Care Delivery in terms of High Clinical Efficacy-Treatment Outcome-Health management | Care Experience | Value-based Care | Innovative Care Solutions in

Prevention  | Screening | Early Detection |  Dr. Consultation | Diagnosis  |  Prognosis | Treatment |

Complete Disease Management & Control 


For Impacting the Lives of Billions of People Globally through 

Benovymed SmartTech Hospital &Clinic Network Globally including India 




























Our Business Model














Our  Disruptive Innovative Novel Personalised Health Solutions | Products | Services

​are built and driven by our strong domain expertise in

Providing complete Innovative Health Solutions | Healthcare Business Management | R&D  | Triage &

Robust Next-Generation Technology in 

Digital Health  |  AI Health & Telemedicine Innovation

with Unbiased  Powerful clinical Decisions |  Scientific Evidence-Based  |  Actionable Scientific data-driven  |  Clinically Proven  |

Personalized Clinical Solutions | Patient-Centric Platform 


Accessible & Affordable Quality Health to all


the Highest Treatment Outcome  |  Quality Health Delivery |

Patient Safety  |  Efficacy & Reliability

Empowering Doctors & Patients

Impacting by adding Huge Values in the Life of

Billions of People |  Doctor  |  Hospital |  Government  |             


all Stakeholders Globally

Our Current Global Business Operation is in 30 Countries including India to Impact the Lives of a Billion People & All Stakeholders

In the next 5 years, our Global Business Operation will be in 180 Countries including India to Impact the Lives of Billions of People & All Stakeholders




Who we are?

Our Founding Leadership Team consist of a Team of well-rounded Physician Dr | Hospital Administrator | Medical Practitioners | Board Certified Speciality Doctor & World Top Surgeon | Research Scientist | Research Innovator | Clinical-Tech-Business Inventor & Innovator | AI Health Global Impactful Leader | AI Health Scientist |  Engineers |

World's Top 30 Most Impactful Global Business Leaders in Digital Health | AI Health | Telemedicine | Serial Digital Health Startup Entrepreneur | Digital HealthTech Startup Guru | HealthTech Startup GTM Global Leader | Healthcare Business Management Guru |  Govt Advisors | WHO Geneva Expert Members | International Speakers-Eminent Panelist-Govt Advisors in Digital Health | AI Health & Telemedicine Innovation




















































































Founder & CEO & Promoter


Ambassador Mahendra Singh is the Founder & CEO | Promoter | Board Chairman and Board Director of Benovymed Healthcare with a Multi Hat Role working with more than 13 Top Management Functional Roles because of his strong multifaceted domain expertise.

He is the Chief of Benovymed R&D and AI Health Innovation Lab with a Role of Chief R&D and AI Health Innovation Officer | Chief Medical R&D and Innovation Officer | Chief AI Health R&D & Innovation Officer | Chief Strategy Officer | Chief Commercialisation Officer | Chief Digital Health Officer 

Amb. Mahendra Singh is a Visionary | Passionate | Serial DeepTech Digital Health | AI Health Startup Entrepreneur | HealthTech Startup Guru. 

He is one of the World’s Top 30 Most Impactful Business Leaders & Think-Tank in Digital Health | AI Health | Telemedicine Innovation | MedTech with 30 Years of Strong Experience in Digital Health technologies as an Inventor, Innovator, Serial Digital Health Technology Startup Entrepreneur with deep domain expertise, Multi-Million $ Business creation Capabilities in limited resources with a single-handed multi-hat role. 

He is one of the World's Top 30 Most Impactful Leaders with deep Domain Expert in Digital Health Technologies-AI Health technologies | Telemedicine Innovation | Clinical Health Technologies Solutions Provider revolutionizing Digital Health | AI Health | Telemedicine through Innovation.


Ambassador Mahendra Singh ( Dr for Doctors) is a WHO Geneva Expert Member for Digital Health | AI Health, WHO Geneva.         










He is an Advisor, and Policy Maker in Digital Health -AI Health Technologies Road Map Builder to more than 40 countries Governments Globally including the Govt of India. Thereby these Countries' Government Official says you come with your Game Changer Technology Products & solutions we will sign big Deals with you in no time to Implement our Digital Health Technologies to Impact the Lives of Billions of People globally for Accessible | Affordable | and Quality Health to all.


