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Our Innovation in Digital Health, AI Health & Telemedicine are in

​Prevention  | Dr Consultation | Early Detection |  Diagnosis  | Treatment | Complete Disease Management & Control 


Fight against COVID-19 current Emergency & Future Emerging Infectious Diseases 


Top 5 Chronic Disease (Non-Communicable Disease ) during COVID-19  or future Emerging Infectious Diseases

Cancer  |  Diabetes  |  COPD  |  Mental Health  |  Heart Disease


Top 20 Cancer 

Breast Cancer | Cervical Cancer | Vaginal Cancer for Women's Health

 Oral Cancer | Lung Cancer | Colorectal Cancer | Multiple Myeloma Cancer ( Hematology Cancer)

Brain Cancer | Liver Cancer | Kidney Cancer | Skin Cancer


Our Products | Solutions | Services Offering is a Collaborative Unique Blend of Synergetic Holistic Approach working together, Partnering with Hospitals, Clinics & all Stakeholders along with applying next Generation Innovations and advancements of Medical Science, Super Smart Intelligence cutting edge Digital Technologies in Digital Health, AI Health( Applying AI in Healthcare in a Multi-Level & Multi-Layer Approach From the Weakest side of AI to Semi-Auto AI to Strongest side of AI ( Super Intelligent AI just like a Top Board Certified Oncologist for Super Intelligent Clinical Decision making capability, Various Level of Deep Learning in Neural Networks, Computer Vision, Auto AI, Cognitive AI, Quantum AI), Telemedicine, Big Data, IoT, MedIoT, Highly Scalable SaaS Cloud Platform, Direct Consumer Cloud Platform, Blockchain Technology (Integrated Cancer Care with a multi-Disciplinary Team on a Technology Platfrom for all type and all stage Cancer and other Chronic Diseases, Non-Communicable Diseases), Remotely Patient Monitoring, Engagement and Management with the end-user final delivery through the

Web, Mobile App & outside App Application to Impact the Lives of Billions of People for accessible affordable Quality Health to all & Benefits to all Stakeholders including Govt & Corporate in Public Health, Govt and Private Hospitals Chains, Pharma co, Insurance Co Globally including India.













We have already developed Future Digital Health technology Hospital which is a "Smart Digital Virtual Hospital " Highly scalable Platform with currently with few Verticals on the same Horizontal Platform, we will be adding hundreds of Verticals and working on each Vertical ( with many deep layers of Disease areas) on the same Horizontal in next 5 Years timeline with more than 2000 Disruptive Innovative Science & Technology Products and Novel Solutions with a highly sustainable growth world's 1st most Comprehensive multidisciplinary AI Health Platform in our Phase1  development with currently developed ( out of our 400 POC for our disruptive Innovative Products & Solutions developed by our Founder & CEO)  21 disruptive, Innovative, Science and Technology Products, Novel Solutions delivered through in mobile App through Smart Phone and Outside mobile App through Mobile Phone with Patient Remote monitoring, Patient self Care Management well connected through our AI Health Platform and actual nearby Best Quality Hospital anytime anywhere no need of Prior appointment for Consultation or Care globally in 24x7x365 days driven by latest and Next Generation state of the art Digital Technology in Digital Health, AI Health & Telemedicine Innovations,IoT,MedIoT,BlockChain,Cybersecurity and following International standards in Patient Data Privacy and confidentiality for US HIPAA Complaince or Europion Standards of GDPR or any countries local standards and all requirements of world class quality & International Patient Safety Standards using Cloud computing, SaaS Model for B2B and B2B2C and Cloud Model for consumers in B2C Globally.


Fight against 

COVID-19 Pandemic Management


Top 5 deadly Chronic Disease ( Top 20 Cancer Diseases including Breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Oral Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, Lung Cancer, Hematology Cancer and other Cancer Diseases) | Diabetes | Heart Disease | COPD | Mental Health ) Management


from Prevention to Early Detection, Dr Consultation ( AI Speciality Dr Consultation, Virtual Online Speciality Dr Consultation, Actual Face to Face Speciality Dr Consultation ), Diagnosis, Treatment Logistic management | case management and Triage with complete end to end Disease Management and Control globally remotely anytime anywhere 24x7x365 days no appointments need this will be a big game changer and Innovation.


Impacting & Benefiting the life of  Billions of People Globally with a Patient-Centric | Patient First approach, Empowering the Patients and Doctors, Hospitals and Benefiting with Huge Value in terms of Improved Treatment Outcomes, Increase Profitability in Multifold and reducing 40% the Burn rate and Losses of all Stakeholders ( Hospitals, Insurance Co, Pharma Co, Corporates & Government) Globally.

Need of Hour

Filling all the Gap and Challenges such as Doctor-Patient Ratio, Reducing the high Growing Need Hospital Beds in the Healthcare Eco-System to have easily accessible, affordable, Improved Treatment outcome, safe & reliable Quality Health to Billions of People in the fight against COVID-19 and Chronic Diseases Management from Prevention to complete end to end Disease Management & Control for all needs fulfilment. 

To be launched after this Immediate funding in 30 countries strategically globally including India (B2C, B2B2C, B2B Revenue Models) in Prevention, early detection, Diagnosis & Disease Management in a Trillion Dollar Emerging AI Health Global Market fastest growing Market at CAGR 61.3% annually 2020-28 with no supply &

high growing demand globally above the sky & we are working within Few Trillion Dollar of Top 5 Chronic Diseases growing at more than 51.4 % Annually including in Top 20 Cancer Disease & Fight against COVID-19.