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Our Products | Solns | Service & Our 9 Major Business Verticals


Products | Solutions | Services

Benovymed Healthcare Group Global business has 8 major Business Verticals

Digital Health Platform | Healthcare Consulting | Benovymed SmartTech Hospitals N Clinics | E-Commerce in Healthcare

& Benovymed Capital 

I) Benovymed Digital Health Technology SaaS Platform :

World’s 1st Most Comprehensive Integrated Care Platform for COVID-19 & Chronic Disease Management &Control 

Our Game Changer Disruptive Innovative Technology Products | Services | Novel Clinical end-to-end Solutions are SaaS Cloud Highly Scalable  World's 1st Most Impactful Digital Technology Platform driven by Digital Health, AI Health & Telemedicine through Remote Patient Management & Remote Patient Monitoring for Comprehensive Integrated Care in

​Prevention  | Screening | Dr Consultation | Early Detection |  Diagnosis | Prognosis | Treatment | Complete Disease Management  


 i)  Fight against COVID-19 Pandemic current Emergency & Future Emerging Infectious Diseases ( Communicable Diseases) 

 ii) Top 5 Chronic Diseases (Non-Communicable Diseases) during COVID-19  or during future Emerging Infectious Diseases

Cancer  |  Diabetes  |  COPD  |  Mental Health  |  Heart Disease







A) Top 20 Cancer 

Breast Cancer | Cervical Cancer | Vaginal Cancer for Women's Health

 Oral Cancer | Lung Cancer | Colorectal Cancer | Multiple Myeloma Cancer ( Hematology Cancer)

Brain Cancer | Liver Cancer | Kidney Cancer | Skin Cancer


B) Diabetes 

C) COPD    

D) Mental Health  

E) Heart Disease

Our Products | Solutions | Services Offering is a Collaborative Unique Blend of Synergetic Holistic Approach in Public Health | Individual Health with our already well established Huge client base globally working together with Govt, Partnering with Hospitals, Clinics & all Stakeholders along with applying next Generation Innovations and advancements of Medical Science, Super Smart Intelligence cutting edge Digital Technologies in Digital Health, AI Health( Applying AI in Healthcare in a Multi-Level & Multi-Layer Approach From the Weakest side of AI to Semi-Auto AI to Strongest side of AI ( Super Intelligent AI just like a Top Board Certified Oncologist for Super Intelligent Clinical Decision making capability, Various Level of Deep Learning in Neural Networks, Computer Vision, Auto AI, Cognitive AI, Quantum AI), Telemedicine, Big Data, IoT, MedIoT, Highly Scalable SaaS Cloud Platform, Direct Consumer Cloud Platform, Blockchain Technology (Integrated Cancer Care with a multi-Disciplinary Team on a Technology Platform for all type and all stage Cancer and other Chronic Diseases, Non-Communicable Diseases), Remotely Patient Monitoring, Engagement and Management with the end-user final delivery through the

Web, Mobile App & outside App Applications to Impact the Lives of Billions of People for accessible affordable Quality Health to all & Benefits to all Stakeholders including Govt & Corporate in Public Health, Govt and Private Hospitals Chains, Pharma co, Insurance Co & Direct Consumer Globally including India.



Our Business Model






























































































Our Developed Products Game Changer Disruptive Innovative Technology Products & Solutions

We have developed  21 Products | Services | Novel Solutions in Phase1 (Converted out of our 21 POC) in both the above areas of our Addressable Market in the end to end Solutions from Disease Prevention to Early Detection to Dr. Consultation to Diagnosis to Prognosis to complete Disease Management and Control in COVID-19 & Future COVID-19 Like Infectious Disease and in Top 5 Chronic Disease Management as mentioned above,  out of our disruptive, Innovative Products & Solutions 400 POC conceived & developed by our Founder & CEO. 

The remaining 379 POC will be converted into 379 Products & Solutions in phases 2 & 3  and thereby growing to have a total of more than 1500 disruptive, Innovative Technology Products and Novel Solutions to be placed on our world's 1st most comprehensive multidisciplinary AI Health Platform Phase by phase within the next 5 Years with year by year funding as per our next 5 years business plan.