He is working with WHO Member Partners Countries Globally which adds huge value for Benovymed Healthcare Business for our exponential Big Volume Business acquisition Globally in no time keeping many tops well established & well Funded Global Players so we can replace them from the market and also the New Virgin world's Fastest growing AI Health Global Market of Trillion Dollars with our Game Changer Technology Innovation and our Domain Expertise in Healthcare Business in the entire Healthcare Business from Deep Clinical domain areas of Inside to Outside areas of Healthcare Management.

He is an Eminent Panelist | International Speaker in Digital Health & AI Health Innovation with various International Platforms | Chamber of Commerce Globally.


He is an Advisor to all stakeholders | Mentor | Doctor | and Educator to Hospitals | Clinics | Doctors | Tech Research Universities & Medical Research Universities Globally.

In next-generation & advanced Digital Health Technologies in Clinical Settings & Healthcare management settings, he mentored, Trained & educated several thousands of Doctors- Surgeons Globally.

Amb. Mahendra Singh ( Dr for Doctors) is a Digital Health Technologies Doctor & Inventor | Innovator | Innovation Scientist | AI Health Tech Dr | Clinical Researcher & Innovator | Game Changer Digital Health Technology Clinical Solutions Provider | Medical Business Solutions Provider | Mahendra Singh is a Doctor with the will to Fix Problems in Healthcare | Voice of Healthcare | Digital Health Technologies- AI Health Business Leader | Startup Innovator | Digital Health-AI Health Exponential Growth Hacker.


His Billion $ worth core domain expertise areas in 360 degrees of Deep Clinical | Deep Healthcare | Deep Science | Deep Technologies | AI Health | Telemedicine Innovation | Monetizing Digital Health Technologies at the speed of Light | Unique Business Strategy and Go to Market, Market entry to Indian and different Global Market in commercializing 100s of Digital Health Technologies from the wealth of his 30 Years of Health startup serial entrepreneur Journey are in tons with complete end to end as a single-handed multi hat role from concept to complete commercialization in Health startup Journey when nobody in India was knowing about the next generation Digital health technologies business.

He has in-depth hands of 30 Years of experience in right from creating Innovative Game changer Ideas -POC development-Clinical R&D-Clinical Trials-Clinical Validations-Clinical Trials Cross Validations with Hospitals-Risk Management-SWOT Analysis-AI Health R&D and Innovation- AI Health Solutions Research and Development & Innovation- AI Health Validation- Product development Prototyping-MVP-Technology Product Development-Go to Market commercialization into Indian and with a Unique Go to Market entry as per Market dynamics of Global Market while building 17 Impact Innovation DeepTech HealthTech Global Startup which is now Big Billion $ MNC.

In his entire strong experience of 30 Years in the Healthcare Industry restlessly, sleeplessly, he built -created ( from Concept to Commercialisation ) Created-Founded-Funded-Worked in a series of 17 Global HealthTech Startups ( in a disruptive Innovative game Changer Technology in Digital health | AI Health | Telemedicine | Medical Technologies | Medical Devices from scratch to Multi-Million $.

Built from scratch more than Half a Dozen Israeli HealthTech Startups in India and global | Few from India to Global and many from Global to India driven by Deep Science | Deep Technology | Deep Medical Science | Deep AI Health | Deep Digital health technology in bringing change in Healthcare.

He has a strong Business Acquisition capability of monetizing our Game Changer Technologies with Exponential ROI  with unique Go to Market Dynamic Strategies in India and the Global market as per different Geographical conditions and he launched more than 90 Game Changer Disruptive Innovative Technology in Digital Health | AI Health | Telemedicine | MedTech in his 30 Years of Excellence in Technology Innovation in Healthcare to Impact the Life of Billions of People in India & Globally without any Big Resources and Funds in his experience.

His Deep Clinical Knowledge & Deep Clinical Expertise in more than 20 Super specialties in Healthcare in delivering more than 1000 types of Treatments and Procedures in Non-Communicable Diseases and Communicable Disease areas in the areas of Surgical,non-Surgical, Minimum Invasive, Diagnosis is so profound and deep that, he can predict the Treatment Outcomes delivered before actually starting the Treatment | Disease Management by any Doctor / Surgoan / Hospitals Globally and also having deep expertise in Healthcare Business Management.

