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Benovymed Healthcare Pvt Ltd

Corporate HQ-Delhi, India

Global HQ -Delhi, India

Registered Office-New Delhi, India

Dubai | Abu Dhabi | Riyadh | Delhi | Singapore | Hong Kong | US | Nigeria | London | Brussels | Geneva


Corporate HQ & Global Technology Development Center & Global R&D and AI Health Innovation Centre

( Powered by Benovymed Global R&D and AI Health Innovation Lab )

Benovymed Healthcare Private Limited 

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Global DigiAIHealth is the brand of Benovymed Healthcare

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Benovymed is developing the world's first-of-its-kind R&D and AI Health Innovation Center which will be the world's No:1, world-class and the state of art R&D & AI Health Innovation Global Center coming up in our Global HQ, Global Technology Development Center, Global R&D & AI Health Innovation Center in Delhi, India. Powered by: Benovymed R&D and AI Health Innovation Lab.   

We are setting up a state of the Art "Centre of Excellence in AI Health Innovation" which will be the World's 1st  of its Kind Global AI Health Innovation for solving more than 2000 Complex Problems existing in our Healthcare System from the complete inside out to benefit all stakeholders with a Patient-Centric Solutions Globally.

Benovymed is working in a Trillion Dollar AI Health Global Market which is the fastest growing Market at CAGR of 61.3% annually 2020-28 with no supply and high growing demand globally and within a Few Trillion Dollar, Chronic Diseases growing at more than 51.4 % Annually with zero to minimum supply including in Top 20 Cancer Disease & Fight against COVID-19.

As per our next 5-year business plan, we will be having within next 5 Year timeline Total Team size of more than 5000 growth drivers and major contributors including the world's best team of more than 350 AI Health Data Scientists, 150 Medical Researchers, 300 Medical Specialist, 1500 IT Engineering Professionals, 1000 Global Business Development, and 2000 Global Operation Team from across the world's Best Technology & Research Institutes  & Medical Research University Hospitals at our India Global HQ to work on Thousands of complex problems in Healthcare to bring change in Healthcare to Impact the Life of Billions of People Globally to support our country "Make in India" Programme with solving every country local problems, local challenges and global problems globally.

As per our 5 years Business Plans, Benovymed Healthcare will be the World's First most impactful Deep Digital Health AI Health & Telemedicine Innovation Global Healthcare Organisation in Prevention, Early Detection, Diagnosis, and Complete Disease Management & Control of COVID-19 ( Top Deadly Communicable Disease ) Pandemic Management & Top 5 Chronic Disease ( Cancer | Heart Disease | Diabetes | COPD | Mental Health ) Management ( Non-Communicable Disease ) a highly sustainable fastest-growing with double-digit Profit by Revenue global organization with over Ten Billion US Dollars by valuation in the next 5 years time.

Our 5-Year Business Plan for Product Development & Innovation

As per our 5 Year Business Plan, In current Phase1, we have built and developed a Highly Scalable and Highly sustainable growth world's 1st most comprehensive multidisciplinary AI Health Platform which will be having one after the other in phase by phase, year by year fund by fund down the line in next 5 year starting with currently first developed 21, then another 100, 200 and then add on to have in total more than 1500 Disruptive Innovative Technology Products, Solutions & Services backed by Next-generation Science & Technology in Disease Prevention, Early Detection & Disease management, Medical Practice, Medical Innovation, Digital Health, AI Health, Telemedicine Innovation, IoT's, Blockchain Technology with the highest safety, Highest efficacy, Treatment Outcomes, security for patients and High Profitability to all stakeholders globally. 

We have already converted our 21 POC into Products and developed into working 21 Products in Phase 1,  out of our disruptive, Innovative Products & Solutions 400 POC were conceived & developed by our Founder & CEO. 

Remaining 379 POC will be converted into 379 Product & Solutions in our phase 2 & 3  and thereby growing to have a total of more than 1500 disruptive, Innovative Technology Products and Novel Solutions to be placed on our world's 1st most comprehensive multidisciplinary AI Health Platform Phase by phase within the next 5 Years with year by year funding as per our next 5 years business plan.

