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IX) Benovymed Medical Robotics with AI:


Benovymed Medical Robotics is working on R&D Innovation, Product Development to Commercialization in more than 180 countries in the next 5 Yrs in Benovymed Global Brand name a next Generation of AI Robotics Technologies exclusively for 360-degree areas of entire medical Applications in Surgical Interventions, all Medical Super specialities including Dental surgical application, All Minimum Invasive Laparoscopy surgery Applications, variety of Patients Management applications.

Benovymed Manufacturing Next Generation AI Robotics Technologies for all medical applications in India & and exporting to the World 🌎 market in 180 countries in the next 5 to 7 years timeline this will make Benovymed Healthcare Group the World 🌎 1st Unicorn 🦄 and Most Admirable Impact Innovation meaningful DeepTech HealthTech Global AI and Robotics Technologies Innovation Healthcare Organisation with our Benovymed 5 Multi-centered R and D and Robotics Technologies Innovation Centre in five Continents across the world 🌎 and our Benovymed Global R &D & AI & Robotics Technologies Innovation Centre based in India.
Benovymed Healthcare Group will bring change in Next Generation AI Robotics Technologies with Impact Innovation to build the future of Healthcare Globally to benefit all stakeholders and impact the lives of millions of people globally including India. 

In the next 5 to 7 years timeline there will be more than 15000 Benovymed Robotics Technologies Installations with almost every Top Hospital and speciality Clinic across the World with Impact Innovation for all Medical Super specialities Applications in Surgical Interventions, and minimum Invasive Laproscopy surgery.

Benovymed Healthcare Group has a strong & Long well-rounded impressive over 30 Years of History in creating Digital Health l AI Health and robotics Technologies Innovation in Healthcare Technologies from Concept to Research and development Innovation to Product Design Development to GTM to Complete Commercialization Globally including India.


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