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Research Partners

We are a Multi Centered Research-Oriented AI HealthTech Global Organisation in the fight against emerging Infectious Disease ( such as deadly Virus diseases COVID-19, Dengue & Bacterial Diseases ) & Chronic Disease ( All Cancer Types and all stages | Diabetes | COPD | Heart | Mental Health ) Management from Prevention to Complete Disease Management.

To develop a World-class High Standard Quality Novel Solutions for various most challenging Problems and challenges in our working areas of Diseases, we work in a Collaborative Multi Centered Research-based approach in a low and high setting with the Multi-Disciplinary Team of Speciality Doctors, Para-medical staff & Hospital working for Team for bringing most Impactful changes for Good Cause in the Life of Billions of People Globally.

Our AI Healthtech disruptive Novel Solutions which are validated and cross-validated by some of the top National and International Medical Research Universities & Hospitals, qualified super-specialist medical practitioners and most reliable trustworthy with highest Treatment Outcomes, highest Safety and efficacy are having huge Impact and benefit few Billions of People and patients globally, to Hospitals, to the Ministry of Health of every country globally, to Government and all stakeholders globally.

For our ongoing continuing into Deep Research & Development & Innovation in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Health Big Data Science, Super Speciality advanced Medical Research, Quality Health delivery Medical Practices, Healthcare management & building our Product Solutions Technology.

We have Partnered and work with National & International :

1) Medical Research Hospitals & Universities and Corporate Hospitals Groups.

2) Technology Research Universities for AI Health R&D Collaborations.

3) Government & all other stakeholders in the Industry in India and Globally.

 We are looking for Globally  


Research Partners

in our ongoing continuing a Superspeciality Multidisciplinary Doctors and a Hospital Team for huge mutually beneficial long term R&D Collaboration Partnership in Medical R&D and AI Health R&D with


Government / Private Corporate Hospitals & Research Institutions & Technology Institutes in AI Health globally including India.


Funds / Government Institutional Grants from Funding agencies globally

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