Currently, in Benovymed Healthcare Group, we developed and placed on our Highly Scalable Digital Health, AI Health & Telemedicine Innovation world's 1st most comprehensive Integrated Care Digital AI Health SaaS Platform Products developed with disruptive, Innovative Technology Products & Novel Health Solutions in it after having 30 years of experience in building 16 Global HealthTech Startups , R&D in Medical, AI Health and it’s commercialization from our Innovative Idea concept and now ready to roll out Launch soon in 40 Countries initially and then to 60/90/120/150/180 Countries Globally in next 5th Year and make Benovymed Healthcare a more than 300 Billion Dollars AI Health 1st Global Company 1st Unicorn Company in AI Health in next 5 years with a very aggressive Highly sustainable double-digit exponential Growth year by Year expanding through serial fundraising of Multi-Million Dollars to Multi-Billion Dollars as per our 5 Years Business Plan with Highly Sustainable Exponential Growth on ROI  building Benovymed Healthcare the world's 1st most Impactful AI Health Global company from India. 

We are India's Pride in "Make in India "  Benovymed Healthcare is India's No:1  DeepTech Startup in AI Health to solve 1000s of complex Problems in Healthcare from inside to the outside of complete Clinical end-to-end Healthcare Systems, Public Health & Healthcare Business Management by solving comprehensively Local Problem Globally to Impact the Lives of Billions of People Globally.

We are Building India | We are Building a Healthier World | We are the Voice of Healthcare | We are Bringing Change in the Healthcare Ecosystem Globally | We are Pledged to meet the United Nations (UN) and World Health Organisation ( WHO) Sustainable Development Goal 3 for Health to all by Implementing our Deep Science Knowledge | Deep Technologies | Disruption | Innovation | Deep Domain Expertise in Healthcare and Digital Health Technologies to Impact the Lives of Billions of People globally for  Accessible | Affordable | Patient Safety |  Quality Health to all.


















































Benovymed Group is World's Top 20 & India's no:1 most Impactful  DeepTech Startup Global Healthcare Organisation in Digital Health | AI Health | Telemedicine Innovation.


Benovymed Healthcare has strong capability in Digital Health, AI Health & Telemedicine Innovation Technology-driven Novel Solutions to fix this big problem, which is the current need of the hour in India and Globally to provide Accessible, Affordable, Safe, Reliable, and Quality Health to all.

Benovymed Healthcare Disruptive & Innovative Technology Products, Novel Solutions & Founder & CEO Strong Healthcare Business Execution, Disruptive, Innovative Technology Product Launch and Go to Market Unique Strategy and strong Capability in India and Globally.

We are working in B2B, B2C in India and Global Market strategically since the Founder & CEO created and discovered worldwide Huge Tractions directly and through a number of Global Business partners in global geographical areas in his experience of 30 Years in the Healthcare Business and worked closely with every Stakeholder in Healthcare.

Ambassador Mahendra Singh is a Global Goodwill Ambassador, GGAF for United Nations ( UN), and World Peace Ambassador.








Our Founder & CEO Capabilities     


Our Founder & CEO is our Growth Driver, he is managing a Team of Engineers, Scientists, and Doctors with impactful Global Business Leader domain experts in Digital Health AI Health & Telemedicine Innovation with a synergetic blend of strong collective Founders experience of over 100 Years in the domain expertise in Healthcare, Digital Health AI HealthTech & Telemedicine Innovative Business Management, Innovation R&D while working closely with doctors and hospitals in Digital HealthTech Product solution are from concept to commercialization in India & Globally, Medical R&D, Clinical trials & Testing, Product & Market fit validation, Medical Practice, Digital Health Product Development, IT, AI Machine Learning and Deep Learning Data Science, Data Analytics & Big Data. 


He is India's  1st and the World's  Top 30  Most Impactful Business Leaders who have CREATED and Launched more than 90 Disruptive Innovative Technologies | 200 Products & Solutions | Created, setup, Founded, Invested, and worked successfully with 17 HealthTech Startups in addressing more than Top 10 Medical Specialty in more than 30 Years of his strong serial entrepreneur experience without any initial customer base from big zero / Scratch to 1000s of Partners / Customer base ( B2B & B2B2C Model ) for benefiting and Impacting the lives of Billion of Patient Globally on his own shoulder with the limited fund, without big Team and without adequate resources in Healthcare Technology Business, particularly in Digital Health | AI Health | Telemedicine & MedTech.

