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Benovymed Healthcare vision is to deliver Quality Health to all with Patient Centric Approach

What Benovymed Founder & CEO has did in his over 27 Years of Healthcare Technology Journey in deep Clinical, Digital Health Technologies is next to Impossible for anyone across the globe without any support, without any resources, without any big fund, without any Big Team.

He did all these, Just with his own continuous Learning gaining Knowledge through hands-on Experience, Strong WILL TO FIX COMPLEX PROBLEM IN HEALTHCARE, own Believe, self Confidence, Radiant Impactful Business Leadership, always worked as a True Visionary Healthcare Global Business Leader, Game Changer Digital Health Technologies Creator & Next generation Novel Clinical Solutions Creator in more than 10 Super Speciality areas of Healthcare, and he is a single handed doer and with the most powerful Capabilities, Trusting his own shoulders, Out of Box Vision & Passion.

He solved, fixed 100s of complex problem in Healthcare which were Impossible for anyone and converted them into Possible Novel Solutions.

He launched in his strong experience over 90 Game Changer Disruptive Innovative Technology in Digital Health Technologies Health, AI Health, Telemedicine & MedTech, which were some of the Game-Changer Next-Gen Technologies in India & Globally.

He Educated, Trained, mentored, Consulted several thousands of Qualified Top Surgeons and Doctors and converted them into India's KOL's and in turn those KOL's trained over 100,000 of Doctors in various Advanced Medical Treatments areas in more than 10 Super speciality on Next-generation Digital Health Technologies to Impact the Lives of Billions of People in India & Globally.

He worked throughout his serial DigitalHealthTechEntrepreour Toughest, Impossible, and Biggest Challenging Journey of over 27 Years in building more than 16 DeepTech Global Startups from scratch to Multi-Million $ MNC in Digital Health, AI Health, Telemedicine & MedTech Global Startups for bringing the most Impactful change in the Healthcare Ecosystem in India & Globally through my great contribution to Impact the Life of Billions of People in India & Globally.

He know that, if he also become like others then no one will bring change in the Healthcare ecosystem in India & Globally.

When he worked to Launch over 90 NextGen Digital Health Technologies. There was absolutely NOBODY alone without resources was having the guts to work and Launch such Innovative Digital Health Technologies in India.

I took enough Pain to made life easier for all who are working for the last so many years in this space and who are entering now by creating these Good Numbers of achievements /contributions from scratch so that the New Generation, Young Generation who are coming from IIT/IIM /Wharton/Harvard can have an easy life to take forward to the next level.

Otherwise, Launching these technologies from scratch, without support without big funds, without Big teams is still IMPOSSIBLE.

Our Founder & CEO is a Visionary World's Top 30 most Impactful Global Health Business Leader,Digital Health Technology Startup Guru, He is a Real Healthcare Creator, WILL TO FIX Problem in Healthcare for you,your family,Your Friends and near and dear one to make this world a Healthier Place by bringing Change in Healthcare, Healthcare Ecosystem Globally for Accessible | Affordable | Quality Health to All .

Benovymed Healthcare Founder & CEO Vision,methodology, approach is to deliver through our Game Changer Disruptive Innovative Digital Health Technologies Novel Clinical Solutions with Quality Health with Highest Possible Commitment with Patient Centric Approach which follow the Principles of Medical Ethics,Ethical Medical Practice inside and outside the Hospitals system during the entire Journey of Patient engagement to follow the Principle of Self Quality Delivery and Self Health Quality Regulatory and compliance Govt Regulatory, Highest Patient Safety,Highly Treatment Outcomes and Highest Infection Control Policy on the ground with each Treatment and Procedure.

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