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Awesome Investment Opportunity

Benovymed is the World's Top 20 & India's no:1 Most Impact Innovation  DeepTech HealthTech Startup Global Healthcare Organisation from India origin in Revolutionising Digital Health | AI Health | Telemedicine through Disruption & Innovation for Impacting the Lives of billions of People Globally through 

Benovymed developed World's 1st Most Comprehensive Integrated Care SaaS Cloud Platform driven by Digital Health | AI Health through Benovymed SmartTech Hospital & Clinic Network Globally including India.  Benovymed Healthcare Group has  6 Business Verticals working Globally.

Benovymed Healthcare Group is The World's fastest-growing emerging AI Health Unicorn Global Company with over 300 Billion $ Market Valuation in the next 5 Yrs.  In the next 5 years, our Global Business Operation will be in 180 Countries including India to Impact the Lives of Billions of People & All Stakeholders & will be NASDAQ / NY Stock Exchange Listed Multi National Company.

Our Addressable Market

Benovymed is working in a Trillion Dollar AI Health Global Market which is the fastest growing Market at a CAGR of 61.3% annually 2020-28 with an underserved market with no supply and exponentially high growing demand globally and within a Few Trillion Dollars of underserved

Chronic Diseases (Cancer | Diabetes | Heart Disease | Mental Health | COPD ) including Top 20 Cancer Diseases

demand growing at more than 51.4 % Annually  &

underserved and unmet exponential demand for COVID-19 Pandemic Management ( COVID-19 Transmission Tracing, early warning, Testing & Treating readiness, preparedness, COVID-19 Disease Management Capacity Building).

​Benovymed Healthcare |  Global HQ Office: Delhi, India

Benovymed Healthcare Private Limited, India was legally Incorporated & registered in November 2017 in Delhi, India with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India.   

Benovymed Healthcare is the most Impactful Disruptive Innovative Tech " India's Fastest Growing Highly Sustainable Most Impactful Tech Startup" in Digital Health | AI Health | Telemedicine in Healthcare  Recognised by the Government of India.   

In the next 5 Years timeline with serial funding, We will be investing in Initial Year by Year 1st 3 Years 20% of our Year by Year Fundraising amount on our Global R&D and AI Health Innovation Expanding our "Benovymed Global R&D and AI Health Innovation Lab" into a State of art World's 1st "Benovymed Global R& D and AI Health Innovation Centre ( Powered by Benovymed Global R&D and AI Health Innovation Lab ), Benovymed Healthcare is coming up soon a Global HQ | Corporate Office which will be a state of the art world-class world's First of its kind Global R&D and AI Health  Innovation Centre which is "Benovymed Global R&D, and AI Health Innovation Center" at our coming up Global HQ and Global Technology Development Centre and Global R&D and AI Health Innovation Centre in Delhi NCR, India.

We are setting up a Centre of Excellence (COE) in R&D and AI Health Innovation to solve 1000's complex problems in Healthcare locally & Globally.

As per our next 5-year business plan, we will be having within the next 5 Year timeline a Total Team size of more than 5000 growth drivers and major contributors including the world's best team of more than 350 AI Health Data scientists, 150 Medical Researchers, 300 Medical Specialist, 1500 IT Engineering Professionals, 1000 Global Business Development, and 2000 Global Operation Team.


Our Board of Directors | Management

  • Ambassador Mahendra Singh is the Benovymed Board Chairman, Board of Directors, Founder & CEO, Promoter is working full time and with multifaceted domain Expertise very High Influential Global Impactful Business Leader with 13 additional functional Key Roles as Business Heads.

  • * Board of Director | Co-Founder  & COO | Chief Medical Officer | Medical Affairs | Medical R&D | Global Business Operation. He is a renowned Dr.

  • * Co-Founder  & Executive Vice  President | Medical Research-Emerging Infectious Diseases including COVID-19, Dengue & other Viruses

  • * Founding Member | Software Engineering & Product Development.

