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Benovymed Healthcare Group is an Impact Innovation-based World-class World's 1st of its kind Global Healthcare Institution with Deep Science | Deep Technologies | R&D & Health Technologies Innovation Global Organisation with 6 Business Verticals Global Business as follows:

1) Benovymed Digital SaaS AI Health Platform ( Non-Communicable Disease Management +Communicable Disease Management & Control). 

2) Benovymed SmartTech Hospitals & Speciality Clinics Network ( Global Including India ).

3) Benovymed Healthcare Consulting Group ( Global Including India).

4) Benovymed E-Marketplace (the World's 1st of Kind Medical Supplies Global E-Commerce Platform in Healthcare).

5) Benovymed Global R&D and AI Health innovation Lab ( Benovymed Global R&D & Innovation Thinktank for Concept to Commercialisation).

6) Benovymed Capital (Impact Innovation DeepTech HealthTech Fund1 to Fund Benovymed Business Verticals & Portfolio Companies).

Our above 6 Business Verticals make Benovymed Healthcare Organisation as world's fastest-growing DeepTech Co & making

Benovymed Healthcare Group is the World’s Top20 & India's No:1 Most Impact Innovation DeepTech Startup Global Healthcare Company & an AI Health Global Organisation with strong domain Expertise & energy in building this fastest sustainable growing Global AI Health Company.


Benovymed Digital Health SaaS Cloud Platform is a Highly Scalable | High Sustainable Platform | Highly Sustainable double-digit exponential Growth unique Business Model in B2B, B2B2C.

Benovymed is an AI Health Global Healthcare Company and in the next 5 years timeline will be World's Top 10 & India's No:1 Most Impactful Innovation Healthtech AI Health Unicorn with over 300 Billion USD market Valuation with IPO through New York / NASDAQ Listed Fortune Global Company from India.

Our World's 1st Most Comprehensive Integrated Digital Health Highly Scalable SaaS Cloud Platform work along with our 1000s of Partners / working with all Stakeholders Globally Including India:

1) Government | Corporate Co | Insurance Co | Pharma Co | Hospitals & Clinics & Large Communities.

2) Our own Chain of upcoming SmartTech Hospitals & Clinics Globally through O&M model acquisition Globally including India

As per our 5 Yrs Business Plan, Our own developed game-changer Impact Innovation of over 2000 Innovation Tech Products / Services / Novel Solutions are expanding into 180 Countries Globally including India with our huge client base because of our Billion $ strong Multifaceted Capabilities including Business Acquisition just like any Big Giant MNC in HealthTech we are not Just Startup. We are Global Impact Innovation Health Technologies | Healthcare | AI Health Global Company Creating Building HealthTech Market in India & Globally for the last 30 Years since 1993 Led by our Founder & CEO | Promoter | Board Chairman Ambassador Mahendra Singh.

We are working on the Impact Innovation of Digital Health, TeleMedicine | and AI Health Global Market in solving 1000s of Complex Problems locally and Globally in NCD and CD areas of Diseases Management & Control which is the world's hottest and fastest-growing Artificial Intelligence-driven market on earth at this moment & Working | Managing | Owning a chain of Hospitals & Speciality Clinics Network Globally.

Join us :

if you think you are a Leader and genius in your domain areas with a Multi-hat Role Startup mindset

We are setting up our state-of-the-art World-class Benovymed Global R&D and AI Health Innovation Center | Global Technology Development Innovation Center & Corporate HQ in Delhi NCR, India which will be our Global HQ in India and we have already 40 Strategic Business Partners across the world.

We are the Top Recruiters in Digital HealthTech in Innovation and Deep AI HealthTech by / /

We are an equal opportunity employer with fantastic Work culture driven by the best Talent without any Borders | and without any discrimination Tag of College | Caste | Community | Gender | Family Background | Color | Race or Office dirty Politics. Whenever we find, or track anyone in our company during their job with any kind of discrimination Tag of College | Caste | Community | Gender | Family Background | Color | Race or Office dirty Politics. We terminate them immediately without 2nd thought before anyone tries to pollute our Good world-class working environment. 

We are the only Global Organisation in India that is a True equal opportunity employer that respects and Reward the Best Talent who deliver with a strong commitment to the work culture of teamwork as an individual as a doer hands-on multi hat role and in a Team with Highest Quality work, Peace, Highest Productivity, Innovation & Integrity in his /her work contribution on the table for sustainable exponential Growth for the Organisation.


If you are coming with a  DNA of any type of office Politics of the tag of College | cast | community | Gender | Color | Race mindset need not apply.




As per our next 5 years' Business plan:

As per our next 5-year business plan, we will be having within next 5 Year timeline Total Team size of more than  20,000 growth drivers and major contributors including the world's best team of more than 2000 AI Health Data Scientists, 1000 Medical Researchers, 2000 Medical Specialist, 5000 IT Engineering Professionals, 8,000 Global Business Development, and 4000 Global Operation Team from across the world's Best Technology & Research Institutes  & Medical Research University Hospitals at our India Global HQ to work on Thousands of complex problems in Healthcare to bring change in Healthcare to Impact the Life of Billions of People Globally to support our country "Make in India" Programme exporting Impact Innovation Novel Technologies Solutions with solving every country local problems, local challenges, and global problems globally.

