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IV)  Benovymed E-Commerce MarketPlace in Healthcare  


Digital Technology Cloud Platform :

Creating World's 1st Most Comprehensive E-Commerce online Market Place in Healthcare Business to commercialize in  180 Countries Globally Phase by Phase Year by Year in Business Model on B2B, B2B2C & B2C e-Market Place in all Product lines categories with over 1 Million Product items Categories from our Business Partners with over 50,000 Manufacturers,100,000 Partners/distributors along with e-logistics, Warehouses globally. 

Making Supply and Demand in the Medical supply Ecosystem the most affordable accessible, safe & Highest Quality Technologies just a click at your own comfort.

We already have a Specialist Team with collective over 200 Years of domain expertise experience in Medical Supplies & Medical Equipment Trading Import-Export, Medical supplies distribution & Logistics Management, over 1500 medical Technologies Product Installations, Tech Product Education & Training, Launching, Branding & GTM in 50+ Countries Globally including India in working & doing business for 20+ Years in the Healthcare Industry with all stakeholders of Govt Business & Private Business in Small and Large Hospitals Group, Diagnostics Centers & Speciality Clinics & Small Clinics.


In the R&D Stage working on creating World's 1st and World's single Largest E-Commerce Market Place in Healthcare to be commercialized in 180 Countries for all daily needs of Hospitals, Clinics, Doctors, Government Supplies, Diagnostics Centres, Healthcare supplies Logistics in Pharmaceuticals, Cosmeceuticals, Medical Supplies-Medical Technologies ( In Surgical, Non-Surgical, Minimum Invasive, Therapeutic areas of Medical Devices,, Medical Equipment & FMCG Medical Consumables ).

We are well connected globally with more than 5,000 Manufacturers, 10,000 Super Distributors, 20,000 Distributors consist of over 1 million Products in all Categories.

We are coming with a wealth of Billion Dollars worth of Multifactect Domain Expertise in Healthcare with our Founder & CEO with Deep Clinical Knowledge & Deep Clinical Expertise in more than 20 Super specialties in Healthcare in delivering more than 1000 types of Treatments and Procedures in Non-Communicable Diseases and Communicable Disease areas in the areas of Surgical,non-Surgical, Minimum Invasive, Diagnosis is so profound and deep that, he can predict the Treatment Outcomes delivered before actually starting the Treatment | Disease Management by any Doctor / Surgoan / Hospitals Globally and also having deep expertise in Healthcare Business Management.

We require Good Capital Fundraising to swiftly execute and develop this Highly Scalable Digital Health E-Commerce Platform with more than One Million Products in all Categories to be Launched Globally with initially to 30 Countries.  
Then 60/90/120/150/180 Countries Globally.
We already have Thousands of our Manufacturers, Business Partners globally who want to work with us restlessly.


The problem of Buyers and Enduser in the Healthcare Market:

1) Currently, there is no Player in this Market Space globally who is having solid experience and domain expertise in Healthcare Technologies and Monetizing Technologies in Healthcare.

2) The Hospitals, Doctors, Clinics, Diagnostics Centers, Governments Healthcare Procurement System is so confused that, they do no from which suppliers they should buy and deal this Products line Purchase and all these Products line require Intensive Know how to use them effectively at right with right Treatment Procedure to deliver Highest Possible Treatment Outcomes per Treatment Per Procedures.

3) After Sales Support, Advance Education & Training on this specialized Product lines is the Biggest Pain Points with Buyer.

4) All the Existing E-commerce Marketplace in Healthcare are not having any domain Knowledge and expertise to solve the above pain points.

 Our Solutions:

Benovymed has Novel Solutions for all these Problems  / Pain Points faced by Buyer and Enduser in the Healthcare Ecos system Globally.
Benovymed Healthcare Founder & CEO and their Founding Leaders collectively coming with more than 90 Years of Excellency Expertise in Healthcare in Patient care, Patient Management, 1000s of Treatments Procedures Disease Management having strong Capabilities with deep Knowledge in Healthcare Technologies Usage in the entire Healthcare system to solve all these Pain Points of Buyers and end-users.

The Big surprise is that there is no such E-Commerce Market Place Platform that has the solutions to all Problems and Pain Points faced by Buyer and Enduser in Hospital and Healthcare System Globally.

Investor Funding in Benovymed Healthcare will solve all these Customers' challenges Globally.

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