Benovymed Chronic Disease Prevention
Benovymed Chronic Disease Prevention

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all Stakeholders Globally

3 out of 5 Patients of COVID-19 globally who died or seriously ill are because of underline co-morbidity of at least 1 Chronic disease


Chronic Disease is responsible for 7 of 10 deaths each year Globally,

More than 60% of People in most of the countries globally are suffering from at least one chronic disease and is growing faster than annually 51.4% CAGR globally.

Treating people with chronic disease accounts for 93 % of most of the Nation's total Healthcare costs annually globally.

Preventing People from Chronic Disease (NCD) & Communicating Diseases can accounts for Just 7% of most of the Nation's total Healthcare costs annually globally.

Between 70-90% of Top Chronic diseases (Diabetes, Heart Disease, Stroke, Mental Health and Cancers) can be prevented through our public health Preventive Health programs and our domain expertise in Disease Management.  Chronic diseases such as Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Mental Health and COPD are the leading causes of death and disability globally.

Chronic Disease is responsible for more than 93% of the total healthcare cost annually in any country globally.

Over and above the existing huge burden of Chronic Diseases in Healthcare Globally

COVID-19 Pandemic has surged the demand and necessity of Benovymed world's 1st most comprehensive multidisciplinary AI Health & Telemedicine Innovation Platform for accessible, affordable, safe and Quality Health to all of which the demand has gone over and above the sky and the True ethical Clinical supply is zero to min.

Many Health Providers & Digital Tech Platforms are the False Prophets of Healthcare &

most of the Search Engine Results are biased, paid media generated, inaccurate & only misleading the Patients globally

with false hope in the name of Healthcare.


The current Need of the Hours is to

Bring change through Disruption & Innovation using Nextgen Science & Technology through the hands' of Domain expert Founders Team to Empower Doctor's & Billions of Patients globally.


To Invest NOW  in Benovymed Healthcare Organisation 

Benovymed has developed such Disruption & Innovation through its Novel series of products & Solutions 

& We welcome all stakeholders to join us, support us and work together to save protect this world from COVID-19 &

Top 5 Chronic Diseases ( Top 20 Cancers | Diabetes | COPD | Heart Disease | Mental Health ) and

build a healthy world for all without border, without any discrimination of caste, class, religion, colour, race or community

  • Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally and is responsible for an estimated 9.6 million deaths annually as of 2018. 

  • Top 5 Chronic Diseases including Cancer is Growing unnoticeably with the alarming figure with the fastest pace annually in most of the High & Densely Populated underdeveloped & developing countries.

  • Globally, about 1 in 6 deaths is due to cancer.

  • Approximately 70% of deaths from cancer occur in low- and middle-income countries.

  • Investing in Prevention and disease management saves life and money now and well into the future

Benovymed Healthcare has strong capability in Digital Health, AI Health & Telemedicine Innovation Technology-driven Novel Solutions to fix this big problem, which is the current need of the hour in India and Globally to provide accessible, affordable, safe, reliable and Quality Health to all.

Our Growth Drivers are our strong domain expertise in R&D, Medical Science & Digital Health, AI Health & Telemedicine Innovation Technology, strong experience in Healthcare Business management & Product commercialisation Go to Market globally.

Benovymed knows the power of our domain expertise, Science & Technology Innovation to benefits billions of people & all stakeholders globally.

Thereby Revolutionising Healthcare Technology through Artificial Intelligence 

 We write more text because the Healthcare future can be built on the strong capability, History of Organisation Visionary & Passionate Founders and we have strong History of collectively over 70 Years including 27 Years of Healthcare Experience of our Founder & CEO with in-depth working expertise as a HealthTech startup guru who has now developed 20 Disruptive Innovative Technology Products & Novel Solutions in Deep Tech Digital Health, AI Health & Telemedicine Innovation in COVID-19 & Top 5 Chronic Diseases including Cancer and

in past, our Founder & CEO had Launched 90 disruptive, Innovative Technology Products & Novel Solutions in Digital Health, AI Health, Telemedicine| ehealth| mHealth| MedTech while founding, working, setting up & building more than 16 Global HealthTech Deep Tech Start-ups from Scratch to Multi-Million Dollar Global HealthTech Startups and MNC's in Healthcare Global Market.

Our Visionary & Passionate Founder &CEO & Promoter has brought a revolutionary change in Healthcare Quality & Highest Patient Safety Eco-System Globally in Past, in Present & in Future 

Creating Yours, Your Children's, Your Family, Your near and dear one's a Healthier Future.

Let's together bring change in Healthcare Globally for making a Healthier world for all