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World's Biggest Pandemic is NO INVESTMENT COMING in HEALTHCARE

The World's Biggest Pandemic in India and Globally is that NO INVESTMENT COMING in meaningful HEALTHCARE for Accessible | Affordable | Safe Quality Health to All with a Patient Centric Approach.

The need of Hour is to





Investing in Healthcare | Investing in Healthcare Ecosystem | Investing in DeepTech Game changer Disruptive Innovative Technologies Digital Health | AI Health | Telemedicine Innovation Startups | Visionary Passionate DeepTech Health Startup Founder who are coming with Great experience and guts to do something meanful can save the United Nation Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) | WHO -SDG and the Lives of Billions of People Globally from current huge Burden of Non Communicable Diseases (NCD) and current and Future COVID-19 like Emerging Infectious Disease Pandemic.

Every countries Government & Every INVESTORS should focus on INVESTMENT IN HEALTHCARE.

We together by Joining hands in Hands ,Collaborate working with all stakeholders on the ground can achieve this UN SDG & WHO-SDG which is not easy and not impossible.

From Investors Point of view ,

We believe INVESTMENT in HEALTHCARE is the only awesome Investment Opportunity on this earth which is a fastest Growing Multi Trillion Dollar Highly Sustainable with Exponential Growth market,highly Scalable global market, Especially when INVESTOR INVEST in Disruptors | Game changer | INNOVATORS ( Innovative Govt,Innovative smart Hospitals and in Innovators DeepTech Game changer Disruptive Innovative Founders just like Benovymed Healthcare Founder & CEO and their Startups which have Billion Dollars worth of Deep Domain Expertise in Deep Science | Deep Technologies | Deep Medical experience-Patient care experience-Healthcare management expertise | Deep Knowledge and experience in Digital Health technologies | AI Health,Strong Business Capabilities and WILL to FIX Problem in our Healthcare ecosystem globally including India to Impact the lives of Billions of People Globally) which have WILL TO FIX PROBLEM as per their country Local Settings local Big challenges ( and not by copying the idea-Problem solns of western world ) to bring change in Healthcare Ecosystem for Highly Sustainable Development Growth and pledged to UN-SDG and WHO-SDG.

Remember always you can Impact the Lives of Billions of People globally only when you have grown from Bottom to Top Level by facing the big challenges without anyone support,without funds and limited resources, knowing and learning the Pain points of common People and a WILL to FIX Problem and not from Top to Top Level by sitting in a Boardroom without facing the real pain Points related to any Disease Problems.

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1 Comment

Benovymed Healthcare
Benovymed Healthcare
Sep 05, 2021

Great Post

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