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Benovymed Healthcare Group
Wishing you a Very
Happy Healthy Peaceful & Prosperous New Year 🎊 💐👏🤝🙏 2024

INVEST in Healthcare to make this World a Healthier place for all !!!


Remember Always:

Not a SINGLE $ in the last over decade INVESTMENT under system/ policy of Govt, Banking system, Govt Grant & any Investors IN THE DEEPTECH HEALTHTECH IMPACT INNOVATION in India. DeepTech HealthTech is the Back-Bone of the Healthcare Ecosystem, without it there is no Healthcare.
This is heavily Impacting ballooning Trillions $ Burden on Govt system& on Billion of Common people Y by Y & Billion of Common people in India are living in false hope & don't have at all an Accessible l Affordable l Safe &Quality Health. In turn India has become now the World's 🌎 Hub of all NCD & CD Diseases with absolutely no effective measures on the ground Zero for Diseases Management l Prevention &Control.

No Media house has the guts to publish these Real Pity Pain points of Billion of common people of India.
Currently,Govt in 180+Countries globally are having over 💯 Trillion $ Collective Burden &Billions of people living in false hope & do not have Accessible l Affordable l Safe l Quality Health to All globally on Ground zero.

Benovymed Healthcare Group with 9 Healthcare Business Verticals to meet 💯 unmet demands in 360 Degree areas in entire Healthcare ecosystem working Globally including India with Multifaceted strong impressive History in Turning IMPOSSIBLE into POSSIBLE & working with all stakeholders in B2B & B2B2C Business models globally solving 1000s Complex problems in our Healthcare Ecosystem Globally in Public Health for Building the Future of Healthcare for Accessible l Affordable l Safe & Quality Health to All to benefit all stakeholders &Impacting the lives of Billions of people globally including India in NCD & COVID-19 like emerging re-emerging Infectious Diseases with its Founder & CEO l Board Chairman's Multifaceted Billions $ Domain Expertise in Revolutionizing Digital Health l AI Health l Telemedicine & NextGen MedTech through Innovation since 1993( with over 30 Yrs Excellency Billion $ Domain Expertise in 20 Medical Super-specialities for Bringing change in Healthcare Ecosystem Globally including India) , when no one else other than Ambassador Mahendra Singh has any idea 💡 & Multifaceted Domain expertise in Digital Health l AI Health l Next-Gen MedTech bringing Future of Healthcare & saving the lives of Billions of people for Accessible l Affordable l Safe l Quality Health to All in India & globally in Public Health in Diseases Management, Prevention & Control in Non- Communicable Diseases(NCD) & COVID-19 like emerging re-emerging Infectious/Communicable Diseases(CD).
Our Visionary, Passionate Impact Innovator DeepTech HealthTech Serial Entrepreneur Founder & CEO has Impressive Strong 👏 History in doing IMPOSSIBLE to POSSIBLE in Creating & Revolutionizing Digital Health l AI Health l Telemedicine & MedTech through Impact Innovation since 1993, specially when no one had any idea about the Next-Gen Digital Health Technologies.
Our Founder & CEO has launched 90+ Next-Gen Impact Innovation Healthcare Technologies of Digital Health l AI Health l Telemedicine & Next-Gen MedTech which is now used by every Hospitals & Speciality Clinics Globally including India to Impact the lives of Billions of people globally & benefits to all stakeholders for last 30 Years while he serially built, setup Founded,Funded meaningful successful profitable Impact Innovation 17 Global Startups into MNC.

INVEST in Benovymed Healthcare Group
to make this World 🌍 a Healthier place for all.