  • Founder & Chief of Benovymed Global R&D and AI Health Innovation Lab | Founder & Chief Global R&D and AI Health Innovation Officer.​

  • Founder & Chief Strategy Officer | Chief Commercialisation Officer | Chief Marketing Officer.


Our Business Acquisition, Market acquisition & Founder strong Capabilities in Global Market including India

Benovymed Healthcare has strong capability in Digital Health, AI Health & Telemedicine Innovation Technology-driven Novel Solutions to fix this big problem, which is the current need of the hour in India and Globally to provide accessible, affordable, safe, reliable, and Quality Health to all.

Our Growth Drivers are our Founding Team's strong domain expertise in R&D, Medical Science & Digital Health, AI Health & Telemedicine Innovation Technology, and strong experience in Healthcare Business management & Product Commercialisation Go to Market globally.

Benovymed knows the power of our domain expertise, Deep Science & Technology Expertise to benefit billions of people & all stakeholders globally.

Benovymed Healthcare Disruptive & Innovative Technology Products, Novel Solutions & Founder & CEO Strong Healthcare Business Execution, Disruptive, Innovative Technology Product Launch and Go to Market Unique Strategy and Strong Capability in India and Globally.

We are working in B2B & B2B2C in India and Global Market strategically since the founder & CEO has created discovered worldwide Huge Tractions directly and through a number of Global Business partners in global geographical areas in his experience of over 28 Years in Healthcare Business and worked closely with every Stakeholder in Healthcare.

Commercialization into 180 Countries including India in the Next 5 Yrs (Already developed Thinktank Execution for Go To Market Strategy for Commercialisation to Indian and International Markets and Launching Game Changer Disruptive Innovative Technologies Products & Solutions within 3 to 6 months Parallelly Strategically in different Markets in exponential High aggressive Volume of Traction of at least 400 Million Userbase Globally by end of 12th month from the time of Launch with Exponential SDG on ROI in B2B and B2B2C Business Model where our Founder & CEO has already Mulrifaceted domain expertise in Digital Health Technologies Commercialisation in Global Market).


Our Multifaceted Billion $ Capabilities     

Our Founder & CEO is our Growth Driver, he is managing a Team of Engineers, Scientists, and Doctors with impactful Global Business Leader domain experts in Digital Health AI Health & Telemedicine Innovation with a synergetic blend of strong collective Founders experience of over 70 Years in the domain expertise in Healthcare, Digital Health AI HealthTech & Telemedicine Innovative Business Management, Innovation R&D while working closely with doctors and hospitals in Digital HealthTech Product solution are from concept to commercialization in India & Globally, Medical R&D, Clinical trials & Testing, Product & Market fit validation, Medical Practice, Digital Health Product Development, IT, AI Machine Learning and Deep Learning Data Science, Data Analytics & Big Data. 


We are not like 1000's Digital Health Startup that is an online Trade Shop in Healthcare. 

Benovymed Healthcare Group  is like Big Pharma Global Manufacturing MNCs which have 100 % to 1000% Profit Margins for High Sustainable Exponential Growth on ROI because we have developed in India (Proprietary Impact Innovation Digital Health Technologies Made in India & exporting them to 180 Countries Globally with 100% to 1000% Profit Margin the most Impactful Innovations Propreitory Digital Technologies ( Digital Health | AI Health | Telemedicine driven by MedIoT,Blockchain) with at least 14 Patent Pending Novel Clinical of our 21 comprehensive Products |  SaaS Services |  Solutions ( additionally, down the line in next 5 Years as per our Business Plan which is in Pipe-line we will be developing additional the most Impactful Innovations Propreitory Digital Technologies with at least going to have more than 1500 Patents  Novel Clinical of more than 2000 comprehensive Digital Products |  SaaS Services |  Solutions ) in Non-Communicable Diseases and Communicable Diseases right from Prevention to Early Detection to Diagnosis to Complete Disease Management 

We have a well-rounded experienced Board of Advisory Members from Medical Practices & Medical R&D from some of the top Hospitals & University Research hospitals, Artificial Intelligence Data Science R&D from Tech University, the IT Industry, the Healthcare Industry from India, and Globally.

