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Our Partners

We work closely with our partners in India and Globally:

1) Our Business Partners | Channel Partners.

We have already globally our International Business Partners.

If you are a Healthcare Company and are looking to become our International Business Partners.

If you have a strong business base, strong financial turnover in a few Ten /Hundreds Million Dollars in Healthcare and you work with various stakeholders in Healthcare in your country.

Send us

your proposal along with your Profile, achievements in Healthcare market in dealing with Hospitals, Patients, Corporate business, Government business. 

What business commitment you can bring on the table for our business cooperation and mutual benefits.

2) Research Partners

Medical Research Hospital Universities, Technology Universities, Government Institutions & Not for Profits Research Organisations.

We develop our Product & Solutions through our ongoing multicentered research-oriented methodology.

3) Client Partners: 

i) Corporate Hospitals Group chains in India & Globally.

ii) Private Hospitals, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Defence & Government Hospitals chain in India & Globally.

ii) Pharma Companies.

iv) Insurance Companies.

v) Corporate Companies ( Fortune 500 and other Big companies globally).

vi) Various Communities, Societies, Foundations, Trust, Associations. 

vii)  United Nation and WHO and there affiliated Not for Profit Global Organisation.

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