We are well connected with more than 2,50,000 Doctors, 20,000 Hospitals, 3000 Diagnostic centers, 200 corporate companies, 70 Strategic Business Partners globally, 50 countries Ministry of Health Governments, and all other stakeholders in India and globally with more than 50 Countries Globally.


In terms of Digital Health Technology, Benovymed is working in Digital Health, AI Health & Telemedicine Global Market 

1) Replacement of existing players in the Digital Health Market. 

Benovymed has strong Capabilities as mentioned above. we will replace the current existing well-established players in the Indian and Global markets in no time to become a Big market Leader with major market share stakeholders globally.

2) Creation of a New Trillion-Dollar AI Health Market Globally.

We have developed, and created a Business Model- Revenue Model-Clinical Model-AI Health Model for the fastest-growing highly sustainable exponential growth in an emerging new Trillion Dollar AI Health Market Globally at a CAGR of 61.3% annually between 2020-28, because of Benovymed Healthcare Disruptive & Innovative Technology Products, Novel Solutions & Founder & CEO Strong Healthcare Business Execution, Disruptive, Innovative Technology Product Launch and Go to Market Unique Strategy and strong Capability in India and Globally.

Our Addressable Market

Benovymed Healthcare Group is working in a Trillion Dollar AI Health Global Market which is the fastest growing Market at CAGR 61.3% annually 2020-28 with an underserved market with no supply and exponentially high growing demand globally and within a Few Trillion Dollars of underserved Chronic Diseases (Cancer | Diabetes | Heart Disease | Mental Health | COPD ) including Top 20 Cancer Diseases demand growing at more than 51.4 % Annually  & underserved and unmet exponential demand of COVID-19 Pandemic Management ( COVID-19 Transmission Tracing, early warning, Testing & Treating readiness, preparedness, COVID-19 Disease Management Capacity Building).

 Our Founding Leaders

Our Co-Founders  

*Co-Founder | Board of Director | COO | Chief Medical Officer | Medical Affairs | Medical R&D | Head of Global Business Operation

He is India's renowned Doctor with his MBBS and MD Professional Qualifications from India's Premier Medical Institute.

He is having over 30 years of rich experience in Medical Practices & Research, Patient Care, and Medical Operations including 20 Years in Hospital Administration as a CEO & Director of Medical Services managing many large Hospitals in India.   

He is passionate about building Innovative Digital Health Startups for Accessible | Affordable | Safe | and Quality Health for All.

*Co-Founder | Executive Vice President - Medical Research-Global with over 22 Years of Research experience with some of India's premier R&D Centers working in emerging and re-emerging Infectious diseases (CD) areas of deadly Virology diseases of  COVID-19 | EBOLA | NIPAH | H1N1 | Swine Flu | Dengue | Zika | Chickenguniea, etc.

* Founding Member |  Software Engineering & Product Development.

*Founder & Chief of Benovymed R&D and AI Health Innovation Lab | Founder & Chief R&D and AI Health Innovation Officer.​

*Founder & Chief Strategy Officer | Chief Commercialisation Officer | Chief Marketing Officer.


Our Founding Leaders is a well-rounded Team of Domain Experts with highly experienced & Qualified Physician Doctors | Clinical Research Scientists Doctors & Innovators | COVID-19 Scientist Doctors | Epidemiologists | Medical R&D-AI Health R&D researchers Doctor-Data scientists | and Product Developers.

Our Management & Founding Leaders collective are having experience of over 100 Years in Healthcare with a single Objective | Vision

in Clinical R&D, Patient Care, and Hospital Management and worked in the clinical areas of the Top 30 Medical Super Speciality in end-to-end delivery in Surgical, Non-Surgical, Minimum Invasive, Diagnosis & Prognosis from Prevention-early detection-Consultation-Diagnosis-Treatment-complete Disease Management & Control.

Founders' Collective Experience of Over 70 Years

in R&D ( Medical R&D, Digital Health Technology R&D, AI Health Technology Development, Technology Management) and Health Startup Go To Market Commercialisation in Digital Health | AI Health | Telemedicine | MedTech in Top 20 medical Super Speciality in Healthcare in India & Globally.