We are well connected with more than 2,50,000 Doctors, 20,000 Hospitals, 3000 Diagnostic centers, 200 corporate companies, 70 Strategic Business Partners globally, 50 countries Ministry of Health Governments, and all other stakeholders in India and globally with more than 50 Countries Globally.


In terms of Digital Health Technology, Benovymed is working in Digital Health, AI Health & Telemedicine Global Market 

1) Replacement of existing players in the Digital Health Market. 

Benovymed has strong Capabilities as mentioned above. we will replace the current existing well-established players in the Indian and Global markets in no time to become a Big market Leader with major market share stakeholders globally.

2) Creation of a New Trillion-Dollar AI Health Market Globally.

We will create a new Trillion Dollar AI Health Market Globally, because of Benovymed Healthcare Disruptive & Innovative Technology Products, Novel Solutions & Founder & CEO's Strong Healthcare Business Execution, Disruptive, Innovative Technology Product Launch and Go to Market Unique Strategy, and strong Capability in India and Globally.

Founder & CEO Profile

Benovymed Founder & CEO and Promoter of the organization Amb. Mahendra Singh is a visionary | Revolutionary & Passionate DeepTech startup Digital HealthTech serial entrepreneur, Digital Health Doctor, and World’s Top 30 most impactful Global Business Leaders in Digital Health, AI Health & Telemedicine Innovation with 30 Years of excellency in revolutionizing through Innovation in Digital Health Tech, AI Health & Telemedicine in India & Globally in this space delivering his Healthcare excellency to thousands of Dr, Clinics, Hospitals, Medical Research Universities all across the world including India & to benefiting to several millions of Patients globally through his Launched some of the most Disruptive Innovative Game Changer more than 90 Digital Health Technology Products & Novel Solutions and  now developed world's 1st most comprehensive Digital Health, AI Health Platform for a global market including India for

Accessible, Affordable, Safe,  Reliable, and Quality Health to All in Prevention, Early Detection, Diagnosis & Disease Management in Post COVID-19 New Normal Top 5 Chronic Disease Management (NCD) ( Top 20 Cancer | Diabetes /COPD / Mental Health | Heart Disease ) and COVID-19 Pandemic Management & any such emerging Infection diseases from Prevention to complete Disease Management

Benovymed Healthcare's Founder & CEO & Promoter of the organization Mahendra Singh is having additionally within the Benovymed organization more than the Top 10 decision-making Functional roles as

Chief R&D & Innovation Officer ( Benovymed R&D & Innovation Lab for Medical R&D and AI Health R&D & Product Development R&D & Key areas Think Tank), Chief Medical R&D Officer, Chief AI Health R&D Officer, Chief Clinical Solutions Architect Officer, Chief AI Health Solutions Officer, Chief AI Health Officer, Chief Digital Health Officer, Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Product Officer,

Chief Commercialisation & Marketing Officer & Interim Chief Technology Officer.

Additionally, He has a very Top Impactful influential Position in the Global Healthcare community with all Govts & Corporate's Healthcare stakeholders, Key decision Makers, and Policymakers globally. He can make anywhere across the world a big Multi-Million $ deal closing without visiting at no time.


Ambassador Mahendra Singh, WHO Geneva Expert Member for Digital Health, AI Health & Telemedicine Innovation, 

WHO Geneva, Switzerland.




Ambassador Mahendra Singh is the world's Top 30 Most Impactful Digital Health  | AI Health Global Business Leader and he is WHO Geneva Certified for COVID-19 Pandemic Readiness Preparedness "Operational Planning Guidelines and COVID-19 Partners Platform to support country preparedness & response".

In Digital Health, AI Health & Telemedicine Innovation for India & Internationally he is the National Health Advisor, KOL-Key Opinion Leader & Industry Key Influencer, National & International Speaker on Digital Health and Deep AI HealthTech and Digital health Policymaker & Strategy building and working with more than 30 WHO members Countries Governments, Ministry of Health, Corporates Companies, Corporate Hospitals chains and various Healthcare Stakeholder in India and Globally.

