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Our Growth Driver

1) Disruption & Innovation:

Our disruptive & Innovative Novel Solutions deliver Accessible, Affordable, Safe & Quality Health to all which is Patient-centric platform benefiting to Patients, Doctors, Hospitals, Government & all stakeholders globally. Our Disruption & Innovation-driven by Science & Technology & Strong Business Execution Capability will Kill the Market competition Globally. We work in creating Trillion Dollar AI Health New Market and we Replace the existing Technologies and market Players Globally.


 2) Impactful Leadership in Healthcare Eco-System:  Our Disruption & Innovation Technology Products & Solutions & Strong Business Execution Capabilities will Impact Globally to Billions of Population to have Access, Affordable, Safe, Highest Treatment Outcomes & Quality Health to All in the areas of some of the Topmost deadly Disease Areas to fight against Top 5 Chronic Diseases ( Top 20 Cancer Diseases| Diabetes | Heart | Mental Health | COPD ) in Post Lockdown COVID-19 Pandemic Time in New Normal & to Fight Against COVID-19 Infection Transmission. 


3) Science & Technology:

We are working with our strong experience in Medical R&D clinical research, Patient care medical practice from Treatment to disease management in core R&D in 360 areas of Medical, AI Health, Product Development & Design, Digital Health, mHealth Telemedicine Innovation, IoT ( IoT, Med-IoT), Cybersecurity particularly with Patient Data Privacy & Data Safety, Blockchain Technology in Healthcare delivery for patient data security & safety, Evidence-based actionable Health Data Analytics.



4) Quality:

Highest efficacy, Patient Safety, Quality Health Treatment outcome for every treatment, Highly Reliable world's most comprehensive Digital Health Platform.

5) Our Products| Novel Solutions:  Our Disruptive Innovative Technology AI Health Products & Solutions ( Currently Developed 20 Products Solutions & will be developing 2000 in Next 5 Year).


6) Our Winning Founding Leadership Team:

Benovymed Founding Leadership Team members consist of Founder, Co-founder, Founding Members & Board of Advisors with a collective experience of more than 100 Years in Healthcare, Health IT, AI Health are the winning dynamic Team of experienced Physician Doctors, AI Scientist Doctors, Medical Research and Innovation Scientist Doctors and HealthTech Business Development Doctors and Global Guru in domain experts from 360-degree domain areas in Medical practice and Medical Research, Innovation to Research & Development in Medical, AI, IT, Product Development, Product Strategy & HealthTechnology Commercialisation go to market Global Guru worked in Hospitals, Large Indian and global organization and Startups in Healthcare Digital Health and IT.

Our winning Founding Management & Leadership Team of Founder & CEO, Co-founder from different domain expertise area in Medical, IT, AI, Product Development and Business Commercialisation from concept to Go to Market Guru.


Board of Advisors from different domain areas in Medical, IT, AI and AI Health, Product Development and Business Strategy & founding Members are having more than 2-28 years of strong domain experts in AI, Medical Research, Digital Health AI Health mHealth, IoT, Blockchain & Telemedicine Innovation, Digital Health Innovative Technology Product Launching long strong experience & Business Strategy & Commercialisation, Digital Health Software Engineering and in Digital Health ( Web and Mobile App) Product Design & Design Innovation.

We have a team of experienced Founding Leadership Team Members such as Founder & CEO, Promoter, Chief R&D and AI Health Innovation Officer, Chief Medical R&D and Innovation Officer, Chief Clinical Solutions Officer, Chief Digital Health Officer, Chief AI Health Officer, Chief Commercialisation & Chief Marketing Officer  & Co-founder & VP Product Development & Innovation Officer and Founding Leadership Members are Director-Medical Research & a Team of AI Health Data Scientists.

Our Strong Go to Market-Commercialisation Experience:

Our Founder & CEO is world's top 30 impactful AI HealthTech, Digital Healthcare Technology global Business Leader, serial Global Health Startup Entrepreneur and had set up, built, developed, worked and launch successfully 9 Innovative Global HealthTech Start-up turn them into Multi-Million Dollar Global HealthTech company and he launched 90 disruptive Innovative Health Technologies and more than 200 Clinical Products and Clinical solutions in AI HealthTech, mHealth, Digital Health, MedTech in India & Global.

Founder & CEO Profile:


The Founder & CEO & Promoter a top-rated World's Top 30 Most Impactful Global Digital Health | AI HealthTech | MedTech Business Leader,1st generation & Next-generation Serial startup HealthTechentreprenuer, Healthtech Innovator, Healthtech Researcher, HealthTech Solution Provider with strong 28 Yrs of experience in AI deep HealthTech, Digital HealthTech, Telemedicine, MobileHealth, IoT (IoT, Med-IoT) & MedTech in India & Global market.

Founder & CEO is a Digital Health Technologist, HealthTech Business management Guru, serial HealthTech Startup Guru, HealthTech Commercialisation Guru from Ideation concept to early to lateral growth Revenue stages guru, Clinical Management, Product Management, Patient care & healthcare Management Guru, Huge Customer base and huge tractions & network in India & Globally specialty Doctors, Surgeons, Clinics, Hospitals (Top specialty, super specialty Hospitals, Big corporate chains Hospitals Corporate accounts, Global Channel Partner, Insurance companies, Stronghold in Indian Government, Ministry of Health & regulatory body.