Benovymed Healthcare Group & its Global Market Valuation

Our Founder & CEO has Founded & Built the company from concept with Game changer Innovative Ideas earned from his 30 years of experience in Healthcare. Founder & CEO has serially self-funded as a serial Investor bootstrapped the Benovymed Healthcare company Invested few Million $ in the last 5 Years his hard-earned money, his Full-time multi-Hat Billion $ Capability and full High sustainable exponential growth energy with a hands-on & with a single-handed MultiHat role of more than 13 Top Management Leadership functional Roles & Responsibilities delivered and converted Benovymed Healthcare Group from scratch into currently over few Hundred Million $ Fastest Growing DeepTech Debt Free (We are Impact Innovation Global HealthTech Startup | Upto now without external Investor Funded.

Fundraising Now) Global Healthcare & AI Health Global company & Will be soon India's 1st Unicorn & World's Top 10 Unicorn in AI Health. 


Benovymed Healthcare Group is an Impact Innovation-based World-class World's 1st of its kind Global Healthcare Institution with Deep Science | Deep Technologies | R&D & Health Technologies Innovation Global Organisation with our 9 Healthcare Business Verticals Global Business as follows:

1) Benovymed Digital SaaS AI Health Platform ( Non-Communicable Disease Management +Communicable Disease Management & Control). 

2) Benovymed SmartTech Hospitals & Speciality Clinics Network ( Global Including India ).

3) Benovymed Healthcare Consulting Group ( Global Including India).

4) Benovymed E-Marketplace (the World's 1st of Kind Medical Supplies Global E-Commerce Platform in Healthcare).

5) Benovymed Global R&D and AI Health innovation Lab ( Benovymed Global R&D & Innovation Thinktank for Concept to Commercialisation).

6) Benovymed Capital (Impact Innovation DeepTech HealthTech Fund1 to Fund Benovymed Business Verticals & Portfolio Companies).

7) Benovymed Turnkey Global Projects in Medical Supplies & Hospitals Supplies.

8) Benovymed Medical Tourism ( Domestic & International Patients Medical Travel ( World's 1st Most Comprehensive Hybrid Form).

9) Benovymed Medical Robotics: R&D, Manufacturing &  Exporting to 180 countries Globally the NextGen Medical Robotics with AI.

Our above 9 Healthcare Business Verticals make Benovymed Healthcare Organisation as world's fastest-growing DeepTech Co & making Benovymed Healthcare Group the World’s Top 20 & India's No:1 Most Impact Innovation DeepTech Startup Global Healthcare Company & an AI Health Global Organisation with strong domain Expertise & energy in building this fastest sustainable growing Global AI Health Company.


Benovymed Digital Health SaaS Cloud Platform is a Highly Scalable | High Sustainable Platform | Highly Sustainable double-digit exponential Growth unique Business Model in B2B, B2B2C.

Benovymed is an AI Health Global Healthcare Company and in the next 5 years timeline will be World's Top 10 & India's No:1 Most Impactful Innovation Healthtech AI Health Unicorn with over 300 Billion USD market Valuation with IPO through New York / NASDAQ Listed Fortune Global Company from India.

Our World's 1st Most Comprehensive Integrated Digital Health Highly Scalable SaaS Cloud Platform work along with our 1000s of Partners / working with all Stakeholders Globally Including India:

1) Government | Corporate Co | Insurance Co | Pharma Co | Hospitals & Clinics & Large Communities.

2) Our own Chain of upcoming SmartTech Hospitals & Clinics Globally through O&M model acquisition Globally including India

As per our 5 Yrs Business Plan, Our own developed game-changer Impact Innovation of over 2000 Innovation Tech Products / Services / Novel Solutions are expanding into 180 Countries Globally including India with our huge client base because of our Billion $ strong Multifaceted Capabilities including Business Acquisition just like any Big Giant MNC in HealthTech we are not Just Startup. We are Global Impact Innovation Health Technologies | Healthcare | AI Health Global Company.

