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A Lifetime Awesome Investment Opportunity available now with Benovymed to serious Impact Investors

Dear Investor,

This is a Lifetime Awesome Investment Opportunity available now to serious Impact Investors with Benovymed which is working in a Multi-Trillion $ Chronic Disease Global market.

Benovymed Healthcare is World's Top

20 & India's No:1 Most Impactful DeepTech Global HealthTech Startup in Revolutionising Digital Health, AI Health & Telemedicine through Innovation.

In next 5 Year Benovymed will be World 1st AI

Health Unicorn with 100 Billion $ Valuation, expanding in 180 Countries Globally.

Benovymed Visionary & Passionate

Founder & CEO is a World's Top 30 Most Impactful Global Business Leader in Revolutionizing Digital Health | AI Health | Telemedicine through Innovation has set up & developed a "Benovymed Global R&D & AI Health Innovation Lab" after his strong serially building & Investing in 16 Global HealthTech Startups with his Multifaceted Billion $ Domain & Healthtech Startup Business execution expertise in last 28 Years in healthcare in the next-Gen Digital Health, AI Health & Telemedicine Innovation & Novel Solutions.

Benovymed Founder & CEO is Building |

Creating next-gen HealthTech Global Market since 1993 to Impact the lives of Billions of People Globally through our Multifaceted Billion $ Domain Expertise, Disruption & Innovation.

Currently, Cancer Disease Management

Globally in Prevention |Screening | Early Detection |Dr. Consultation |Testing-Tracing-Diagnosis | Prognosis |Treatments |Disease Management &

Control in the end-to-end complete Multistage Journey of Multidisciplinary & Intra-disciplinary is

Under Accessible |Under Affordable |Under

Prevented |Under Screened |Underserved |Under Tested-diagnosed |Under Prognosed |Under Treated |Under Disease Management & Under Palliative Care due to 100s of Gaps/ Limitations in spite of Best in Class Oncologist in our Healthcare Ecosystem Globally.

Globally, most Cancer Patients are living

with FALSE HOPE, spending Tons of Dollars & getting bankruptcy in the name of

Accessible |Affordable |Quality & Safe Cancer Care & Control.

Benovymed fixing the complex & unsolved Problems to fight against Cancer right from Prevention to Complete Disease Management to benefit & Impact the Lives of Billions of People & Empowering all the stakeholders Globally for a Healthier Future for

achieving the Goal of Health for all (UNSDG3).

Benovymed has developed many Novel HealthTech Solutions after doing 28 Years of Multifaceted R&D & Innovation for solving 1000s of complex Problems through its Integrated Cancer Care |Multistage Journey of Multi-Disciplinary Cancer Disease right from Prevention-Early Detection-Screening -Testing-Tracing to Diagnosis to Prognosis to Treatment to Complete Disease Management including Palliative Care & will Disrupt & Revolutionise the Current Cancer care Practice Management Globally through Benovymed Innovation which is Powered by:

Benovymed Global R& D and AI Health Innovation Lab.


Visit us at:

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