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Awesome Investment opportunity in our Benovymed World's Top20 & India's No:1 Most Impactful Company

Awesome Investment opportunity in our Benovymed World's Top20 & India's No:1 Most Impactful Disruptive Innovative Technology DeepTech Startup in Digital Health, AI Health&Telemedicine Innovation Global Startup organization from India to Impact life of Billions of people globally.

Founded by Mahendra Singh the World's Top30 most Impactful DeepTech Digital Health, AI Health &Telemedicine Innovation Global Business Leader, a Visionary, Passionate Serial Digital Health| AI HealthTech entrepreneur.

He Founded, set up, Funded & fastgrowing Benovymed from scratch to a Multi-million Dollar fastest-growing AI Health Global Organization in a Trillion Dollar market of AI Health, Telemedicine for Chronic Diseases & COVID-19 Pandemic management globally.

He has strong domain expertise in 360-degree areas with strong capabilities in fast business acquisition, R&D in Medical, Digital Health, AI Health, Telemedicine through Innovation & a HealthStartup Business management Guru in B2B, B2B2C&B2C working with big Hospitals, Doctors& all stakeholders including Govt globally.

In 27 Yrs of his exp in Impacting the lives of Billions globally in bringing change in Healthcare.

He founded, set up, worked, built from scratch 16 Global Start-ups in Digital Health, AI Health&MedTech revolutionizing through Innovation.

Benovymed Healthcare has strong capability in Digital Health, AI Health & Telemedicine Innovation Technology-driven Novel Solutions to fix this big problem, which is the current need of the hour in India and Globally to provide accessible, affordable, safe, reliable, and Quality Health to all.

Our Growth Drivers are our strong domain expertise in R&D, Medical Science & Digital Health, AI Health & Telemedicine Innovation Technology, strong experience in Healthcare Business management & Product commercialization Go to Market globally.

In past, our Founder & CEO a serial HealthTech startup entrepreneur

had Launched over 90 disruptive, Innovative Technology Products & Novel Solutions in Digital Health, AI Health | Telemedicine | eHealth | mHealth | MedTech while he founded, worked, setup & built more than 16 Global HealthTech DeepTech Start-ups from Scratch to Multi-Million Dollar Global HealthTech Startups and MNC's in Healthcare Global Market in his over 27 Years of excellency in bringing change in Healthcare in India & Globally.

Our Visionary & Passionate Founder & CEO

has brought in past, in Present, and for future a revolutionary change in Healthcare Ecosystem Globally including India in Health Quality Delivery, Better Treatment Outcomes & Patient Safety

in creating Yours | Your Children's | Your Family | Your near and dear one's a Healthier Future.


We welcome all stakeholders to join us, support us and work together to save protect this world from COVID-19 2nd wave and any future wave &

Top 5 Chronic Diseases ( Top 20 Cancers | Diabetes | COPD | Heart Disease | Mental Health ) and

build a healthy world for all without border, without any discrimination of caste, class, religion, color, race, or community


Join us | Support us | Invest in Benovymed &

Let's together bring change in Healthcare Globally for making a Healthier world for all



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