Currently we developed and placed our Products on our Highly Scalable Digital Health, AI Health & Telemedicine Innovation world's most comprehensive Digital AI Health Platform highly interactive 21 Products Prototypes with disruptive , Innovative Technology Products & Novel Health Solutions in it after having over 28 years of experience in R&D in Medical, AI Health and it’s commercialisation from our Innovative Idea concept and now ready to roll out Launch soon after current fundraising and thereafter phase by phase serial funding remaining one will be rolled out one after another in next 2 years more than 400 POC in the Digital Health deep AI Health & Telemedicine Innovation developed by our visionary and passionate Founder & CEO, Promoter Mahendra Singh while he had been working for last over 28 years in building more than 16 Global Start up converted into Multimillion-dollar global companies in Digital Health, AI Health & Telemedicine Innovation and Med Tech in Healthcare Industry in R&D, Product Launch, Brand building, Go to Market strategy from concept to commercialisation in building Innovative Novel Health Solutions /Products / Services in B2B and B2B2C Global Market in a multi Trillion US Dollar of Chronic Disease ( NCD) and COVID-19 Pandemic Management.​


We have already developed the 21 Products in a Highly Scalable Digital health | AI Health Future of Digital Health technology Hospital which is a "Smart Digital Virtual Hospital " Highly scalable Platform with currently with few Verticals on the same Horizontal Platform, we will be adding hundreds of Verticals and working on each Vertical ( with many deep layers of Disease areas) on the same Horizontal in next 5 Years timeline with more than 2000 Disruptive Innovative Science & Technology Products and Novel Solutions with a highly sustainable growth world's 1st most Comprehensive multidisciplinary AI Health Platform in our Phase1  development with currently developed ( out of our 400 POC for our disruptive Innovative Products & Solutions developed by our Founder & CEO)  21 disruptive, Innovative, Science and Technology Products, Novel Solutions delivered through in mobile App through Smart Phone and Outside mobile App through Mobile Phone with Patient Remote monitoring, Patient self Care Management well connected through our AI Health Platform and actual nearby Best Quality Hospital anytime anywhere no need of Prior appointment for Consultation or Care globally in 24x7x365 days driven by latest and Next Generation state of the art Digital Technology in Digital Health, AI Health & Telemedicine Innovations,IoT,MedIoT,BlockChain,Cybersecurity and following International standards in Patient Data Privacy and confidentiality for US HIPAA Complaince or Europion Standards of GDPR or any countries local standards and all requirements of world class quality & International Patient Safety Standards using Cloud computing, SaaS Model for B2B and B2B2C and Cloud Model for consumers in B2C Globally.



Additionally, our Digital Health Platform also includes TeleHealth Products & Services such as Online Doctor discovery, Online Dr. Appointment, Dr. Consultation ( Face to Face and Virtual Online Voice and Video Consultation), Booking all Types of Lab tests, Diagnostic Imaging tests, E-Pharmacy, E-Medical supply, Patient Engagement, Homecare, Remote Care, Virtual care, etc.


Fight against 

COVID-19 Pandemic Management


Top 5 deadly Chronic Disease Management ( Top 20 Cancer Diseases including Breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Oral Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, Lung Cancer, Hematology Cancer, and other Cancer Diseases) | Diabetes | Heart Disease | COPD | Mental Health)


in Prevention to Early Detection, Dr. Consultation ( AI Speciality Dr. Consultation, Virtual Online Speciality Dr. Consultation, Actual Face to Face Speciality Dr. Consultation ), Diagnosis, Treatment Logistic management | case management and Triage with complete end to end Disease Management and Control globally remotely anytime anywhere 24x7x365 days no appointments need this will be a big game changer and Innovation.