Benovymed Healthcare is our Founder & CEO and Promoter's 16th Most Successful Disruptive Innovative Technology DeepTech Global Digital Health Startups in last over 28 Years of his serial Entrepreneur Journey of Healthtech Startup Founding, working which is his new venture founded & Registered as a Private Limited HealthTech Startup Global Organisation in Nov2017 with 2 Board of Director from complimentary domain core expert areas and currently self-funded and Bootstrapped by himself &Founding Leadership Team worth of several million $ high valuable full time and energy converted into MultiMillion $ Global Deep AI HealthTech Company from Idea to up to now from Core R&D in 360 ° areas including AI & Medical in last 3 Years & now developed 21 Disruptive Innovative Tech Products | Solutions with its Prototypes & MVP demo Products and now ready for Production & commercialization.

In past, he turned 15 Healthtech Startup into Multi millions of Dollars Global HealthTech companies & MNCs from Israel, the US, the UK, Germany, China, Korea & India, and our Founder & CEO had already launched 90 disruptive Innovative Health Technologies, 200+ Products & Solutions in Next-generation Innovation Digital Health ( AI deep HealthTech, Digital HealthTech, Telemedicine, mobile health (mHealth), M2M, IoT, MedTechIoT, H2H, EHR, Big Data, SaaS, Cloud Computing,  e-commerce Health & MedTech) in India & Global.

Currently, our Founder & CEO has developed more than 400 POCs in Digital Health, AI Health & Telemedicine Innovation  (the first 21 POC have already been converted into Products and deployed now on our AI Health Platform, and the remaining are to be deployed on our AI Health Platform one after the other phase by phase) after he had done 100s of Clinical Trials, more than 600 Treatment procedures on Patients and for patients in Diagnosis, Non-Surgical Surgical and Non-Invasive, Minimum Invasive Technologies, Clinical Studies & Market-Product fit Research & analysis in disruptive Innovative Health Technology in Digital Health ( AI deep HealthTech, Digital HealthTech, Telemedicine, mobile health (mHealth), M2M, IoT, MedTechIoT, H2H, EHR,  e-commerce Health & MedTech) in India & Global.

Why this is an awesome investment opportunity?

This is an Awesome Investment opportunity in DeepTech Startup in AI Health Benovymed Healthcare Global Organisation from India which is working Globally including India through Benovymed World's 1st Most Comprehensive Integrated Care Platform developed working in an integrated Holistic manner

Our Highly Scalable Digital Health | AI Health | Telemedicine Innovation Platform ( An AI Virtual Hospital ) for High Sustainable Growth SaaS Platform is the World's 1st Most Comprehensive Integrated Care in Chronic Diseases ( All stages of all Types of Cancer | Diabetes | Heart Disease | COPD | Mental Disease and COVID-19 Pandemic Management.  Currently, we developed our own Proprietary 21 Game-Changer Disruptive Innovative Technology Digital Products | Services | Novel Solutions driven by Digital Health | AI Health | Telemedicine Innovation and Blockchain and additionally in Pipeline to be developed in next 5 years timeline almost 2000 Game changer Disruptive Innovative Tech products | Services | Novel Solns (end to end Solutions) right from Disease Prevention to Early Detection to Treatment to complete Disease management working in B2B & B2B2C Business Model Integrated Care anytime anywhere in 24x7x365 just in a click in more than 30/60/90/120/180 Countries Globally Y/Y, Phase by Phase, Fund by Fund in next 5 years timeline getting Integrated as follows:


1) Our Founder& CEO built and developed more than 1000s Partners | Clients | Customer bases with Govts, the Ministry of Health, Corporate Co, Pharma Co, Insurance Co, Govts & Private Hospitals (Domestic and International Corporate, Private Big Hospitals chains ), and Clinics in B2B & B2B2C Business Models in the last 30 Years of working in the Healthcare Industry, while the Founder & CEO has Built 16 Healthtech Startups in India & Globally with our Business in India & Globally. Benovymed is working with our existing 1000s of Partners | Clients | customer base of Business Partners and our all stakeholders in India and Globally with Govts, the Ministry of Health, Corporate Co, Pharma Co, Insurance Co, Govts & Private Hospitals (Domestic and International Private Big Hospitals), and Clinics.


