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Why Investor should Invest at early Stage in DeepTech Global Startup in AI Health

The serious Investor should Invest at the early stage ( Benovymed Founder & CEO has already Founded from concept with Game changer Ideas experience and he serially funded a few Million Dollars in last over 4 Years his full money, his Full-time and full High sustainable exponential growth energy with a hands on and with a single-handed MultiHat role of more than 13 Top Management Role & Responsiblities delivered along with its founding members in the last Four Years and applying his over 27 Years of serial HealthTech Startup Entreprenuer Hard core domain expertise with a very aggressive Very Tough and Challenging Game changer AI Health DeepTech Startup Building Journey right from concept Idea to the POC - multistage R&D in multifaceted domain expertise areas in Medical R&D, AI Health R&D, AI Health Validations from Clinical Validations in various Diseases areas, Product Conceptualization,Clinical Validation-Market fit Product Validations,Prototype Development, more than 21 Game Changer Products,Services & Novel Solutions MVP demo Versions developments, Product Development Powered by Benovymed R&D and AI Health Innovation Lab and Setup of Benovymed R&D & AI Health Innovation Lab in last 4 Years World's First of its kind R&D and AI Health Innovation Lab, Pre-Seed Stage & Seed Stage) in the Game Changer DeepTech Global startup which is working in the AI Health Global market and addressing some of the most burning pain points of Patients Impacting the Lives of billions of People Globally and benefiting to all stakeholders Globally in Prevention to early detection to diagnosis to prognosis to complete disease management inside to outside of Healthcare in COVID-19 Pandemic Management & in TOP 5 Chronic Disease Management during COVID-19 Time has a Highly sustainable exponential growing future return on Investment (ROI).

The benefit to Investors at the early stage of Investment in this kind of startup is that is they can still get the opportunity to Invest with a minimum ticket size of 5 MUSD to 20 MUSD in the 2nd Half of its Seed stage( 1st half Seed stage already self-funded by Founder & CEO) in this Game Changer Deeptech Global Healthcare Startup.

After this Seed stage and at the time of Pre-Series A or at Series A the investment may be required around 30 MUSD to 100 MUSD, most of these types DeepTech startups have exponential Growth from Year One only and with very high Revenue generations and with very high Growth Valuation ( 100 MUSD to 400 MUSD at Pre-Series A or Series A stage itself) of such DeepTech Startup grow and goes above the sky Year by Year at the speed of light and beyond the dream of Investors.

Such High Sustainable exponential Growth and such High exponential Valuation of over 100 Billion US Dollars at the end of the 5th Year ( as per the Benovymed 5 Years Business Plan) which is impossible in any other Tech Startup in the Healthcare Industry or in any other industry with Tech startups.

That's why serious Investors should grab such Investment Opportunities at the earliest possible stage for Growing at the Speed of Light in the next 5 to 6 Years timeline which is not possible at all with other Tech Startups in this or any other Industry.

The DeepTech Global Healthcare Startup of Benovymed Healthcare with Global HQ & Benovymed R&D and AI Health Innovation Lab and Global Technology Development Center & Corporate Global HQ in Delhi, India with an objective of "Make in India" solving the complex local problem of every country globally driven by Benovymed Game Changer Technology with Disruption and Innovation in the AI Health Global Market with an addressable market of COVID-19 Pandemic Management & in TOP 5 Chronic Disease Management from right from Prevention has a Highly sustainable exponential growing future return on Investment (ROI).

The Benovymed Healthcare is a DeepTech Global Healthcare Startup in AI Health which is founded and is built with Deep science | Deep Technology | Deep R&D | Disruption & Innovation with their Founder & CEO is with a Deep Domain Expertise with a multifaceted strong clinical, R&D, Commercialisation background in Healthcare from concept to complete commercialization with deep insight of their addressable market of Diseases in COVID-19 & Top 5 Chronic Disease including Cancer Disease with in-depth knowledge & Hands-on with working experience & R&D in disease Prevention, Early detection to diagnosis to Prognosis to Complete Treatment and Disease management, Quality Health Delivery.

Because of Benovymed Founder & CEO's strong multifaceted domain expertise background in the deep Clinical and deep Business commercialization side, Benovymed knows how to grow the startup from scratch to Multi-Billion Dollars World's Top fastest-growing AI Health Global Startup on this earth at the Speed of Light in the AI Health Global Market with sustainable exponential Growth.

He has proven track records of building serially over 16 DeepTech Startups in Digital Health | AI Health | MedTech | Telemedicine| mHealth from India to Global and Global to India in his over 27 Years of strong Experience as a serial Healthtech Entrepreneur.

He Launched in his alone with more than 90 Game Changers with Next-generation Disruptive Innovative Technologies in Digital Health | AI Health | MedTech | mHealth in India and Globally.

We are well connected with Hospitals, Doctors, more than 30 Countries Governments, Clinics, Pharma Co, Corporates Co in India & Globally.

Benovymed knows how to grow the Money of Investors at the Speed of Light within the next 5 to & years timeline.

Benovymed is World's Top 20 & India's no:1 most Impactful DeepTech Startup Global Healthcare Organisation in Digital Health | AI Health | Telemedicine Innovation

A Global Leader in Digital Health | AI Health | Telemedicine Innovation

Remote Patient Monitoring-Engagement-Management in Revolutionising Through Innovation

Revolutionizing the Power of Digital Health | AI Health | Telemedicine through Innovation

( Global DigiAIHealth is the brand name of Benovymed Healthcare Private Limited )

This is the right time to grab this Investment Opportunity with an Investment ticket size of 5 MUSD to 10 MUSD on an early Bird Offer and first, cum first serve basis against Equity in this a Global Deeptech Startup AI Health Healthcare company.

"As per the current COVID-19 Pandemic Prevalence conditions, COVID-19 Pandemic and its new many more varients are going to stay long for next few years globally.

But this Awesome Investment Opportunity in Benovymed Healthcare Company is not going to stay long"

Our world cannot be saved completely from the COVID-19 Pandemic unless the whole world use the Benovymed Healthcare Novel Solutions

Visit us to know more about us this awesome Investment Opportunity:

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