Impacting & Benefiting the life of  Billions of People Globally with a Patient-Centric | Patient First approach, Empowering the Patients and Doctors, Hospitals and Benefiting with Huge Value in terms of Improved Treatment Outcomes, Increase Profitability in Multifold, and reducing 40% the Burn rate and Losses of all Stakeholders ( Hospitals, Insurance Co, Pharma Co, Corporates & Government) Globally.

Need of Hour

Filling all the Gap and Challenges such as Doctor-Patient Ratio, Reducing the high Growing Need for Hospital Beds in the Healthcare Eco-System to have easily accessible, affordable, Improved Treatment outcomes, safe & reliable Quality Health for Billions of People in the fight against COVID-19 and Chronic Diseases Management from Prevention to complete end to end Disease Management & Control for all needs fulfillment. 

We are currently working in 30 countries & in Future in next 5 Year Business Plan in 180 Countries in the next 6 Years strategically globally including India (B2C, B2B2C, B2B Revenue Models) in Prevention, early detection, Diagnosis & Disease Management in a Trillion Dollar Emerging AI Health Global Market fastest growing Market at CAGR 61.3% annually 2020-28 with no supply &

high growing demand globally above the sky & we are working within a Few Trillion Dollars of the Top 5 Chronic Diseases growing at more than 51.4 % Annually including in the Top 20 Cancer Diseases & Fight against COVID-19.



II) Benovymed Healthcare Consulting Business (Healvisor Healthcare Consulting Group): 

Benovymed acquired a few years ago this business unit Global Healthcare Consulting company called  " Healvisor Healthcare Consulting Group".  Healvisor Healthcare Consulting Group is in Business for over 20 Years in the Global market with strong Commitment, Delivery, Global Market Influence, and Strong Domain Expertise in Healthcare Business.

Our Addressable Market 

Healthcare Consulting Business in Digital Health | AI Health | Telemedicine | Medical Technologies | Clinical areas | Healthcare Management | Invest in Healthcare is a Multi-Billion Dollars fast emerging Business with a CAGR of 37% Annually.


There is a huge growing demand for domain expertise in this space.

The available Domain expertise in this space is at a minimum supply and the fast-growing demand is over and above the sky.

Here Benovymed Healthcare Team Plays a Pivot role in the Healthcare Industry with billions of dollars worth of Domain Expertise our Team has. We are working in Healthcare Technology Consulting & Hospital & Speciality Clinics domain Expertise Healthcare Business Consulting in more than 100 countries Globally working with all stakeholders in B2B & B2B2C Business Modeling with Every Country Government, Ministry of Health ( MOH), Health Authorities Key Decision Makers-Key Policy Makers, Ministry of Defence for an end to end Medical Services, Defence Hospitals Pan India, Govt & Private Health Sector Small to Big Hospitals ( General Hospital, Multispeciality, Single Speciality, Superspeciality ) & Speciality Clinics.




















A) Digital Health | AI Health | Telemedicine

In complete end to end in Healthcare Business Management for reducing Loss and Increases Revenue in Multifold benefiting to all stakeholders and in Clinical areas of Communicable Diseases & Non- Communicable Disease in more than 1000 Treatments and Procedures from Prevention to OutPatient Dept (OPD) to Inpatient Dept (IPD) to inside of Treatments Procedures and inside of Operation Theatre (OT) & Back to Home Care.

B) Medical Technologies ( In Surgical, Non-Surgical, Minimum Invasive, Therapeutic areas of Medical Devices, Medical Equipment & Medical Consumables )

C) Clinical Practice Domain areas Consulting


D) Women Health | Sexual Health |  SexTech | Functional Medicine |  Lifestyle Coach & Relationship Coach & Management



 The biggest problem is that there is no Domain Expertise in Healthcare Consulting Companies Globally most of them are dependent on 3rd Parties which mostly are not having enough Ground niche areas expertise, knowledge, and hands-on experience in Healthcare specific to specific in the core Domain area.

Our Solutions:

Benovymed has Novel Solutions for all these Problems  / Pain Points faced by the Healthcare Ecos system Globally.

