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Awesome Investment Opportunity in Game Changer Disruptive Innovative Technology DeepTech Startup

Awesome Investment Opportunity


Game Changer Disruptive Innovative Technology

DeepTech Healthcare Startup in Digital Health| AI Health I Telemedicine Innovation

Benovymed Healthcare (

Healthcare Market Situation | Problem:

In spite of Multi Billions of Dollars invested by Investors in 1000s of Health Startup Globally in the name of Technology | AI | Digital Health | Healthcare | Innovation and only with false Hope of Care and Healthcare.

But the fact remains same that the there is no Patient Centric Platform yet on this earth to solve the Patient real Pain points (In the Deep Clinical areas Per Treatment Per Procedure Per Disease for Highest Patient Safety |Highest Efficacy |Highest and Improved Treatment Outcomes in the Prevention to complete Disease Management in the Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) and Communicable Diseases areas (In the Emerging Infectious Diseases areas) of the Healthcare system and in the Commercial needs in the healthcare Ecosystem) & of the Pain Points of all Stakeholders to Impact the Lives of Billions of People Globally & Benefits to all Stakeholders globally.

Biggest surprise is that not a single well-funded Startup has solved these problems.

So how can you say that Healthcare Ecosystem is improving in the advent of technology era in spite of Multi Billion Dollars Funding globally?

Myth: Healthcare Solutions is to be Built on the Foundation of Technology.

Healthcare Ecosystem Solution:

Fact: Technology should be built on the strong Foundation of Domain expertise in deep Clinical areas of healthcare and Healthcare Solutions which should be delivered to patients and all stakeholders for complete inside out in Healthcare System.

The Investment should come into this kind of domain expertise DeepTech Healthcare Startup & Founders who can achieve UN SDG 3 for a Sustainable Development Goal for accessible| Affordable| Quality Health to all Globally.

The Product | Solutions | Health Services should be developed| delivered by strong domain expertise Founders with deep knowledge and working expertise in the areas of Healthcare, Science and Technology.

Innovation doesn’t mean that you come out of the college and do it without any know how & expertise.

The Meaningful Innovation is one which is coming out with deep domain expertise Knowledge and experience in healthcare.

Benovymed Novel Solutions:

Benovymed is World's Top 20 & India's no:1 most Impactful DeepTech Startup Global Healthcare Organisation in Digital Health | AI Health | Telemedicine Innovation

Dear Readers ! This post is not to have one Million like of the post or comments in the post ( but to understand the fact lying that the worst is Happening in Healthcare Ecosystem which is making us to suffer Year by Year COVID-19 Pandemic and many more Health Pandemic are inevitable if the situation is not improving)


Join us | Business Partner with us | Support us | Invest in Benovymed Healthcare


Let's together bring change in Healthcare Globally for making a Healthier world for all

Visit us to know more about us:

Benovymed Healthcare has developed with deep Multifaceted Domain Expertise in deep Clinical areas in solving 1000s of Problems in Healthcare | Healthcare Business Management | Digital Health Technologies Concept to R&D to Product Development to Commercialisation Go to market with a Game Changer Disruptive Innovative Technology Novel Health Solutions | Products | Health Services to all above unaddressed and unmet areas with highest efficacy| Super Intelligently driven by our Deep Multifaceted Domain Expertise in Science & Technology to solve it in Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) and Communicable Diseases areas (CD. In the Emerging Infectious Diseases areas) for making Accessible | Affordable | Safe |Quality Health to all.

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Benovymed Healthcare
Benovymed Healthcare
Sep 05, 2021

Great Post

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