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Our Research & Development

Women's Health ( Sexual Health, Reproductive Health, IVF, Endometriosis & Aesthetic Medicine & Cosmetic Surgery )


Cancer | Diabetes | COPD | Heart Disease | Mental Health during COVID-19 & Future Emerging Disease Pandemic

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Benovymed Global R & D and AI Health Innovation Lab

Science  |  Technology  |  Artificial Intelligence  |  Innovation

Science  |  Technology  |  Artificial Intelligence

Our AI HealthTech Solutions are built with a unique blend of multilevel deep Artificial Intelligence ( from the weakest side of AI to the strongest side of AI from Assistive Augmented to deep neural network cognitive Intuitive AI ) with our Digital Health platform with the highest cybersecurity with the Hospital Data system and with highest Patient data privacy cloud data computing & actionable data-driven HealthTech solutions, Robust Technology Solutions, SaaS Model, Big Data with an actionable data-driven algorithm. 

Strong R&D ( Robust Technology solutions ethically developed, approved & validated by our Inventor Innovator, Top Researchers and top Board-certified Doctors & Surgeons with a multidisciplinary team, multicenter research in India & Internationally based solid research in

Clinical, AI machine learning & Product Development ), unbiased, patient-centric approach, Telemedicine using Mobile Technology -Mobile Health, IoT, M2M, MedIoT, H2H, Blockchain, Big Data, Cloud Computing & SaaS-based with anytime anywhere throughout survival of Chronic disease patients lifetime till the end of life managing Patients.


Algorithm driven Real-time actionable data, Patient Health conditions Predictions, Preventive Health, Patient Life-death predictions analytics at various clinical verticals and various clinical horizontal and complete Disease management.

Our Innovation & Novel Solutions

Benovymed Healthcare is


Developing Novel Solutions by  its Founder & CEO, Promoter, Chief R&D and AI Health Innovation Officer, Chief Digital Health Officer has from his strong Centre of excellence experiences of more than 27 Years in the launching of more than 90 Disruptive Innovative Digital Health Technologies in India and Globally, done 100's of Clinical Trials, R&D along with multidisciplinary Team of Medical Researcher, Doctor  & Medical Practitioners to solve complex problems  in Public Health of  Non-Communicable Disease ( NCD) / Chronic Diseases ( Cancer | Diabetes |  Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease ( COPD) | Heart & Mental Health ) in the areas of:

Prevention, Screening, Diagnosis, Treatment Planning, Treatment, Surgery, Care, Health Conditions Predictions, Patient Life-death predictions & Chronic Disease Management from Patient registration to Patient Survival and till the end of life.

​*** Several Billion Dollars spent in 1000s of startups, but none of them is solving complex problems in above major thrust areas in Deep HealthTech which are going to bring change in the Treatment outcomes, lives of patients, benefits to Hospital and all Healthcare stakeholders globally.

Patients & Government system  globally is spending several Trillion Dollars money annually on these deadly chronic diseases

Game changer

Benovymed healthcare is here for Healthcare transformation, bringing changes, changing this fundamentally with ethical medical practice, value-based care and highest Quality health delivery accessible, affordable, highest efficacy, Reliable, highest trustworthy, with highest improved treatment outcomes for every treatment and with highest Patient safety in India and Globally.


We are a game-changer in transforming the healthcare, we will bring necessary changes with our AI HealthTech Novel Solutions to transform the current practice of Chronic disease to benefits to several millions of existing registered Patients and billions of fast-growing unregistered patients globally, huge benefits to Hospitals and all Healthcare stakeholders globally.

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