Our CEO's 28 Years strong dynamic experience with Strong Innovative Idea creating with go to market experience: Concept-Idea to R&D-Seed-Beta-Market Validation-sustainable Revenue generation-Growth Stage to full.

Our Founder & CEO & Promoter Mahendra is also WHO Geneva Expert Member for Digital Health, AI Health Telemedicine Innovation, World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva,  Switzerland.

Mahendra is a Digital Health & AI Health Domain expert WHO Geneva Member working with more than 50 WHO members Countries Governments Globally including with Government of India in Digital Health high-level Policymaking, framework, High-Level planning strategy, implementation, Go to market execution business models in solving 1000's of complex problems in NonCommunicable & Communicable Disease through Technology Transformation for Accessible | Affordable | Safe | Quality Health to All.

Solving Global problems in Healthcare globally using digital Technology as per country wise needs of hours & local problems, setting objectives, and local pain points, local ecosystem existing, Country Health economics preparedness, Building Digital Health customize Roadmap, guidelines, Health Safety & Regulatory, Data Privacy, Cybersecurity, Implementation of Artificial Intelligence blockchain mobile health (mhealth) & Telemedicine in Healthcare, frameworks, Global Digital Health solution provider. He is working with more than 30 Countries.

Most of the Countries Governments say let us bring our Innovative Technology Solutions to them and they are ready to sign big deals with us Globally.

They Trust us that whatever we bring to the table must be good and meaningful and fully reliable, safe, and with the Highest efficacy and Highest Quality for improving the Treatment Outcomes in the clinical front and also in Healthcare Business Managementand giving Huge Benefits to all stakeholders Globally. 

Mahendra in his more than 28 Years of Healthcare Technology Experience as a serialHealthtech Startup Entrepreneur, HealthTech Startup guru, as a Global Business Leader in Healthcare, has Launched in India and in more than 30 Countries Globally more than 90 Game changers Disruptive Innovative Digital Health | AI Health | Medical Technology in the Clinical Front and in Healthcare Management to Impact the Lives of Billions of People Globally in more than 20 Medical Specialities while building more than 16 Digital Health | AI Health | MedTech startups in Healthcare Globally from scratch to Multi Millions Dollars Global HealthTech Company.

Mahendra has also Founded, set up from scratch, serially self Funded for 4 Years by generating Fund from Clinic Business, Managed a Chain of 25 Speciality Clinics in India and Globally with the Highest Patient Satisfaction, Highest Safety, Highest Treatment Outcomes & World Class Quality Health delivery to 1000s of Patients treated.

Mahendra Singh is the world's top 30 most Impactful Digital Health AI Health and HealthTech Global Business Leader and he is WHO Geneva Certified Member for "Operational Planning Guidelines and COVID-19 Partners Platform to support country preparedness and response".

Our Co-Founders  

 *Co-Founder & COOBoard of Director | Chief Medical Officer | Medical Affairs | Medical R&D | Head of Global Business Operation.

He is India's renowned Doctor with his MBBS and MD Professional Qualifications from India's Premier Medical Institute.

He is having over 30 years of rich experience in Medical Practices & Research, Patient Care, Medical Operations including 20 Years in Hospital Administration as a CEO & Director of Medical Services managing many large Hospitals in India.   

He is passionate about building Innovative Digital Health Startups for Accessible | Affordable | Safe | Quality Health for All.

*Co-Founder & CTO  | Software Engineering & Product Development. More than 14 Years in Software Engineering & Product Development

A Startup Software Technology Leader | Tech Architect | Full Stack Developer.

 *Co-Founder | Executive Vice President - Medical Research-Global with over 22 Years of Research experience with some of India's premier R&D Centers working in emerging and reemerging Infectious diseases (CD) areas of deadly Virology diseases of  COVID-19 | EBOLA | NIPAH | H1N1 | Swine Flue | Dengue | Zika | Chickenguniea, etc.

Our Founding Leaders a Team of Domain Experts with a highly experienced & Qualified Physician Doctor | Clinical Research Scientist Doctor & Innovator | COVID-19 Scientist Doctors | Epidemiologist | Medical R&D-AI Health R&D Researcher Doctor-Data Scientist| Product Developer.

Our Management & Founding Leaders collective are having experience of over 100 Years in Healthcare with a single Objective | Vision

in Clinical R&D, Patient Care, Hospital Management and worked in the clinical areas of Top 30 Medical Super Speciality in end-to-end delivery in Surgical, Non-Surgical, Minimum Invasive, Diagnosis & Prognosis from Prevention-early detection-Consultation-Diagnosis-Treatment-complete Disease Management & Control.

Founders Collective Experience of over 70 Years

in R&D ( Medical R&D, Digital Health Technology R&D, AI Health Technology Development, Technology Management) and Health Startup Go To Market Commercialisation in Digital Health | AI Health | Telemedicine | MedTech in Top 20 medical Super Speciality in Healthcare in India & Globally.

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