Benovymed Healthcare Founder & CEO and their Founding Leaders collectively coming with more than 90 Years of Excellency Expertise in Healthcare in Patient care, Patient Management, 1000s of Treatments Procedures Disease Management having strong Capabilities with deep Knowledge in Healthcare Technologies Usage in the entire Healthcare system to solve all these Pain Points of Healthcare EcoSystem and end-users globally.

E) Healthcare Management Consulting: 360-degree areas of Healthcare management in increasing the Outcome| Profitability | Growth | Safety.

F) HealthTech Investor Consulting: We are a Top HealthTechnologies Industry Expert in consulting Global Investors (VC, PE) as to Why | Where | When | and How much to Invest in Healthtech Startups | Established Healthcare companies in the business of HealthTech | Healthcare | Hospital & Clinics.


Funding is the 4th Pillar of bringing change in the Healthcare Ecosystem Globally for Accessible | Affordable | Quality | Safe Health to All


III)  Benovymed SmartTech Hospitals & Speciality Clinics Network in India & Globally:

Benovymed Healthcare's Benovymed SmartTech Hospitals & Clinics Network in India & Globally is the emerging fastest-growing Global Brand of a branded network of next Generation Smart Technology already running Hospitals & Clinics (a disruptive Game Changer Smart Technology-driven Novel Clinical Services and Clinical Solutions healthcare provider) with a Hospital Bed size of 20 to 500 Bed Hospital Network & OPD to Day Care Speciality Clinics Facility Centers Globally focused on Accessible | Affordable | Safe | Quality Health to ALL GLOBALLY just in a CLICK after the patient get registered with us.

This has effectively allowed us to Uberize our growth at a rapid scale and create revenue from day 1.

Benovymed Founders Leadership Team has more than 100 Years of Domain Expertise in Healthcare, Patient Care & Practice Gaining and Practice Management, Hospital Management Consulting, Hospital Operation, Hospital Business Management, Clinics Operation & Clinics Business Management, Go to Market Business Strategy & Commercialisation in India and the Global Market. 

Our Founder & CEO has founded, set up, worked, and self-funded built from scratch over 16 Healthcare Startups serially without Investor funds, or loans & with High sustainable growth Profit business from day 1 with a Multi-Hat Role.

He launched more than 90 Technologies in Healthcare in a single-handed multi-hat role.

In the past, our Founder & CEO founded and set up a Chain of Speciality Clinics in Pan India & Globally with a Unique Business Model which was never existed in those days and even nowadays in the Healthcare system. He Founded, self-funded, and set up from scratch a Chain of Speciality Clinics in Pan India consisting of a Chain of more than 20 SpecialityClinics.
We at our Chain of Clinics Treated the world's class of Treatment Procedures and Care with the Highest Treatment Quality Better than International Hospitals and with the Highest patient Satisfaction to more than 2000 Treatment procedures for  7+ Years in a Unique Business Model with Sustainable Exponential Growth without taking any Loan or Investor Funds during 2006 to 2014
(Shutdown for very Big Plan to come back again later ) we were growing expanding fast in our Journey Parallel to our Digital Health Technology Business expansion in India & Globally.

Our Objective:

 Our objective is to gain as per our 5 Year Business Plan a 10 % market share in a number of hospitals by taking over already running 1500 secondary care hospitals & Already running more than 5000 Clinics in India making them Profitable with Double-Digit Highly sustainable Exponential Growth.

This will allow us to establish a footprint of 1500 service locations (with over 60,000 beds pan India & average operational bed capacity of 40) with 2 hospitals in every Indian district and Internationally.

Additionally, Our Founder & CEO is a WHO Geneva COVID-19 Expert, So, we have the capacity to build SmartTech COVID-19 Hospitals Facility in short notice of 10 days for the next COVID-19 Wave Preparedness | Readiness and Pandemic Management, creating 1 Million Beds & Impacting the Lives of Billions of People in India & Globally through our World Class Benovymed Health SmartTech Hospitals & Clinics facility ( including Emerging | Re-emerging Infectious disease like COVID-19 Digital & COVID-19 onsite medical services ) with most comprehensive COVID-19 Prevention to Early Detection Testing to Consultations to Diagnosis to Prognosis to Treatment to Case Management for the Disease Management along with our most comprehensive Digital Health Platform with Remote Patient Management 24x7.

