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V)  Benovymed Capital :

Benovymed Capital is an Impact Innovation HealthTech Fund VC Company, setting up a VC Fund 1 through fundraising      50 Million $ to 100 Million $ from LP/Family Office to bring INVESTMENT to the World's Most Impactful Innovation HealthTech 10 Startups (early-stage Seed to Series B) across the Globe which is Fixing real Pain Points in Healthcare & Solving complex problems in Healthcare ecosystem globally for Accessible l Affordable Quality& Safe Health to all driven by Domain Expertise, Business Execution Capabilities, serial HealthTech Startup Founders with Science &Technology Innovation in Digital Health,mHealth, eHealth, AI Health, MedIoT, Hospitals & Speciality Clinics in healthcare Globally.

The Founder & Managing Partner of Benovymed Capital has a long evidence-based Strong history in 16 HealthTech Startup building &serially Investing for more than 28 years. 

Our Founder & Managing Partner in the last 5 Years already Invested a few Million $ in Benovymed Healthcare as its Founder & CEO & Board Chairman of the World's Most Impactful Innovation DeepTech HealthTech Global Startup Fastest Growing going Globally from India to Global in the next 5 Years in 180 Countries.

Please visit the main page to know more about Benovymed Healthcare AI Health Gobal Company.

Benovymed Capital Founder & Managing Partner have strong &Multifaceted Billion$ domain Expertise in building from scratch converting them into MM$ serially 16 Global HealthTech Startup in Digital Health | AI Health | Telemedicine Innovation, MedTech Devices, MedIoT having an entire Startup building Journey from concept to complete commercialization with Deep Clinical Practice, Deep Clinical Science &Clinical R&D & Innovation, Tech & filling this Big decision taking Capability at right time with the right fund to have High sustainable exponential Growth Y by Y on ROI.
50 Start-up Deal lead in hands.

Why VC Funded startups not doing well Globally | Failing exponentially | Y by Y they are in Huge Losses?

We know that the world's biggest problem in Investing in Healthcare Technology in Healthcare Business is that most of the VC funding decisions are wrong(Small/Big). VC has no Capability, idea, domain expertise in Clinical Science, in variety of Technologies used in Healthcare for solving 1000s of real complex Problems in various medical specialty, overall Healthcare management system, no expertise in Technology monetization in Healthcare Business & no right set of Go to Market Strategy for growing HealthTech startup successfully.

Why Invest in Benovymed Capital?        |  Benovymed Capital Growth Driver

  • Management Team:

Our Top Management is having more than 100 Years of experience and expertise in the domain-specific various Vertical areas as an Impact Innovation HealthTech Well-rounded Strong Domain Expertise Professionals such as our Founder & Managing Partner having Multifaceted Multihat Strong Domain Expertise as a serial Entrepreneur, Serial Investor in Building 16 HealthTech Global Startups in Digital Health | AI Health | Telemedicine Innovation & MedTech from Scratch to Multi-Million $ & our other Management is having over 30 Years experience as a Medical Doctor in Medical Practice & as a Medical Administrator for the Pan India Medical Services Management.​


  • Serial HealthTech Startup Building & Serial Startup Investment Experience:

Our Founder & Managing Partner is a Visionary, Passionate, Serial Impact HealthTech Investor in 16 Global HealthTech Innovation Startup (very strong in right Startup Investment decision making Capability at the right time when & where to Invest) & Serial HealthTech Impact Innovation Entrepreneur has Launched more than 90 HealthTech Innovative Technologies in Digital Health-AI Health-MedTech Innovation| 200 Technology Products & Solutions in India ( Toughest Market) & Built 16 HealthTech Global Startups in Digital Health | AI Health | Telemedicine Innovation & MedTech from Scratch to Multi-Million $ in India and Taken to Global Market & Global to India Market in last over 28 Years in Healthcare Technologies Business in more than 20 Medical Super specialties working with all Stakeholders in India & Globally.

Having Multifaceted Billion $ expertise in Deep Clinical, Deep Technologies (Digital Health-AI Health -Telemedicine-MedTech-Prevention to Early detection-Diagnosis-Treatment- Complete Disease Management, Healthcare Management), HealthTech Startup Business Execution Go To Market Capabilities.


  • Deep Clinical Expertise:

Our Management Strong Domain Expertise in more than 20 Medical Super Speciality, Healthcare management.


  • R&D & Innovation Expertise:

Think Tank ( Medical R&D, AI Health R&D, Product Development R&D , Software Engineering R&D, Product Management , Medical Fit-Market Fit-Product Fit-Supply-Demand, Risk Management ( from concept to Commercialisation), HealthTech Market Research, Analysis & Market Opportunities, SWOT analysis driven Market Entry- Go - To-Market Commercialisation from scratch to Growth stages.


  • Commercial & Investment Management:

We have well-rounded Professionals from having worked in VC in Legal, Financial, Commercials, Investment deal flow management for right decision at right time making investment methodology in HealthTech Startup for high sustainable Growth, VC Company Operations & Portfolio Company Management.

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