We are looking for experienced Hardcore domain experts Entrepreneurs who take full ownership of their roles and Responsibility & not traditional Employee thinking mindset passionate Professionals self-driven, ready with full commitment with end to end ownership in growing our organization and creating and building a new product and business development from scratch and must be from different domain areas to be based in India and Global location as follows:

> Total Head in Demand: 20,000 HeadCount in the Next 5 Years.

> AI Data Scientists & AI Engineers:  2000 :   


In the various super specialty core and sub-core areas of applied R&D Innovation based AI Machine Learning, Deep Learning & NLP.

> IT Product Development, Product Strategy, UX/UI & Product Management:  1000.

> IT Software Engineering:  4000.

>Medical Researchers & Medical Specialists: 3000

Top Medical Practitioners,  Top Medical Superspecialist, Top Medical Researchers & Top Medical Professionals & Medical Business Management.

Business Operations & Clinical Operation: 4000

> Marketing & Sales | Commercials | Business Development : 8000

Domain Expertise areas:

* AI Data Science

AI Data Science Machine Learning Deep Learning NLP.


Software Product Development strategy with an agile approach, UX/UI, and Pre-Sales Strategy.

Software Technology Engineering, Blockchain, Mobile App and Web Technologies, Remote Technologies, MedIoT, IoT, AWS, Cloud Computing, IT Integration, SaaS, PaaS, MaaS, and Big Data Management.

* Medical

Medical  Practice of Cancer, Heart, Diabetes, COPD & Mental Health, Medical Research, Health Data Informatics & Clinical Trials.


Marketing Product Launch & Business Operation

With strong skillsets building scalable Technology platforms handling large Big data & management for working in AI and Software Product solutions development with strong IT development skills areas in Solution Architect, Technology development, different platform Integration, and implementation, Mobile Technology ( Mobile App), MedIoT, IoT, Blockchain in Healthcare, M2M, Cybersecurity, E-commerce, Payment gateways, HIPAA compliance, Hospital, and Patient Data Privacy & Security system, Digital Health.


We are looking for domain expertise Leaders with an entrepreneurial mindset ( first doing yourself with multi hat roles with strong multi-skillsets and then managing a team approach strong leadership professionals) in various top-level roles & responsibilities strong experience Technology Leaders, Healthcare Professionals Business Leaders, Strong experience renowned Hardcore Medical Researchers / Sr. Scientists in applied Research of Cancer | Heart | Diabetes | COPD | Mental Health, strong experience renowned and ethical super specialist Doctors & Surgeons top Leaders for top-level roles, AI Technology Leaders, Sr. Data Scientists, Product development Leaders, Cofounders from different domain expertise areas especially they have worked Preferably in Healthcare established Startup and MNC or any other industry with a combined experience in a startup and also in MNC.

Experienced Senior Data Scientist in Applied AI ( AI Data Science, ML, NLP, and Deep Learning models of AI Neural Networks).

Medical Researchers Scientists, and Medical Practitioners in Cancer, Heart, Diabetes, COPD & Mental Health.

Software Product Development Innovators & Researchers, Product Strategy Developers.

IT software development strong experience in software engineering, Solutions Architect, Product Engineering & Technology.

Product UX /UI design leader.

Medical Content writers and editors.

Join us 

If you are an IT  | Tech Professional | Medical Professional entrepreneurial mindset, passionate, and committed ready today to take on the big challenge for tomorrow's highly rewarding career to create a big difference in Healthcare for good cause.

We are not looking for professionals who have thought of traditional employees.


If you are a domain expertise Hero, OUT OF BOX thinker Professionals from a background in Medical / R&D in AI Health-AI Data Science -Product Design Innovation -Product Development, AI Data Science / IT software development / Product Design, and Product Development / Mobile App and Web Application / MedIoT Professional / PR Media / Medical Support Team / /Content writing-Proof Reader / Medical Operations / Business Operations / LOcal and Global Sales Marketing / Product Launch / Business Development /and want to contribute to our company and looking for wonderful career growth opportunity by building Growing our company,

If you want to come out of your comfort zone and are ready to take on the big challenge for a big high growth rewarding career with full ownership of your role & responsibility in our high potential sustainable growth AI HealthTech Innovation Global Company.

Benovymed Healthcare is working in a fast-growing AI Technology of more than 220 Billion dollar AI HealthTech Space in the Trillions Dollar Chronic disease global market which is currently growing at the fastest annual rate of 54.3% CAGR.


Benovymed Healthcare is the TOP Recruiter in IIMJobs.Com & HiristJobs.Com ( Recruitment of IT / Tech professionals). and are the fastest-growing IT / Tech Direct recruiter online portals.

"Benovymed Healthcare PVT LTD got the TOP RECRUITER AWARD " for the Year 2019,


BY IIMJOBS & Hirist JOBS Organisation ( TOP IT / TECH Online Recruiter Portal Company).


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If you are confident to fit the above terms. We will be happy to connect with you.

You may send your Resume mentioning details of your projects, your role responsibility, work areas specialty experience along with a cover letter to justify yourself, why you are confident and suitable for the said applied position at

If you fit the bill above for the advertised Post or any other Most relevant Position as per your domain expertise, then send your Resume with a Photo, Current CTC, Expected CTC, and Why you fit the bill |


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