(While Founder & CEO has developed a Multifaceted Billion $ Business Capability in Healthcare Industry while working with our big Customer base / existing Business Partners which we developed 30 Years while working in the Healthcare Business in India and globally from concept to commercialization successfully and he Launched in past more than 90 Disruptive Innovative Technology in Digital Health | AI health | Medtech before Founding Benovymed built from scratch to MM$ successfully 16 DeepTech Healthtech Global Startups in Healthcare Business and currently our Founder & CEO are also working as a WHO Geneva Expert Member of Digital Health | AI Health | Telemedicine innovation and working with more than 50 Countries Governments Globally Including India to roll out Digital Health | AI Health Technology Solutions in their Countries in B2B Model for Benefiting their Citizen Globally).


2) Our SaaS Digital Platform is getting Integrated with our own managed and owned brand Benovymed SmartTech Hospital & Clinics Network globally including India through M&A acquisition. We are acquiring the already running Hospitals ( average 40 Beds to 200 Beds) & Speciality clinics ( Day Care Treatment in surgical to non-surgical) which are already in Revenue Growth existence for the last 1 year to 10 Years).


Benovymed developed the world’s 1st most comprehensive AI Virtual Hospital Platform, a Highly Scalable Digital Technology Future Hospital Platform that will provide the Most Comprehensive Integrated Care & Managing acquiring already Profitable Running Hospitals( average of 40 and above Beds multispeciality Hospitals & Clinics that are running for 5 to 15 years already) in India & Globally in our Brand Name with Impacting the Life of Billions of People Globally including your country with Patient-Centric, delivering our Disruptive Innovative Technology novel solutions through a mobile app at Patients own comforts at home anytime anywhere delivering with a Holistic Health Solutions supported by our Benovymed Healthcare Team of Medical Experts, 

Our Thousands of Partners Hospitals, Govt, Pharma Co, Insurance Co & Doctor's Clinics Globally delivered to Billions of Patients Globally for accessible, affordable, Safe, and Quality Health to all in COVID-19 Infection Control & in the Top 5 Chronic Diseases of Top 20 Cancer Including Breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Oral Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, Lung Cancer| Diabetes | Heart Disease | Mental Health | COPD from Prevention to complete Disease management.

We will also expand our business in the Investor country by opening our branch Office in Partnership with local Companies from the Investor country to impact the lives of millions of people in that country for accessible, affordable & Quality health to all and for that country people employment.
We will additionally work together with Investor country Governments, Hospitals, and Doctors to solve complex problems in Healthcare through our Strong Capabilities and our Domain expertise in Digital Health, AI Health, Telemedicine Innovation, and our domain expertise in Healthcare of collectively our Founder's experience of over 100 Years in Technology & Healthcare Business in India and Globally.


We are looking forward to a short-term/long-term investment partner to grab this awesome Investment opportunity & you as our organization esteemed Growth Driver for High sustainable Growth Gain ROI to "GO FAST TOGETHER and GROW FAST TOGETHER" in this Trillion dollar Emerging fastest-growing at 61.4% CAGR AI Health Global market and in this few Trillion $ Chronic Disease Global Market.

























































Our 4 Serial Funding Plan

We will be having High Exponential Growth on ROI with 4 serial funding Year by Year annually for the next 5 Years to fast grow our company globally and we will make our company have Market Valuations of more than 300 Billion USD in the next 5-year plan and make it the world’s No: 1st Indian Origin Digital Health, AI Health & Telemedicine Innovation to be a unicorn in next 3 year time.

