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Welcome to Healvisor Healthcare Consulting Group.

Healvisor is a Multi-Million Dollar by Global Market valuation a Startup Deep Tech Healthcare management Consulting Global Company.

Healvisor Healthcare Consulting Group is acquired on 24th Dec 2020 and it is now a part of Benovymed Healthcare, a global Digital Health and AI Health & Telemedicine Innovation Deep Tech Startup Global Healthcare Organisation from India.

This recent acquisition is basically going to consolidate Digital Health Tech Products and Solutions Portfolio of Benovymed Healthcare with an additional Customer acquisition and business acquisition through Healthcare Management Consulting to all stakeholders Clients in Healthcare industry Globally in multifold Huge Tractions of fast growing Clients and 100's of Millions of Clients in B2B, B2B2C and B2C Business Model Tractions Globally for the fastest growing Benovymed Healthcare Business and Revenue Year by Year and build the Benovymed Healthcare more than 100 Billion Dollars by end of 5th Year from now as per our 5 Years Business Plan by Market Valuation a True Global Digital Health AI Health & Telemedicine through Innovation in a Fastest Growing at CAGR 61.3 % in a Trillion Dollar Emerging AI Health Global Market.

We are a Healthcare management consultant, Consulting in Digital Health,AI Health,Remote Patient Monitoring Engagement Management & Telemedicine Innovative Technology Products & Solutions delivery to Hospital,Clinic,Pharma Co,Insurance Co,Corporate,Govt & Direct Consumer Global Market including India. Consulting to Investors.

In last few Years, we had done 100 of Healthcare Consulting Projects in 360 Degree areas of Healthcare covering every areas of Healthcare from inside to outside of healthcare, every specialties in Medical Science.

We have also Consulted to 100 of Corporates accounts,clients globally in Healthcare various domain expertise areas in Healthcare, Healthcare Technologies, Digital Health, AI health & Medical Devices, MedTech areas in Clinical,Business, Commercials,Medical Practice Management and Growing Medical Practice,How to Increase Healthcare Quality, How to Improve Treatment Outcomes per procedures Per Treatments in Clinics and Hospitals settings globally.

We are well connected with 100 of Govts, Pharma Co, Insurance Co, Consumer Market Globally.

If you are looking for any Healthcare Consulting Services, or if you have any Projects in Healthcare.
Please contact us and get the Quote for your Project requirement.

We deliver you customise Consulting Product Solutions in all areas of Healthcare and also

If you have any requirement for any Project related to Digital Health | AI Health | Telemedicine to solve your complex problem in Healthcare, patient care for your Hospital, Clinic, Pharma Co or Insurance, or Medical Devices Company or Government from any country globally.


Please contact us for more details at : contact@benovymed.com

Visit us at Healvisor Healthcare Consulting Group Linkedin Profile:

Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/healvisor-healthcare-consulting-group-93a881b8/