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Benovymed Healthcare is World's Top 20 & India's No:1 most impactful Digital Health, Deep Tech AI Health & Telemedicine Innovation Indian Global Tech start-up Healthcare Organisation from Indian Origin working in 30 countries Globally including India.

A Global Leader in Deep Tech Digital Health, AI Health & Telemedicine Innovation bringing Impactful changes in the Life of Billions of People Globally by solving complex problems in Healthcare globally.


As per our 5 Year Business Plan, in the next 5 years, we will be having our Presence in 120 Countries globally with our over 2000 Game-changing Disruptive Innovative Technology Products & Novel Solutions all driven by AI Health which will replace many existing big Players globally, to make Benovymed World's No:1 AI Health Global Organisation from India with over 100 Billion $ by Market valuation a True Global AI Health Company in a fastest-growing at the rate of 61.3% emerging Trillion Dollars AI Health Global Market.

We are doers and make impossible into possible reality for a Healthier World.

Benovymed is developing the world's first of its kind state of the art R&D and AI Health Innovation Center which will be the world's No:1, world-class and the state of art R&D & AI Health Innovation Global Center coming up in our Global HQ, Global Technology Development Center, Global R&D & AI Health Innovation Center in Delhi, India. Powered by: Benovymed R&D and AI Health Innovation Lab.

If you are ready to take such a big challenge now to build your big future career, then come and join us to be part of our Fast-growing Journey to bring such change for Impacting the life of Billion of people globally by solving the complex problems using the Power of AI in Healthcare.


We will be looking to join us for more than 200 Medical Doctors & Medical Researchers and  250 Data Scientists | AI Health Researchers Scientists of high energy Growth Drivers entrepreneur mindset (not the traditional employees) from across the world's Best Technology & Research Institutes in next 5 Years Timeline at our India Global HQ, Global Technology development Center& Benovymed R&D & AI Health Innovation Lab to work on Thousands of complex problems in Healthcare to bring change in Healthcare to Impact the Life of Billions of People Globally to support our country "Make in India" Programme with solving every country local problems, local challenges and global problems globally.

This Career Opportunity is welcoming to those most deserving AI Health Researchers Data Scientists who are:

"First doing self, prove yourself and then managing a team approach entrepreneur mindset professional's only as per our Terms &Conditions (T&C apply) to apply"

If you are passionate about building and growing our company,

love to face challenges, come out from comfort zone, the strong capability to take the pain now and high rewards thereafter,

domain expertise, solve a complex problem in real life of data Science,


if you are an entrepreneur, passionate Thinktank and AI Data Science domain experts, then

Join us as AI Health Data Science Leader as experienced Data Scientist to become Benovymed Healthcare Top 30 Founding Core Team Members | Growth Drivers

"This is not a job opportunity.

The job you can get anywhere in any companies, but a million dollars high growth Career Opportunity for long term you can't get everywhere"

- IT Technology Leadership Role- Digital Health AI HealthTech Innovation

Career  Opportunity - Founding Leadership Member Role- AI HealthTech

1) Career Position: 

Principal Data Scientist |

Sr. Data Scientist / Data Scientist / Associate Data Scientist / Junior Data Scientist-Digital Health AI Health-Global

Domain Expertise Areas and Skillset: 

You should be Full Stack hardcore Data Scientist with an end to end hands-on single-handed multi-hat role in Data Science few multiple skillsets & in Industry applications in Healthcare as a doer and not a manager to lead as below:

-Applied AI, Data Science using  Machine Learning, NLP, AI Conversational Chatbot, Deep Learning ( ANN, RNN, CNN etc) and worked on Open Source Cloud and  AI tools of AWS | Google Cloud.

-Worked on Data format /Type of Text / Images / Standard data Format / Hybrid data Format /Structured data format, Unstructured data format.

-Worked on more than 2 meaningful Applied research-oriented AI Health or any other Industry Projects in hardcore AI Data Science related to above domain expertise areas. Submit details of your Projects.

-AWS Cloud, Google Cloud, NLP, ML and various Deep Learning models, writing the algorithm, coding, Data cleaning, Data formating, complete end to end as a single-handed with multi hat role hands-on experienced data Scientist

Python, Tensor flow etc and worked in Digital Health startup for the last few years.  We are not looking for a Manager to lead.

Joining: Immediate.

Location: Delhi NCR, India.

( At our new coming up Global HQ, Global Technology Development Centre & Global R&D and AI Health Innovation Centre, Delhi NCR, India).

Till then remotely online you must have connected for all official work during and post-COVID -19 Pandemic in new normal. As most of the Top Global IT companies are working remotely in India from COVID-19 Infection control & Employees Health safety point of view.


  B.Tech ( EE, CSE, ECE, IT  only with

M.Tech / MS (CSE, Biomedical, BioTech, Maths & Computing with core subjects and Major Thesis Projects in Machine Learning, Deep Learning AI, Data Science). 


Post-Qualification of the last degree & Online -Offline Certificate Data Science course of your claim with 1-5 Years Experience in Applied AI experience in AI, Data Science in ML, DL-ANN, CNN, RNN, NLP while working in reputed MNC and AI Startup with a single-handed and multi hat role for developing end to end AI Data Science models in solving some of the complex problems in Healthcare only.

Should deliver commitment on the table as a Single-Handed, end to end Full-Stack Data Scientist entrepreneur under tight timeline | Deadline commitment.

Compensation Benefits Package:  Best in the Industry may include attractive Equity / ESOP depending upon what you bring on the table with your written commitment as a doer. This opportunity and Compensation Benefits Package is as per our Terms and Conditions.

This is a high growth career opportunity is only best for those who have the capability to fast grow the organisation as a High growth driver, Entrepreneur Mindset, contributor, creator, complex Problem solvers in AI Health and not problem creators, work under pressure, meeting deadline and not like a traditional comfort zone employee.

Apply: Apply only if you fit as per above terms and conditions and you are fully confident and ready to jump in this opportunity with a full heart and full mind and full commitment to bring on the table. email:

Note: DO NOT APPLY if you are looking for as a Consultant / Mentor /Freelancer / Project outsourcing company / Part-Time Job or Looking for as a traditional employee with comfortable enjoying life opportunity.