We are Fundraising now 

This awesome Investment opportunity is available now for an Early Bird limited period only.  Such an Opportunity never comes again.

Benovymed Healthcare Group is an Impact Innovation DeepTech HealthTech Global Health Technologies Healthcare Organisation with its Current


Registered Office | Global R&D and AI Health Innovation Lab | Global Technology Development Center | Global HQ: in Delhi, India.


Benovymed Healthcare Group has 6 Business Verticals working in Global Market as follows:

1) Benovymed Digital Health Technologies.

2) Benovymed Global R&D and Artificial Intelligence in Health Lab.

(World's 1st of its Kind Global R&D and AI Health Innovation Center.

it is Benovymed ThinkTank | Command Center | Global R&D and AI Health Innovation activities for Concept to Commercialisation). 

3) Benovymed Healthcare Consulting Group ( Healvisor Healthcare Consulting Group is now a part of Benovymed Healthcare Group Companies ).


4) Benovymed E-Marketplace for Medical Supplies.


5) Benovymed SmartTech Hospitals & Speciality Clinics.

Doing Acquisitions ( Fully Buying, Asset Light Model) already 5 to 10 Yrs Revenue Making Hospitals (small to medium size single/Multispeciality) & Speciality Clinics in India & GCC Countries & Later expanding this Business of Hospitals & Clinics Aquistion Business Globally. 

Currently, the most surprising Info is that none of the World's Big International Hospitals & Speciality Clinics Globally are SmartTech & AI Health Technologies Capability of Accessible | Affordable | Safe | Quality Care to all.

6) Benovymed Capital.  

An Impact Innovation HealthTech Fund1 to Fund Benovymed Healthcare Group Business Verticals & its Portfolio Companies.

Fundraising Now

A) Funding for the last 5 Years: 5 Million USD by Founder & CEO has already been serially Invested as a Serial Investor, since day 1 in the last 5 years since the Incorporation of Benovymed.

B) We are Debt Free with Clear Audited Balance Sheet and we have no losses which is very good for any Investor to Fund.

C) Fundraising Ticket Size: 50 Million USD to 100 Million USD

Fundraising  Terms:

  • Fundraising will be against  X% Equity to Investor in our company along with Board Member Seat / Observer.

  • Closing Date: First cum first Early Bird basis.

  • Exit Policy: Exit after 5-7 Years through IPO Public Listing (NASDAQ/NYSE/BSE/LSE) with High sustainable Exponential growth on ROI with over 300 Billion $ Valuation & Business in 180 countries in the next 5 to 7 Yrs.


Fund Utilisation: 

The fund will be Utilised in Benovymed Healthcare Group 6 Business Verticals working in Global Market as above mentioned.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Invest in Deep Tech HealthTech | AI Health Digital Health Startup 

What is Deep Tech Startup in Healthcare or HealthTech, AI Health, Telemedicine & Digital Health?

A Deep Tech Startup in Healthcare or HealthTech is a Startup that develops its Product & Solutions after undergoing in-house and or Research Institutional Collaboration in various areas of R&D in Medical, AI, Clinical Trials, AI Health side, and Clinical side of Product & Solutions Validation, Cross-Validation with Userbase Patient-Doctor-Hospital, Product Validation & Market fit with the Pilot Product development before actual Product Development or Software Product Production. This means a lot why because when we go for Software Development Production / Mobile App development for final delivery to the Userbase / Customers/Patients the Product and Solutions will be delivered with full proof working model Technically and clinically.


Why Investor Must Invest in Deep Tech HealtTech or AI Health, Telemedicine & Digital Health Healthcare Startup?