In the last four years since company incorporation our Founders & CEO is applying their 30 Years of serially built 17 DeepTech Global HealthTech Startup as a serial DeepTech HealthTech Global Startup Guru | Serial DeepTech HealthTech Startup Entrepreneur with Multifaceted Billion $ Capability with Hardcore domain expertise in Healthcare Business with a very aggressive Very Tough and Challenging Game changer AI Health DeepTech Startup Building Journey right from concept Idea to the POC - multistage R&D in multifaceted domain expertise areas in Medical R&D, AI Health R&D, AI Health Validations from Clinical Validations in various Diseases areas, Product Conceptualization, Clinical Validation-Market fit Product Validations, Pre-Seed to Seed Stages and now we are in Series A Stage completed and developed the most comprehensive complete end to end Prototype Development-Product Development to Go To Market for Commercialisation Globally.

We developed 21+ Game Changer Disruptive Innovative Digital Health | AI Health Technology Products | Services &Novel Solutions on the SaaS Cloud Platform with delivery through the Mobile App and Web, Services & Novel Solutions, Product Development Powered by Benovymed Global R&D and AI Health Innovation Lab and we developed setup Benovymed Global R&D & AI Health Innovation Lab in last 5 Years World's First of its kind Benovymed Global R&D and AI Health Innovation Lab in our Global HQ: Delhi, India, and now opening 20 International Multicentered R&D & AI Health Innovation Lab in collaboration with World's Top Tech University & University Hospital & Medical Research Institutes Globally owned by Benovymed Healthcare to solve locally & globally 1000s of complex problem in Healthcare Ecosystem. 

We are Hiring |  Building | and Expanding our Team in all directions | on all levels

We are looking for exceptional Doers | Startup Growth Mindset | Passionate Leaders | Creators | 

Domain expert with the hands-on single-handed multi-hat role I Health Startup Entrepreneur


We get 1000s of Applications daily and hardly  0.0001% get shortlisted for 1st Interview


Job opportunity You can get anywhere & everywhere

A dynamic Career Growth opportunity is rarely available on this earth

Apply now! if you have done

Challenging job as a Startup builder | creator serially in your Career time with Hands-on with a single-handed multi-hat role

in limited resources around our domain area 

We are not looking for traditional Employee

Benovymed addressable disease market

Deep Science

Deep Technology

Disruption | Innovation

Deep Domain Expertise

Health Plan

Comprehensive Health Plan



Employee & Family Benefits


B2B & B2B2C SaaS Model

Health Plan

Comprehensive Health Plan



Universal Health to all 


Individual & Family Benefits


B2B & B2B2C SaaS Model

Hospital | Clinic |
Pharma Co
Insurance Co |
Large Population Communities
Health Plan

Comprehensive Health Plan


Patient Benefits


To Hospital | Clinics |Dr | Pharma Co | Insurance Co | Large Communities Benefits


B2B & B2B2C SaaS Model

Benovymed World's 1st SmartTech Hospitals & Speciality Clinics Global Network.png



Our Healthcare Business Solutions

Our Healthcare Business Solutions is a Holistic Approach with a hybrid model having an on-ground Benovymed Medical Professional Experts Team, Business Operation Team, and Business Management Team working together with our most comprehensive Highly Scalable World's 1st Digital Health Platform with Multi-Level and multi-dimensional Artificial Intelligence ( from the weakest side of AI to super Intelligent sides of AI with Cognitive AI with super Intelligent Board Certifed Qualified Speciality Doctors like Human Brain AI-driven Digital Health Platform and AI Central Command of health management System types of most Powerful Capability driven by Science of AI Technology).

Our Digital Health Platform as illustrated in the above Image is an Integrated Platform working in coordination with all stakeholders such as Hospitals | Clinics | Diagnostic Centers | Lab | Insurance Co | Pharma Co | Government Systems | Corporate Co | Large Communities | Research Hospitals and with on-ground our Medical Professional Experts Team | Medical Operations Team | Business Operation Team | Nursing Support Team and Digital delivery is through Web and Mobile App and with Remote Patient Management-Monitoring- Engagement irrespective of Patient or Hospital or Healthcare Service Provider Location Globally anytime anywhere with 24x7x365days live Healthcare Solutions Platform.

We use in our Healthcare Solutions Platform some of the Next Generation and World's Latest cutting-edge MedIoT ( Medical IoT) and IoT ( Internet of Things) Integrated with our Health Delivery System for Remote Patient Monitoring - Remote Patient Engagement - Remote Patient Management irrespective of Location Globally.