Also, our objective is to gain as per our 5-Year Business Plan a 30 % market share in an OPD Day Care and Consultation number of hospitals, Clinics & Online Consultations.

Phase by Phase we will also expand into Global Market for IPD and OPD in Hospital businesses and Day Care & OPD in our Clinics to Impact the Lives of Billions of People Globally.


































IV) Benovymed E-Commerce Market Place in Healthcare for Medical Supplies:

Creating World's 1st Most Comprehensive Medical Supplies E-Commerce online Market Place in Healthcare Business to commercialize in  180 Countries Globally Phase by Phase Year by Year in the Next 5 Years with Business Models on B2B, B2B2C  & B2C Global Market Place in all Product lines categories with over 1 Million Product item Categories from our Business Partners with over 50,000 Manufacturers,100,000 Partners/distributors along with e-logistics, Warehouses globally. 

Making Supply and Demand in the Medical Supply Logistics Ecosystem the most affordable accessible, safe & Highest Quality Technologies just a click at your own comfort.     

We already have a Specialist Team with collective over 200 Years of domain expertise experience in Medical Supplies & Medical Equipment Trading Import-Export, Medical supplies distribution & Logistics Management, over 1500 medical Technologies Product Installations, Tech Product Education & Training, Launching, Branding & GTM in 50+ Countries Globally including India in working & doing business for 20+ Years in the Healthcare Industry with all stakeholders of Govt Business & Private Business in Small and Large Hospitals Group, Diagnostics Centers & Speciality Clinics & Small Clinics.























Currently, in the R&D Stage working on creating the World's 1st and World's single Largest E-Commerce Market Place in Healthcare to be commercialized in 180 Countries in the next 5 Years for all daily needs of Hospitals, Clinics, Doctors, Government Supplies, Diagnostics Centres, Healthcare supplies chain Logistics & including Cold chain supply logistics ) in Pharmaceuticals, Cosmeceuticals, Medical Supplies-Medical Technologies ( In Surgical, Non-Surgical, Minimum Invasive, Therapeutic areas of Medical Devices, Medical Equipment & FMCG Medical Consumables ).

We are well connected globally with more than 50,000 Manufacturers, 10,000 Super Distributors, and 100,000 Distributors consisting of over 1 million Products in all Categories.

We are coming with a wealth of Billion Dollars worth of Multifactect Domain Expertise in Healthcare with our Founder & CEO with Deep Clinical Knowledge & Deep Clinical Expertise in more than 20 Super specialties in Healthcare in delivering more than 1000 types of Treatments and Procedures in Non-Communicable Diseases and Communicable Disease areas in the areas of Surgical,non-Surgical, Minimum Invasive, Diagnosis is so profound and deep that, he can predict the Treatment Outcomes delivered before actually starting the Treatment | Disease Management by any Doctor / Surgoan / Hospitals Globally and also having deep expertise in Healthcare Business Management.

We require Good Capital Fundraising to swiftly execute and develop this Highly Scalable Digital Health E-Commerce Platform with more than One Million Products in all Categories to be Launched Globally initially to 30 Countries.  


Then expanding to 40/60/90/120/150/180 Countries Globally.

We already have Thousands of our Manufacturers, Business Partners globally who want to work with us restlessly.


The Problem of Buyers and End-user in the Healthcare Market:

1) Currently, there is no Player in this Market Space globally who is having solid experience and domain expertise in Healthcare Technologies and Monetizing Technologies in Healthcare.

2) The Hospitals, Doctors, Clinics, Diagnostics Centers, and Government's Healthcare Procurement System is so confused that, they do not from which suppliers they should buy and deal with this Products line Purchase and all these Products line require Intensive Know how to use effectively at right with right Treatment Procedure to deliver Highest Possible Treatment Outcomes per Treatment Per Procedures.