Exceptionally most of the Deep Tech HealthTech  Startup is founded on the Solid Science & Technology Foundation with long-term and short Terms R&D and Disruption & Innovation in Products & Novel Solutions delivery through Mobile App which can be benefiting to all stakeholders and most reliable and Trustworthy & Safe Products and Novel Solutions for Patient and their Founders have rich Domain expertise in the areas of their working in Clinical, AI Health, Digital Health, and  Business Execution. Benovymed is like Digital Manufacturing Co, Just like Big Pharma Co where they have a 100% to 1000% Profit Margin by Exporting & selling through SaaS Digital Products | Services | Solutions to more than  180 Countries including India in B2B & B2B2C Business Models working with all Stakeholders of Government, MOH, MOD, Corporate Co, Insurance Co, Pharma Co, Hospitals & Clinics.

Why Invest in Disruption, Innovative Technology Unique Products, and Novel Solutions  Deep Tech Startup in Healthcare or HealthTech, AI Health, Telemedicine & Digital Health, and not in just any Digital Health How so ever those Digital Health Startups in Series A to E are Big?

The Impactful Disruption & Innovation in Products & Novel Solutions Kills the Market Competition, and this Deep Tech HealthTech Digital health AI Health Startup will be having Highly Sustainable Exponential growth and be Riskfree from the beginning itself at all the stages, they will need  Pre-seed and Seed Funding from Minimum 3 Million USD at Pre-Seed to 20 Million USD at Seed stage only, After commercialization High to exponential Revenue Generation Y by Y on ROI than Traditional big established well-funded Digital Health Startup, which is mainly in the current market globally, Innovation DeepTech Startup will be always ahead and different from the Traditional Digital Health Tech Startups which are in only Price war Market are they are mainly in e-commerce platform in Healthcare, how so ever they are well funded by Investors or However they are in the Growth stage of Series A to E. 

Most Series A to E is just Digital Health online shops | online Trading Startup will never be sustainably profitable growth in spite of several Million $ in funding.

Why Invest in Benovymed Deep Tech Disruptive Innovative Science& Technology Digital Health, AI Health Telemedicine Global Startup?

Benovymed is the World's Top 20 & India's No:1 most Impactful Deep Tech Disruptive Innovative Science& Technology Digital Health, AI Health Telemedicine Global Startup is a game Changer revolutionary Global Organisation that has the Power to Replace the Big Established Players ( Who are in series A to E) globally and to create a Trillion Dollars Fast sustainable Growing with double-digit Growth Emerging AI Health Globally in No Time with support of Visionary Passionate Investor Partners who fund us now not later. Benovymed Healthcare would be more than 100 Billion Dollars by Market Valuation and will be the world's 1st AI Health Global Organisation within the next 5 Years.


What is Digital Health? and How Big | How Profitable | How growing is the Digital Health Global Market?


Myth: Most of the Startup world Founders and Investors / Funders understand that Digital Health is only for Connecting Patient and Doctor consultation, appointment booking, and medicine supply lab tests,s, etc which is not actually Healthcare, but, actually E-commerce in Healthcare and it is the several Billion $ Biggest Market in COVID-19 Pandemic Time and later also.

Fact: The Fact is that only the world's Top 0.1 % of experienced HealthTech Professionals Leaders Know that the Innovative DeepTech Digital Health and AI Health is the fastest-growing virgin Global market and only by working every day there are their new much deeper layers discovered for new clinical applications whereby with this Technology can solve many many real Big complex problems in Healthcare, which are unaddressed, unmet, undervalued, under forecasted because of lack of experience in domain expertise by most the Startup founders and funders globally and which can bring the Fastest Growing  High Sustainable Growth Few Trillion Dollar Emerging Global Healthcare Technology Market.

The existing Global players of Digital Health Platform ( Series A to E) of Connecting Patient and Doctor consultation, appointment booking, medicine supply lab test, etc which is not actually Healthcare, but, actually is E-commerce in Healthcare which is already a Price is war-driven and already saturated market and cannot be sustainable and that is like Tip on the Iceberg of Digital Health and it is just few Billion $ Biggest Global Market in COVID-19 Pandemic Time and later also. Because of this Hyped media market forecast, most of the current Investment is going wasted and is in losses, not sustainable growth, and are not solving the real pain points of anyone. They are the only facilitator and not a real Healthcare problem solver.