Our Healthcare Products | Services | Solutions are developed with Patient First Approach with end-to-end delivery to Patients right from Patient Home to OPD to IPD and back to Patient Home in the Patient Health Journey of Disease in Prevention  | Early Detection |  Dr. Consultation | Diagnosis  |  Complete end to end Disease Management & Control. 

That means Benovymed Healthcare is Engaged with the Patient throughout their Lifetime Journey.


Benovymed knows the power of our core competency

in Deep Science | Deep Technology | Our Disruption | Innovation & Deep Domain Expertise to Impact the lives of billions of people & benefit all stakeholders globally.  Thereby Revolutionising Healthcare Technology through Artificial Intelligence 



Healthcare Market Situation

3 out of 5 Patients of COVID-19 globally who died or were seriously ill are because of underline co-morbidity of at least 1 Chronic disease


Chronic Disease is responsible for 7 of 10 deaths each year Globally,

More than 60% of People in most countries globally are suffering from at least one chronic disease and is growing faster than annually at 51.4% CAGR globally.

Treating people with chronic diseases accounts for 93 % of most of the Nation's total Healthcare costs annually globally.

Preventing People from Chronic Diseases (NCD) & Communicating Diseases can accounts for Just 7% of most of the Nation's total Healthcare costs annually globally.

Between 70-90% of the Top Chronic diseases (Diabetes, Heart Disease, Stroke, Mental Health, and Cancers) can be prevented through our public health Preventive Health programs and our domain expertise in Disease Management.  Chronic diseases such as Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Mental Health, and COPD are the leading causes of death and disability globally.

Chronic Disease is responsible for more than 93% of the total healthcare cost annually in any country globally.

Over and above the existing huge burden of Chronic Diseases in Healthcare Globally.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has surged exponentially the demand and necessity of Benovymed world's 1st most comprehensive multidisciplinary AI Health & Telemedicine Innovation Platform for accessible, affordable, safe, and Quality Health to all of which the demand has gone over and above the sky and True ethical Clinical supply is zero to min.

Many Health Providers & Digital Tech Platforms are the False Prophets of Healthcare &

most of the Search Engine Results are biased, paid media generated, inaccurate & only misleading the Patients globally

with false hope in the name of Healthcare.


The current Need for the Hours is to

Bring change through Disruption & Innovation using Nextgen Science & Technology through the hands of the Domain expert Founders Team to Empower Doctors & Billions of Patients globally.


Benovymed Founder & CEO has developed 100s of Novel products & Solutions out of his developed over 400 POCs ( Proof of Concept) to solve 1000s of complex problems in the healthcare system. 

after his 30 Years of working in Healthcare Technologies experience with strong domain expertise from concept to commercialization through R&D | Disruption & Innovation

  • Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally and is responsible for an estimated 9.6 million deaths annually as of 2018. 

  • Top 5 Chronic Diseases including Cancer Growing unnoticeably with an alarming figure with the fastest pace annually in most of the High & Densely Populated underdeveloped & developing countries.

  • Globally, about 1 in 6 deaths is due to cancer.

  • Approximately 70% of deaths from cancer occur in low- and middle-income countries.

  • Investing in Prevention and disease management saves life and money now and well into the future.

​Our Multifaceted Billion $ Strong Capabilities | Domain Expertise & Our Growth Drivers

Benovymed Healthcare has strong capability in Digital Health, AI Health & Telemedicine Innovation Technology-driven Novel Solutions to fix this big problem, which is the current need of the hour in India and Globally to provide accessible, affordable, safe, reliable, and Quality Health to all.


1)Our Disruption & Innovation:
Gives us High Sustainable exponential growth driven by our Strong Billions of $ capabilities in Deep Science&Digital Technology (Digital Health | AI Health | Cloud | mHealth | Blockchain | IoT).

2)Game-changer Novel Products & Solns:


Our Growth Drivers are our strong domain expertise in R&D, Medical Science & Digital Health, AI Health & Telemedicine Innovation Technology, and strong experience in Healthcare Business management & Product commercialization Go to Market globally.