3) After Sales Support, Advance Education & Training on these specialized Product lines is the Biggest Pain Points for Buyer.

4) All the Existing E-commerce marketplaces in Healthcare are not having any domain Knowledge and expertise to solve the above pain points.

 Our Solutions:

Benovymed has Novel Solutions for all these Problems  / Pain Points faced by buyers and ends users in the Healthcare Ecos system Globally.


Benovymed Healthcare Founder & CEO and their Founding Leaders collectively coming with more than 90 Years of Excellency Expertise in Healthcare in Patient care, Patient Management, 1000s of Treatments Procedures Disease Management having strong Capabilities with deep Knowledge in Healthcare Technologies Usage in the entire Healthcare system to solve all these Pain Points of Buyers and end-users.

The Big surprise is that there is no such E-Commerce Market Place Platform that has the solutions to all Problems and Pain Points faced by Buyers and end users in Hospital and Healthcare System Globally.

Investor Funding in Benovymed Healthcare will solve all these Customers' challenges Globally.

V)  Benovymed Capital

(Impact Innovation DeepTech HealthTech Fund1 to Fund Benovymed 5 Business Verticals & Portfolio Companies):

Benovymed Capital is an Impact Innovation HealthTech Fund VC Company, setting up a VC Fund 1 through fundraising  30 Million $ to 100 Million $ from LP/Family Office to bring INVESTMENT to the World's Most Impactful Innovation HealthTech 10 Startups (early-stage Seed to Series B) across the Globe which is Fixing real Pain Points in Healthcare & Solving complex problems in Healthcare ecosystem globally for Accessible l Affordable Quality& Safe Health to all driven by Domain Expertise, Business Execution Capabilities, serial HealthTech Startup Founders with Science &Technology Innovation in Digital Health,mHealth, eHealth, AI Health, MedIoT, Hospitals & Speciality Clinics in healthcare Globally.

The Founder & Managing Partner of Benovymed Capital has a long evidence-based Strong history in 16 HealthTech Startup building &serially Investing for more than 28 years. 

Our Founder & Managing Partner in the last 5 Years already Invested a few Million $ in Benovymed Healthcare as its Founder & CEO & Board Chairman of the World's Most Impactful Innovation DeepTech HealthTech Global Startup Fastest Growing going Globally from India to Global in the next 5 Years in 180 Countries.

Please visit the main page to know more about Benovymed Healthcare AI Health Global Company.

Benovymed Capital Founder & Managing Partner have strong &Multifaceted Billion$ domain Expertise in building from scratch and converting them into MM$ serially 16 Global HealthTech Startup in Digital Health | AI Health | Telemedicine Innovation, MedTech Devices, MedIoT having an entire Startup building Journey from concept to complete commercialization with Deep Clinical Practice, Deep Clinical Science &Clinical R&D & Innovation, Tech & filling this Big decision taking Capability at right time with the right fund to have High sustainable exponential Growth Y by Y on ROI.50 Start-up Deal lead in hands.

Why VC Funded startups not doing well Globally | Failing exponentially | Y by Y they are in Huge Losses?

We know that the world's biggest problem in Investing in Healthcare Technology and Healthcare Business is that most of the VC funding decisions are wrong(Small/Big). VC has no Capability, idea, or domain expertise in Clinical Science, in a variety of Technologies used in Healthcare for solving 1000s of real complex Problems in various medical specialties, overall Healthcare management systems, no expertise in Technology monetization in Healthcare Business & no right set of Go to Market Strategy for growing HealthTech startup successfully.

