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Corona Virus COVID-19 Pandemic Management & for Future Emerging Infectious Diseases

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Benovymed R&D and AI Health Innovation Lab

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Science  |  Technology  |  Artificial Intelligence

Strong R&D ( Robust Technology solutions ethically developed, approved & validated by our Team of top Board-certified Doctors, Research Scientist & Epidemiologist with multicenter research in India & Internationally based solid research

with Real-time actionable data, Patient Health conditions Predictions, Preventive Health, Patient Life-death predictions analytics at clinical verticals, clinical horizontal and complete Disease management.

Our Innovation & Novel Solutions

Benovymed Healthcare is


Developed Novel Solutions by  its Founder & CEO, Promoter and  Chief R&D and AI Health Innovation Officer, Chief Digital Health Officer has from his strong Centre of excellence experiences of more than 27 Years in the launching of more than 90 disruptive  Innovative Digital Health Technologies in India and Globally, done 100's of Clinical Trials, R&D along with multidisciplinary Team of Medical Researcher, Doctor  & Medical Practitioners to solve complex problems  in

Non-Communicable Disease ( NCD) / Chronic Diseases ( Cancer, Diabetes, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease ( COPD), Cardiovascular Disease & Mental Health ) in the areas of:

Prevention, Screening, Diagnosis, Treatment Planning, Treatment, Surgery, Care, Health Conditions Predictions, Patient Life-death predictions & Chronic Disease Management from Patient registration to Patient Survival and till the end of life.




Having a domain expert Team of highly competent Board Certified Research Doctors, Research Scientist, Medical Team of Nurses and medical concierge Services with each member have worked for more than 15 Years in Emerging Infectious Diseases of Top 7 deadly high contagious dangerous Virus including COVID-19 Corona Virus, EBOLA, H1N1, Swine Flu, Dengue, Cheickengunia  & Japanese Encephalitis Virus.

Our Novel Solutions solving the most complex problems and the biggest challenges in Fight against Corona Virus COVID19 & Future Pandemic.

 as follows:


  1. Accessible & Affordable Health to all along with:-

  2.  Improved  & highest Treatment Outcomes in a Triage system.

  3. Treatment with High efficacy, Patient Safety, accountability & Reliability.

  4.  Quality Health delivery.

  5. Command Center, Central Control Room & Rapid Medical Concierge services for Disaster Management & Pandemic Situation management.

  6. Prevention, Screening Test, Isolation, Treatment & Disease Management in Reducing & Controlling the Topmost Deadly Corona Virus COVID-19.

  7. Empowering to the Multidisciplinary Team of Doctor & Staff | Hospital | Government and to the Patient with the Most Powerful Artificial Intelligent decision-making Tools.

  8. Empower with most powerful Artificial Intelligence tools to Billions of Populations globally for Prevention of their Health in a Topmost deadly disease of Corona Virus with our Artificial Intelligence-driven actionable patient Data-driven Novel Solutions Platform. Highest Patient Satisfaction and better tools to their family members.

  9. Empowering and Assisting the Multidisciplinary Team of Doctor with most powerful Artificial Intelligence-driven actionable data-driven Tools in all steps of treatment decision making from the time of Patient registered throughout and during the entire patient survival till the end of patient life to achieve their desired patient results & Quality Health delivery, Treatment satisfaction, Various Treatment stage-related goals.

  10. Remote monitoring Patient Condition and increasing Patient life expectancy.

  11. Removing the gap of numbers of Patient and Super Speciality Board Qualified Doctor ratio. Currently, the Patient-Anti Corona Virus Doctor Gap or the Ratio is  10,000:1 in India. The gap is Increasing rapidly in multifold annually.

  12. Real-time Patient Health conditions Predictions monitoring and control, Patients | patient Life-death predictions at various clinical verticals and various clinical horizontal, Treatment planning during survival to the end of life & Quality Health delivery commitment and Disease management.

  13. Reducing the growing rate of Patient's Hospital Re-admissions & Emergency Deptt Visits and reducing the rapidly growing rate of Mortality & morbidity.

  14. Controlling the demand for increasing numbers of beds.

  15. In multifold increasing Treatment efficiency & productivity of Doctor practice, Sustainable High Revenue Growth of 200% annually, High profitability, Huge benefits to Doctors-Hospitals and to all stakeholders & reducing overall losses drastically annually.

  16. Reducing Abuse, Reducing Fraud, Reducing Medical Error & Human error drastically.

  17. Many more benefits beyond the scope of mentioning here.

Game changer

We are a game-changer in transforming the healthcare, we will bring necessary changes Novel Solutions to transform the current practice in Corona Virus COVID-19 to benefits to billions of fast-growing and huge benefits to Hospitals and all Healthcare stakeholders globally.