We Developed Innovative products & Solns Powered by Benovymed Global R&D& AI Health Innovation Lab in Digital Health, AI Health&Telemedicine solving complex problems in Prevention, Early Detection, Diagnose & end to end Disease Management in the Top 5 Chronic diseases of Cancer | Diabetes | Heart | Mental Health | COPD & Covid-19 for Accessible l Affordable l Safe & Quality Health to Impact billion of People & all stakeholder globally including India.

3)Founder &CEO of is World's Top30 most Impactful Digital Health, AI Health & Telemedicine Innovation Global Business Leader, Serial Investor, DigitalHealthTechpreneur, Digital Health Dr, Digital HealthTech startup Innovator& HealthTech Strong Business Management Guru from concept to commercialization.
He launched 90 Innovative Technologies,200 Products & Novel Solns in Digital Health(AI Health,mHealth, EHR& MedTech). Founded, Funded, and set up startups from scratch to MM$ MNC in 30
 Yrs exp 16 Digital Health global start-up high excellence achievements Impacting Billion of Patient & all stakeholder in India &Globally.
His strong Multifaceted Billion $ domain expertise in medical, Digital Health, AI Health &Telemedicine from Concept-R&D-Commercialization, business management, and Quality health delivery.
& his 30 Yrs of Strong Digital Health Startup Experience in Go to Market business execution, launched Innovative Digital Health Solutions Globally.
Stronghold with all stakeholders in B2B&B2B2C globally.

In past, our Founder & CEO a serial HealthTech startup entrepreneur

had Launched over 90 disruptive, Innovative Technology Products & Novel Solutions in Digital Health, AI Health | Telemedicine | eHealth | mHealth | and MedTech while he founded, worked, setup & built more than 16 Global HealthTech DeepTech Start-ups from Scratch to Multi-Million Dollar Global HealthTech Startups and MNCs in Healthcare Global Market in his 30 Years of excellency in bringing change in Healthcare in India & Globally.

Our Visionary & Passionate Founder & CEO

has brought in the past, Present, and future a revolutionary change in Healthcare Ecosystem Globally including India in Health Quality Delivery, Better Treatment Outcomes & Patient Safety in creating your | Your Children | Your Family | and Your near and dear one's Healthier Future.

4)Founding Members:
ounded 100 Yrs of Strong Domain Expertise in the Healthcare business.


We welcome all stakeholders to save and protect this world from the COVID-19 2nd wave and any future wave  &

Top 5 Chronic Diseases ( Top 20 Cancers | Diabetes | COPD | Heart Disease | Mental Health ) and

build a healthy world for all without borders, without any discrimination of caste, class, religion, color, race, or community

Join us | Business Partner with us | Support us | Invest in Benovymed Healthcare


Let's together bring change in Healthcare Globally for making a Healthier world for all

Our Partners

"We Partner with not everyone and anyone unlike thousands of Digital Health Platform do" 

In order to select whom we Partner with, we have high Stringent Quality Health Standards with scientific Quality Parametric Selection recruitment Criteria for an unbiased way to select our Partners / Care Providers. Their Profiling we developed on 100's of Quality Indicators Parametrics which in turn creates millions of Scientific data-driven Datapoints Powered by Benovymed R&D and AI Health Innovation Lab based on our High level of International Ethics Standard, Health Quality measurements monitoring & Investigation, Quality Health Delivery, Patient Privacy, "Over-deliver & under commit policy", Safety, Efficacy, better Treatment Outcomes this in turn in totality

to impact the lives of billions of people globally when they look for Quality Health right from Prevention - Consultation-Early detection-complete end to end Disease Management.

We maintain high stringent Quality Health standards with dynamic cross-validations & Tough selection recruiting criteria before we list our Valued B2B /B2B2C Partners,

Worldwide every Healthcare  Providers / Care Providers Facilities want to get listed/registered with us as our valued Partner with our prestigious elite club of High-Quality Healthcare Provider / Care Providers in our online Digital Health Platform listing which is a great Honour for them, if, they get listed with us.

World's Top 350,000

World's Top 5,000
Diagnostic Lab | Center

World's Top 2,000
Hospitals | Spl Clinics 

World's 100
Corporates Companies

World's Top 20
Pharma Co
Insurance Co

Global Communities

World's Top 20
Medical Research Hospital

World's Top 20
Technology Research University

Working with more
than 30 Countries Government Including Govt Of India

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