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The Need of the Hour is to Invest in Trillion Dollar AI Health Market

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Deep Digital health, Deep AI Health & Telemedicine is the fastest growing Trillion Dollar Global Market with an estimated CAGR 61.3% (2020-28 post COVID-19).

The AI Health demand is skyrocketing, while the supply is almost zero.

This is the biggest ever market space that can be created, only with the right set of Healthcare domain expert founders and experienced funders and you can grow in this space where sky is the limit.

Currently, many companies in the Digital Health & AI Health space are mushrooming, but they are focused in the generic space of connecting Patient Doctor, e-commerce in Healthcare, which is hyped as a big market, thus confusing the investor community.

In spite of several Billion dollars spent globally the real problems, pain points in Healthcare system faced by Patients hasn’t been addressed until now.

The virgin and new Trillion Dollar addressable “AI Health” market is in the deep Digital Health, deep AI Health & Telemedicine area which is wide open to new opportunities.

Currently the Healthcare (this space) is underserved, underdelivered, underdiagnosed & undertreated by the Health providers globally in the absence of deep AI Health & Telemedicine.

This is the fastest growing space with a highest sustainable growth, highest demand generated and is also recession proof.

This space is undervalued, underestimated & under forecasted to the Investor community.

This is the best Investment opportunity on earth for Investor community to have sure shot highest sustainable growth ROI and the return could be so rewarding that it will recover losses they made in any Health startup’s or any other space in no time.

Investors should Grab this Investment Opportunity now or never

The best way to grab this Trillion Dollar “AI Health” Global Market by Investor community should be to choose and hand pick directly and unbiasedly the right set of pre-seed and seed stage high potential, big rewarding futuristic Innovative Startup’s / Healthcare companies, subject to only if the founders have long, strong domain experience, knowledge, Disruptive Innovative Ideas backed by Science and Technology & its Healthcare Business execution Capability in AI Health, Healthcare Practice, Health business solutions execution, clinical Practice and Health Tech Research.

The best way to grab this investment opportunity is to invest the right Ticket size amount of 2-10 MUSD at the right time with right Healthcare Companies, as early as possible for High and fast ROI.

So that, the product can be developed and launched with the right set of Go to Market strategy.

The big surprise and the facts are that on this earth there are no true AI Health healthcare companies in series A onwards or lateral stage.

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