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Career Opportunity

"This is not a job opportunity.

The job you can get with any and many companies, but a million dollars high Career growth Opportunity for long term you can't get everywhere"

- AI Health Technology Leadership Role- Digital Health AI HealthTech Innovation

1) Job Position :
Chat GPT | Generative AI Developer | Chatbot Developer / AI Conversational Chatbot Developer -AI Health Global Tech Startup.

2) Joining: Immediately.

3) Job Location: Delhi NCR, India.

at our Global HQ: Delhi NCR, India. Corporate HQ: Delhi NCR, India Our Global HQ, Global Technology Development Center and Global R and D and AI Health Innovation Center in Delhi NCR, India.

4) Job Description :

Role and Responsibility :
We are looking for a passionate, Strong experience with an entrepreneurial mindset to join us as a Hardcore Full Stack AI Conversational Chatbot Developer | ChatGPT Developer | Generative AI Developer with end-to-end single-handed multi-hat role who is already working in applied AI in ML, deep Learning, ANN, CNN platform specifically working as single-handed doers with full end to end ownership of work commitment delivery and working in any reputed AI Data Science driven Tech startup preferably in Healthcare.

Required Skillsets :

  • Needs to have statistical, mathematical, and predictive modeling as well as business strategy skills to build the algorithms necessary to ask the right questions and find the right answers.

  • Need to be able to communicate their findings, orally and visually.

  • Need to understand how the products are developed and even more important, as big data touches the privacy of consumers, they need to have a set of ethical responsibilities.-

  • Need to have a natural desire to go beneath the surface of a problem.

  • Confident and self-secure as they more often than not will have to deal with situations where there is a lot unknown.

  • Good knowledge & experience in Artificial Neural Networks ( ANN ), AI conversational Chatbot & Needs to be able to write the required Algorithm and coding programming.

  • Preferably in different programming languages such as Python, Tensor Flow, Keras, AWS (ML and DL), Numpy, and Pytorch.

Should be Hands-on in the areas as follows :

Using :

1) Rich NLP.

2) Multi Linguistic Understanding.

3) Modular & Open NLP.

4) Machine Learning & Deep Learning.

5) Natural Language Understanding Syntax.

6) Hybrid Understanding.

7) Named Entity Recognition.

8) Auto Generation of Language Syntax.

9) Conversations. Comprehensive Dialog & Context Model

10) Unique Integrated Closed Loop ML.

11) Language Coverage.

12) Multilingual Global and Local.

13) Multi-Use case.

14) Deliver Omnichannel.

15) Extensioniblity.

16) Integration.

17) Analysis and Bulk Import.

18) Visual Modular Flows.

19) Context Model.

20) Dialog Resources.

21) Personalization.

22) Backend, frontend, User management, etc.

5) Qualification :
B.Tech / M.Tech in CSE / Electrical / Electronics & Communication/ Maths & Computing /Statistics /BioTech/BioStat / Clinical Engineering in Data Science / Machine Learning from Top-rated Tech University.

6) Mandatory Requirements :

Experience and Skillsets required:

  • Post the last qualification of at least 3 -5 Years strong hands-on end to end experience in Building High-Quality Standard AI Conversational Chatbot in a Startup as an AI Conversational Chatbot Developer with at least 10-20 good AI conversational Chatbot Projects & applications in any industry

7) Our Product and Product Line:

We have a disruptive Innovative Technology Products Line & Novel Solutions delivered through Mobile App / Web on our Cloud Digital Health Platform which is a Game changer will surpass the current medical Practices, and is driven by Scientific evidence on actionable data-driven in Prevention, early detection, Treatment, Consultation, Clinical decision, Disease management areas of Top5 Chronic Diseases ( Including Top 20 Cancer Diseases|Diabetes|HeartDisease|Mental Health|COPD ) & COVID-19 Pandemic Management Globally to Impact the Lives of Billions of People Globally in a fastest-growing @51.3% CAGR in a few Trillion Dollars AI Health Global Market & Chronic Diseases Global Market.

Our DeepTech Startup was founded on the core R&D which our serial Digital Health Startup Entrepreneur, StartupGuru & Founder & CEO & Chief R&D | AI Health Innovation Officer | Chief Business Strategy Officer I Chief Digital Health Officer has developed in his strong 30 years of Health Technology experience of Science & Technology driven by ( Digital Health, AI Health, Telemedicine, Big Data, Blockchain & IoT ) Disruption and Innovation will replace many Big Players Globally from the Market in no time "Just like Smart Phone company demonetized / Replaced the entire Button Phone Companies, Big giants, globally".