Our Founder & CEO have developed after his excellence healthcare experience on the ground in his long continuing R&D experience while he worked in building many Global HealthTech Startup from concept to commercialization and launched over 90 of Innovative Digital Health Technologies, AI Health, Medical Technologies Products and solutions which were applied and used on several hundred thousands of Patients treatments and procedures inside thousands of Hospitals, Clinics and in Public health system in last over 26 years in the experience of our founder & CEO. 

Thereafter, our Founder & CEO in his long ongoing R&D experience has developed more than 400 new POC's Products and solutions which we will be rolling out in phase by phase in next 3 years globally in high sustainable Growth market of several Trillions dollars growing annually at CAGR 54.3 % , applying next Generation Science & Technology, Digital Health, Telemedicine &  AI Health from the pain point of Patients, doctors, hospitals, government and all other healthcare stakeholders and from the gap analysis in more than 500 complex problems in various Health super speciality for Prevention of Health, Early detection, Diagnosis, Disease Management & Disease control and COVID-19 Pandemic Management and in the Treatment procedure in the Healthcare system and we have come out with their respective our Innovative Novel Solutions for those complex problems in the health system and developing them in a highly sustainable growth model of highly scalable Digital Health Technology Deep AI Health Telemedicine driven business model in phase by phase in next 3 years timeline.

Note: " Global DigiAIHealth "

is a global brand name of Benovymed Healthcare Global Organisation

Benovymed Healthcare is the World's Top20 & India's No:1 Most Impactful AI Health Global Company working in 30 Countries including India.


If you want to be our Representative | Business Partner in your Country



 If you are a Foreign Health Startup with a unique product line and you want to collaborate Partner with us ( Long Terms JV Partnership in many areas)

We are having strong multifacet capabilities with strong Domain Expertise in Healthcare Business from concept to complete Commercialisation with over 90 Years of Healthcare Business Leadership experiences collectively of our Founding Leadership Team in building more than 20 Indian and Global Health Startups in India & Globally and we have Launched more than 90 Game Changer Disruptive Innovative Technologies in Digital Health | AI Health Technologies & MedTech in India & Globally and we know the Pain Points, Risk-Rewards, and Huge opportunity of it and we can also expand grow you at the speed of light with high sustainability  Growth in the Indian and Global market


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For Investor

We have an Awesome Investment Opportunity

 If you are a serious Investor to invest for fast growth and high sustainable growth ROI in Digital Health AI Health & Telemedicine Innovation Space

We will be very happy to connect you through email first.

We request you to kindly read more about us on our Investment opportunity Page

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We will be very glad to partner with the right Investors to grow your money together in a safe secure manner with benefiting both sides for High sustainable double-digit Revenue growth ROI for short & long terms strong Investor partner relationship to fast grow together in Trillion Dollar AI Health Global Market as fast as you can dream to make fast money in no time.









For Career Job Opportunity


We don't give you a job, Job you can get anywhere on this earth.


We build your career in a highly fast-growing and in a sustainable high growth Digital Health AI health & Telemedicine Innovation Global Organisation,

If you have the power to build our Organisation, then

Join us :

 If you are the best Talent and have worked /working in Tech Startup preferably in Digital Health or any Tech Startup and have worked /working as a single-handed with multi hat role an experienced Software Engineer with entrepreneur mindset in product engineering building product ( on Frontend, backend, full-stack, database management, AWS, IoT, AI ML, DL in web & App(Andriod iOS) ) from scratch in a highly scalable Tech platform in the challenging journey as a Tech entrepreneur, Data Science Entrepreneur Leaders/ Growth driver / Founding Members, passionate, ready today to take the big challenge for tomorrow's high rewarding career to create a difference in Healthcare for good cause.

We don't look for a traditional employee, but we look for a committed highly responsible Growth driver who can take full work ownership and bring on the table his full commitment under pressure in a tight timeline highest-quality delivery.

We can build your career as a high-growth career as an entrepreneur if you can commit and take full ownership of your commitment to the ground to grow our organization.

 If you are a domain expertise Industry Hero, Leader, Major contributor, Growth driver Professional from the background of Medical / AI Data Science / IT   software development engineering / Product Development  / Content Writer and Content Editor / Fundraiser / Business Development and want to contribute to our company and looking for wonderful career growth opportunity in building growing our organization. All the career Positions will be based in Delhi NCR India Only. 

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