Why Invest in Benovymed Capital?        |  Benovymed Capital Growth Driver


  • Management Team:

Our Top Management is having more than 100 Years of experience and expertise in domain-specific various Vertical areas as an Impact Innovation HealthTech Well-rounded Strong Domain Expertise Professionals such as our Founder & Managing Partner having Multifaceted Multihat Strong Domain Expertise as a serial Entrepreneur, Serial Investor in Building 16 HealthTech Global Startups in Digital Health | AI Health | Telemedicine Innovation & MedTech from Scratch to Multi-Million $ & our other Management is having over 30 Years experience as a Medical Doctor in Medical Practice & as a Medical Administrator for the Pan India Medical Services Management.​

  • Serial HealthTech Startup Building & Serial Startup Investment Experience:

Our Founder & Managing Partner is a Visionary, Passionate, Serial Impact HealthTech Investor in 16 Global HealthTech Innovation Startup (very strong in the right Startup Investment decision-making Capability at the right time when & where to Invest) & Serial HealthTech Impact Innovation Entrepreneur has Launched more than 90 HealthTech Innovative Technologies in Digital Health-AI Health-MedTech Innovation| 200 Technology Products & Solutions in India ( Toughest Market) & Built 16 HealthTech Global Startups in Digital Health | AI Health | Telemedicine Innovation & MedTech from Scratch to Multi-Million $ in India and Taken to Global Market & Global to India Market in last over 28 Years in Healthcare Technologies Business in more than 20 Medical Super specialties working with all Stakeholders in India & Globally.

Having Multifaceted Billion $ expertise in Deep Clinical, Deep Technologies (Digital Health-AI Health -Telemedicine-MedTech-Prevention to Early detection-Diagnosis-Treatment- Complete Disease Management, Healthcare Management), HealthTech Startup Business Execution Go To Market Capabilities.

  • Deep Clinical Expertise:

Our Management has Strong Domain Expertise in more than 20 Medical Super Speciality, including Healthcare management.

  • R&D & Innovation Expertise:

Think Tank ( Medical R&D, AI Health R&D, Product Development R&D, Software Engineering R&D, Product Management, Medical Fit-Market Fit-Product Fit-Supply-Demand, Risk Management ( from concept to Commercialisation), HealthTech Market Research, Analysis & Market Opportunities, SWOT analysis driven Market Entry- Go - To-Market Commercialisation from scratch to Growth stages.

  • Commercial & Investment Management:

We have well-rounded Professionals from having worked in VC in Legal, Financial, Commercials, and Investment deal flow management for the right decision at the right time making investment methodology in HealthTech Startup for high sustainable Growth, VC Company Operations & Portfolio Company Management.

VI) Benovymed Global R&D and  AI Health Innovation Lab :

Benovymed Global R&D and AI Health Innovation Lab is the World's 1st of its kind Internationally Reputed World Class R&D & Innovation Institution in the 360-degree areas of Healthcare in NCD and CD areas Disease Management & Disease Control & in the Healthcare Deep Science & Deep Technologies World's 1st of its kind Multistage Journey Integrated Care is driven by Digital Health, AI Health, Telemedicine, MedIoT, Software Product Development, Product Design & Product Engineering Innovation with our Clinical Technology Novel Solutions & Healthcare Management Novel Solutions delivery through Mobile App and Web Applications in SaaS Cloud Platform to Impact the Lives of Billions of People and benefits all stakeholders.


Benovymed Global R&D & AI Health Innovation Thinktank and a Central Command Centre for Building, Developing from Scratch to into a fastest Growing Impact Innovation Healthcare & HealthTech Unicorn Big MNC Benovymed Healthcare Group 6 Global Business Verticals & Portfolio Companies from Concept to R&D Innovation ThinkTank, Clinical Trials Testing & Validations, Market Validations, SWOT Analysis, Market Research, Risk Management to Impact Innovation to Complete Readiness Preparedness with End-to-end GTM - Commercialisation Globally