8) CTC :

Best Package in the Industry depending upon our Unbiased Parametric Selection Procedure Criteria and what you bring to the table with written acceptance and written commitment deliverable within Tight Deadlines.

Terms and Conditions Apply as per our organizations and are non-Negotiatable.

To deserving eligible candidates only, the company's attractive Employee Stock Options Plan(ESOP) may be given also as a part of a CTC Package for a long-term career opportunity.

Total CTC is worth One Crore Annually depending upon your 10 Points Factors:
Core Competency, Tech Skills Expertise, Qualification, Role, Position, Quality Experience, Type of Startups you worked with, Your Personality-Leadership Quality, Working under Pressure skills, Quality Delivery, Commitment with the Organisation, Integrity, Team Leading-Managament, Interview & Test, etc.

Apply with your CV with a passport-size photo and current CTC, expected CTC, Notice Period, Project details, and cover letter to let us know why you are the right Candidate to be selected.

This is a high-growth career opportunity that is only best for those who have the capability to fast grow the organization as a High growth driver and with a startup Entrepreneur Mindset.

9) About us:

Please visit us:

Benovymed Healthcare is World's Top 20 & India's No:1 most impactful Digital Health, Deep Tech AI Health & Telemedicine Innovation Indian Global Tech start-up Healthcare Organization from Indian Origin working to expand in 180 countries Globally including India in the next 5 to 7 Years timeline next 5 years Business Plan.

Benovymed is a Global Company, a Global Healthcare Institution, a Fast Growing, Fast Emerging True Impact Innovation Healthcare Technology Unicorn Company, a Global ThinkTank & Healthcare Technology Impact Innovation Centre developing the world's first of its kind Global R and D and AI Health Innovation Centers in India & other Global Locations which will be the world's No:1, world-class, and the state art Multicentered Global R and D and AI Health Innovation Global Center coming up in our Global HQ, Global Technology Development Center, Global R, and D and AI Health Innovation Center in Delhi, India. Powered by: Benovymed Global R and D and AI Health Innovation Lab.
Leaving much behind some of the Well Established National & International Institutions, R&D, and Innovation Centers in Deep Science, Medical, Deep Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Healthcare Technology Business Management & Innovation.

Benovymed is developing from its Core Foundation of our Founder and CEO's 30 Years of serial Digital Health Startup Entrepreneur experience with a Multihat role in Digital Health, AI Health, and MedTech in Healthcare of Strong Global R and D in 360-degree areas of Medical, AI Health, Healthcare Business Strategy Think Tank, a World's 1st Global R and D and AI Health Innovation Lab through a State of art Center of Excellence ( COE) in Revolutionising Digital Health | AI Health | Telemedicine | MedIoT | Blockchain | Cybersecurity | Hospitals through Innovation to solve more than 1000s Complex Problems in our Healthcare Ecosystem in Public Health and Private making Accessible | Affordable | Quality & Safe Health to All in Non-Communicable Diseases Management & Control and Communicable Disease Management & Control locally to Globally.

As per our 5 Year Business Plan, in the next 5 years, we will be having our Presence in 180 Countries globally with our over 2000 Game-changing Disruptive Innovative Technology Products & Novel Solutions all driven by AI Health which will replace many existing big Players globally, to make Benovymed World's No:1 AI Health Global Organisation from India with over 100 Billion $ by Market valuation a True Global AI Health Company in a fastest-growing at the rate of 61.3% emerging Trillion Dollars AI Health Global Market where there is no supply and demand above the sky.

We are doers and make the impossible into possible reality for a Healthier World.

We will be looking to join us in 5 Years timeline in our 360-degree domain expertise areas in Software engineering ,Software & AI Based Product Developments, 100 Specialist Doctors in more than 20 Medical Speciality-superspeciality, 1000 Medical Doctors and 100 Medical Researchers and 1000 Data Scientists | AI Health Researchers Scientists | 100 Product Design & Development and Products Innovators,Product Management with a total of more than 20,000 Highly Skills Professionals based in India & Internationally with more than 2000 IT professionals| 4000 Business Development | Marketing and Sales | Global Business-Clinical Operations of high energy Growth Drivers entrepreneur mindset (not the traditional employees) from across the world's Best Technology and Research Institutes in next 5 Years Timeline at our coming up India Global HQ, Global Technology Development Center and Benovymed Global R and D and AI Health Innovation Lab to work on Thousands of complex problems in Healthcare to bring change in Healthcare to Impact the Life of Billions of People Globally to support our country "Make in India" Programme with solving every country local problems, local challenges and global problems globally.