Why Benovymed is very different from the 1000's digital Health start-ups globally.

We can fast capture and we will be the major market player in Deep Digital Health AI Health & Telemedicine Innovation in just less than Two Year time from our product launch globally including in India.

There is nothing available on earth better than this wonderful investment opportunity in our high potential, highly sustainable double-digit growth AI Health Innovation Global Company in a multi Trillion Dollars Chronic Disease Global fastest-growing market with several trillion dollars spent annually globally.

 Our Business Partnership Approach



Invest in Benovymed Healthcare Deep Tech Disruptive Innovative Science& Technology Digital Health, AI Health Telemedicine Global Startup Organisation has developed the World's 1st most comprehensive AI Health Digital Health Highly Scalable Technology Cloud Platform which is having E-commerce Platform for connecting Patients to Doctors | Hospitals | Lab Test | Pharmacy Med Supply and synergistically integrating with Real Clinical Pain Point disease treatments Application platform for Prevention to complete Disease Management and Till the Patient end of Life with 24x7x365 days globally with revolutionizing Healthcare through game changer AI Health Digital Technology for benefiting and working with all the stakeholders globally along with Strong experience domain expertise in Healthcare of Medical and AI Health and Business Execution execution expertise as a serial HealthTech Entrepreneur gain Hugh sustainable double-digit Growth in no time in a Trillion Dollars AI Health Global Market.

Join us:

As our most valued Impact Innovation HealthTech & Hospitals & Speciality Clinics Investor 

Benovymed Healthcare has an exceptionally wonderful Investment opportunity for global Investors with a Sure shot at double-digit sustainable growth ROI

Unlike 1000's other digital Health start-ups which are in a shallow health-connecting consumer market with no innovation and nothing creative globally, they are moving in the high-risk, price-driven consumer war market without delivering real value base care to hospitals or Patients and unnecessarily creating big noise and burning big investors money in price war driven market. These existing start-ups which cannot be sustainable at any point in time in the present or future are at high risks in terms of ROI for Investors in a short and long-term plan.

The US Government alone spent more than 2.65 Trillion Dollars of money annually on the top seven Chronic diseases NCD.

​*** Several Billion Dollars spent on 1000s of start-ups, but none of them is solving complex problems in the above major thrust areas in Deep HealthTech which are going to bring Huge changes in the Chronic Diseases NCD ( Cancer, Diabetes, Heart, COPD, Mental Health)  Preventions, Chronic disease Treatment-Treatment outcomes to complete chronic disease management & Control, lives of patients, Huge benefits to Doctor, Hospital, Government and all Healthcare stakeholders globally.


Patients & Government system  globally is spending several Trillion Dollars money annually on these deadly chronic diseases

More than 70% of the total annual Health budget spent by any country is on the above deadly Chronic disease costs.

Your Investment in our highly valued Benovymed organization now, will for sure shot profitable ROI, you can regain and recover your all previous losses and convert them into high-gain profit.

If you are Investor ( High Net worth Income ( HNI, UHNI ), Venture capital company VC or any funding organization) from all across the globe focussed & passionate to invest in Digital Health Deep AI Health & Telemedicine Innovation Space and looking for a wonderful Investment Opportunity with a sure shot Profitable ROI in our Global Digital Health AI Health & Telemedicine Innovation Healthcare Organisation. Then

reach us:

To know more about our Founder & CEO, Promoter, Please visit

We will be happy to have an Intro call / e-meeting by appointment before submitting our Proposal.

We will be very glad to partner with the right Investors to grow your money together in a safe secure manner benefiting both sides for sustainable double-digit Revenue growth for short & long-term strong working business partner relationships grow together.

We will grow your money with High sustainable growth with double-digit ROI, safe and secure your investment at the right time effectively.


The Founder & CEO was also the HealthTech startup Investment Expert Advisor /Mentor in Digital Health HealthTech, AI HealthTech, Telemedicine, mHealth, & MedTech space to Investors to invest in the right Digital Health startup at the right stage and at right time.

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