VII)   Benovymed Turnkey Global Projects in Healthcare Business

Our Founder & CEO had been working for the last 30 years in the Global Healthcare Market including India with all stakeholders in B2B & B2B2C Business Models, we have been working with High International Standards, Trust, Reliability, High Reputation & High Respect worth of Billions of Dollars we earned for our High International Quality of Commitment & Quality Health Delivery & Multifaceted Healthcare & in Varied Healthcare Technologies Domain Expertise & Hgh reliability, and Trust we gain with more than 100 Countries' Governments, MOH, Centralised Procurements Authorities, Regulatory Authorities, MOD,  Corporate Hospitals, Private Hospitals & Speciality Clinics  Globally for Turnkey Global Projects to do complete end to end Medical Supplies, Medical Supplies Consultations, All Types of Medical Equipment ( High End and Low-End in all Speciality and all SuperSpeciality Medical Equipments Technologies), All types of Medical Supplies, Disposables, Medical Supplies FMCG.

Benovymed Healthcare Group Can Supply to more than 100 Countries' Governments, MOH, Centralised Procurements Authorities, MOD,  Corporate Hospitals, Private Hospitals & Speciality Clinics  Globally for Turnkey Global Projects to do complete end to end Medical Supplies, Medical Supplies Consultations, All Types of Medical Equipment ( High End and Low-End in all Speciality and all SuperSpeciality Medical Equipments Technologies), All types of Medical Supplies, Disposables, Medical Supplies FMCG.

We have expertise in complete end-to-end Domestic and International logistics / Air Cargo and Sea Cargo management for Imports, Exports, and Customs Clearance all across the World to more than 100 Countries' Destinations.

In all types of Medical Supplies & Medical Equipments we have more than 20,000 Manufacturers of Medical Supplies & Medical Equipment worldwide are our Business Partners. In Global Healthcare Market, we are the Internationally Renowned Healthcare Domain Experts in delivering International Quality Standards in more than 20 Medical Specialities and in more than 100 types of Medical Technologies Equipments Installations, Clinical Education, Clinical Training, Varied Medical Technologies Education &Training, and Mentoring to 70,000+  Specialist Doctors & Surgeons.

We are having Medical Technologies Experts Team in a wide range of Specialist & Non-Specialist Medical equipment long-term contracts of AMC.CMC, Repairing, Services & Maintenence in India & Globally.

VIII) Benovymed Medical Tourism ( Domestic & International Medical Tourism) with NextGen software AI in Healthcare for Medical Tourism Business Globally, unbiased data-driven & Patient-centric AI Digital HealthTech platform( NextGen Medical Tourism for over 400 major Elective Surgical Procedures). Benovymed Healthcare is the World's 1st Most Comprehensive end to end services in Medical Tourism in Hybrid form Onsite & Online (Varieties of Digital and AI-based technologies) for Domestic and international Patient care and patient Management ( Remote Patient Management, Remote Patient Engagement, Remote Disease management ) and with Most Comprehensive Medical Concierge Services Medical Travel with destination International-Domestic Hospitals and Speciality Clinics & fully Digital online, remotely Domestic / International Patient Management, We provide a complete package of end-to-end Medical Concierge Services to Domestic and international Patients globally including a complete Medical Tour Plan, Medical Tour Booking, Flight Ticket Booking, Dr Consultation-Diagnosis-Elective Surgery Appointment Booking-Travel Visa-Hotel- Flight Booking-Airport Pickup-Surgery-Post Surgery Management.Signed legal agreements with the Top 1,500 International top Hospitals& and Speciality Clinics in Asia(including India) to match the need of International Patients for Elective Surgeries. We developed the World's 1st Digital Health Top Quality International Hospitals online Digital Platform(from all across the World) which is the World 1st Patient-Centric for International Patients from all across the world Best International Hospitals and specialty Clinics driven by AI, Hospital Data with unbiased, transparent & Highest Quality Health delivery.  We are associated with over 100,000 Doctors/surgeons well experienced, trained & and qualified specialists in all surgeries& and non-surgery & 4500+ International Hospitals and specialty Clinics across the Globe which are the first choice of our Patients worldwide. 

IX)  Benovymed Medical Robotics with AI: Benovymed Next-Gen Medical Robotics with AI Exporting to 180 Countries.

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