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Benovymed Healthcare Group is Empowering Women's Health through Impact and Technology Innovation Globally including India

Benovymed Healthcare Group is Empowering Women's Health through Impact and Technology Innovation Globally including India


Thrilled to announce that our Benovymed Healthcare Group Founder and CEO's Great Pleasure and Honour to join as the Eminent Panelists in this wonderful WHI 24 Women's Health National Conference Opening Plenary Panel Discussion.

We request my LinkedIn associates / LinkedIn Members to please Register and Join as the Delegate to support us and Learn great things in Health Technology Innovation and Technology driven Clinical Practices Solutions in Empowering women's Health in this Women's Health India 2024 Conference on 28th April at the Le Meridien hotel, New Delhi, India

Benovymed is the World's Top 20 & India's No:1  Most Impact Innovation DeepTech HealthTech Global Startup MNC in Creating, Building & Launched a variety of more than 90 Next Gen Disruptive Innovative Health Technologies in India & Global Healthcare Market since 1993  by its Founder &CEO | Board Chairman | Promoter | Successful SerialHealthTechEntreprenur, Serially Founded, setup, as a serial Investor in Investing in 17 Most Impact Innovation DeepTech HealthTech Global Startup MNC ( including Benovymed Healthcare Group) in his last 30 Years of Toughest Most challenging Startup Building Journey.

Benovymed Healthcare Group has 9 Healthcare Business Verticals Global Business on the same Horizontal as mentioned below.

it is an Impact Innovation DeepTech | HealthTech Global Healthcare Organisation with Deep Science | Deep Technology | Strong 360 degree Domain Expertise & R&D based World’s 1st of its kind advanced Quality Global Healthcare Institution growing, building & establishing one Gigabyte at a time as one of the fast emerging World’s Most Impact Innovation| Respected | Reliable | Trusted to Solve 1000s of Complex Problem locally and Globally down the line in next 5 Years from Disease Prevention to Complete Disease Management & Disease Control ( in Public Health and Private Health in Communicable Disease to Non – Communicable Disease Management in our entire Healthcare Ecosystem ) Global Organisation Multi National Company (MNC) to build the Future of Healthcare for Accessible | Affordable | Safe | Reliable | Quality Health to all

Powered by: Benovymed Global R&D & Artificial Intelligence in Health Innovation Lab.

Benovymed Healthcare Group is not like 1000s of Big Funded HealthTech Startups / MNC mushrooming all across the world in Healthcare False Hope in the name of Science and Technology.

Benovymed Healthcare Group developed the World's 1st Most Comprehensive Integrated Care Disease Management SaaS Cloud Platform for a multi-stage Journey in Chronic Diseases (NCD) & COVID-19 type Disease Management.

A Highly Scalable Platform | Driven by our Digital Health | AI Health | Telemedicine | Remote Patient Monitoring | Remote Patient Management Innovation Novel Solutions with a Holistic Approach in Healthcare Systems in

Public Health-Individual Health-Hospital- Healthcare Management | Clinical Management with Benovymed on Ground Medical Operational & Medical Experts Team delivering end to end Solutions in Non-Communicable Diseases-NCD (all stages all types of Chronic Diseases Including all types of Cancer | Diabetes | Heart | Mental Health| COPD) & COVID-19 current & Future like Pandemic Management

Impacting the Life of Billions of People Globally & Benefiting all stakeholders.

Not a single Dollar Invested by any Investors in India in Deeptech HealthTech Impact Innovation Company in last over a Decades, that's why

India has becomes the World's Hub of all the Diseases on the Ground zero without any Diseases management Prevention & Control System in Place.

That's why, Presently all across the World Billions of People do not have ACCESSIBLE | AFFORDABLE | SAFE & QUALITY HEALTH TO ALL.

​Benovymed is a Healthcare Ecosystem Technology Impact Innovation Gamechanger in a

Trillion Dollar Fastest Growing Emerging AI Health Global Market & in  a

Multi-Trillion Dollar Global Market in our Addressable Areas of NCD & CD in Public health Globally.



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