" We are the Pride of India" Our Passionate Founder and CEO is bringing change in the Health Eco-System in Building India 30 Years to Impact the Lives of Billions of People Globally.

Our Founder and CEO and Promoter of the organization Ambassador Mahendra Singh is a visionary,Revolutionary, Passionate, serial Founder & CEO,Builder, creator of successfully 17 Serially Impact Innovation DeepTech HealthTech Global Startups without Investor Funds as a Serial Investor, he is HealthTech Market Creator since 1993 for last 30 Years continiously and restlessly,sleeplessly in a Toughest Most Challenging Journey converting Impossible to Possible during the Time when nobody ready to build Startups in India's Ecosystem on his own shoulders in a Smallest Team ( not from yesterday or Today) in India & Globally, serial DeepTech startup Digital Health Tech entrepreneur, Digital Health Doctor,AI Health Doctor and he is the World's Top 30 most impactful Global Business Leader in Digital Health, AI Health and Telemedicine Innovation with 30 Years of excellency in revolutionizing through Innovation in Digital Health Tech, AI Health and Telemedicine in India & Globally in this space delivering his Healthcare excellency to thousands of Dr, Clinics, Hospitals, Medical Research Universities all across the world including India and to benefiting to several millions of Patients globally through his Launched some of the most Disruptive Innovative Game Changer more than 90 Digital Health Technology Products and Novel Solutions and now developed world's 1st most comprehensive Digital Health, AI Health SaaS Platform for a global market including India.
He is a WHO Geneva Expert Member for Digital Health | AI Health Innovation.
He is working as a Digital Health | AI Health Healthcare Technology Domain Expert with more than 40 Countries Globally Including India with all stakeholders Country's Ministry of Health, Think Tank, Key Decision Makers, and Policy Makers in rolling out Digital Health | AI Health | Telemedicine through Innovation to solve more than 1000s Complex Problems in our Healthcare Ecosystem in Public Health and Private making Accessible | Affordable | Quality & Safe Health to All in Non-Communicable Diseases Management & Control and Communicable Disease Management & Control locally to Globally.
He is an Impact Innovation Digital Health | AI Health | MedTech Global Business Leader | International Speaker | Eminent Panelist on Round Table Discussion on various National and International Health Technology Platforms. He is an Expert Member / advisory Role to Many National and International organizations in Government, Healthcare | Hospitals | HealthStartups | Incubators | Accelerators | Technology Institutes | Medical Institutes | Business Management institutes | Innovation Centers | Investors' Communities.

Benovymed Management and Founding Leaders collective are having experience of over 100 Years in Healthcare with a single Objective | Vision and Mission in Clinical R and D, Patient Care, Hospital Management and worked in the clinical areas of the Top 20 Medical Super Speciality in end-to-end delivery in Surgical, Non-Surgical, Minimum Invasive, Diagnosis & Prognosis, Early Detections, Clinical Trials, Technology Clinical Validations, Market fit, Market Research, Risk Management.
Right from Prevention-early detection-Consultation-Diagnosis-Treatment-complete Disease Management and Control.

Benovymed has a Team of Advisory Board Members ( in 360-degree Domain areas in Healthcare, Hospital, Healthcare Technology, and Healthcare Business Management from Concept to R and D Innovation - Product Development- GTM - Commercialisation).

We are Looking for well rounded experienced Medical Professionals, Physician Drs, Serial Digital HealthTech Start-ups Serial HealthTech Entrepreneur, AI Health Innovator, AI Health Scientists, Medical Research Scientists Dr and Innovation Scientist Doctors, Digital Health Scientists Dr, Medical, Technology, AI Health, Product Development, and HealthTech Business Development and Global Guru in domain experts from 360-degree domain areas in Medical practice and Medical Research, Innovation to Research and Development in Medical, AI Health Innovation, IT, Product Development, Product Strategy, and Health Technology Commercialisation go to market Global Guru worked in Hospitals, Large Indian and global organization, and Start-ups in Healthcare Digital Health, AI Health and IT.

If you are Rock Hard, passionate, Hardcore High Skills Startup mindset -Startup experienced Professional :
with strong Dedication, commitment, and Integrity in building and growing our company, love to face challenges, coming out of my comfort zone, the strong capability to take the pain now and high rewards thereafter, domain expertise, solve complex problems in real life, Go-getter, if you are an entrepreneur, domain experts, then Join us as to become Benovymed Healthcare.


Note: DO NOT APPLY if you are looking for as a Consultant / Mentor /Freelancer / Project outsourcing company / Part-Time Job or Looking for as a traditional employee with comfortable enjoying life opportunity.

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