Benovymed Healthcare Group is the BACK-BONE OF A TRILLIONS DOLLAR HEALTHCARE ECOSYSTEM GLOBALLY INCLUDING INDIA . Powered by: Benovymed Global R&D and AI Health Innovation Lab.
Benovymed Healthcare Group is Founded by Ambassador Mahendra Singh, An Visionary, Passionate & Serial DeepTech HealthTech Entrepreneur in Revolutionising Digital Health, AI Health, Telemedicine through Impact Innovation since 1993 in bringing change in Healthcare Ecosystem Globally , He is the Digital Health Dr, AI Health Dr, Digital Tech HealthTech Dr, Medical Robotics Researcher Dr, HealthTech Scientist Innovator, HealthTech Startup Guru & DeepTech HealthTech Global Think-Tank Leader, Formerly WHO Geneva Expert Member in Digital Health, AI Health Innovation, Benovymed Healthcare Group is working with all Stakeholders Globally including India and with more than 40 Countries Governments,MOH,MOD,Government & Corporate Hospitals , Public Health System & Speciality Clinics in NCD & CD areas in the areas of Solving 1000s of unmet Complex Problem with Cutting Edge Impact Innovation Technologies( Digital Health, AI Health, Telemedicine, MedTech, Medical Robotics, IOT,MedIoT) Novel Clinical Solutions for Healthcare Management, Diseases Management, Prevention, Early Detection & Control in Multi-Disciplinary Multistage Journey in NCD such as all Types of Cancer | COPD | Heart Diseases | Diabetes | Mental Health | Pain Management | Hypertension etc and COVID-19 Like Emerging , Re-emerging Infectious Diseases (CD). Make in India and Exporting Impact Innovation DeepTech HealthTech Digital Health, AI Health, Telemedicine ,Next-Gen MedTech & Hospitals & Speciality Clinics Management Services to the whole World.

Benovymed is an AI Health Healthcare Global Organisation from India working in more than 40 countries Globally including India. Working in India & Globally ( Countries 40/Y1 , 60/Y2, 100/Y3, 120/Y4 , 180/Y5) in next 5 to 7 Years would be NASDAQ / NY / Dubai /Hong Kong Listed with more than 300 Billion Dollar World's 1st Most Admirable Most Reliable World's 1st AI Health & Medical Robotics & Healthcare Unicorn Global Healthcare MNC.
Benovymed Healthcare is born & built from scratch into more than 311 Million USD MNC by its Founder & CEO’s 30 Years of building 16 Impact Innovation HealthTech Global Startups before Benovymed Healthcare Group.
Benovymed is working in a Trillion Dollar AI Health Global Market which is the fastest growing Market at CAGR 61.3% annually 2020-28 in the Trillion $ NCD & CD areas which are Globally currently Under Prevented,Under Diagnosis,Under Consulted, UnderTreated, Underserved with Unified Diseases Management Technologies Clinical Solutions market with no supply and exponentially high growing demand globally and within Additional Few Trillion Dollars of underserved Chronic Diseases (Multistage Disease Journey in a Multidisciplinary Cancer | Diabetes | Heart Disease | Mental Health | COPD ) demand growing at more than 51.4 % Annually  & underserved and unmet exponential demand. In World's Highest Populated Country Like India every 3rd Person is suffering with at least One NCD or CD Diseases and Billions of People Globally living in False Hope Given by Hospitals, Physicians Globally & the Government Run System.

Additional Trillion $ COVID-19 Pandemic Management ( COVID-19 Transmission Tracing, early warning, Testing & Treating, Readiness, preparedness, COVID-19 Disease Management).

Benovymed Founder & CEO Founded 6 Year ago, World’s 1st of its Kind Global R&D and AI Health Innovation Lab(Benovymed Business Vertical) known as Benovymed Global R&D and AI Health Innovation Lab.
Our Founders & management Leaders have collectively over 100 years of well rounded experience in Hospital management, Medical Practice, Healthcare Business Management, Our Founder & CEO Created since 1993 HealthTech market in India & Globally , he built 16 HealthTech Global Startups from scratch to MM$ Global Company since 1993, Strong Go to Market Strategy ,Strong HealthTech Product Launch Capability and HealthTech Startup Business Execution Capabilities in India & Globally, R&D ( In more than 20 superspeciality Medical , AI Health , Digital Health , Telemedicine & MedTech with deep Science & Technologies ) & he is World’s Top 30 Most Impactful Health Technologies Innovation Global Leader.

Benovymed Developed World’s 1st Most Comprehensive Integrated Care SaaS Platform in a Multistage Multidisciplinary Cancer Disease Management right from Prevention to Early-Detection-Screening-Testing-Tracing-Diagnosis-Prognosis- Treatment -Care Plan & Palliative Care and within Chronic Diseases Management, for this Quality Health delivery we developed disruptive & Innovative Technologies 21 Product & Soln driven by Digital Health | AI Health | Telemedicine | Block Chain Innovation delivered through Mobile App & Web on Highly Scalable SaaS Cloud Platform Integrated and working together with our Partners in B2B & B2B2C Business Model and Powered by: Benovymed Global R&D & AI Health Innovation Lab .
Our Novel Clinical solutions developed with highest Clinical Safety & Clinical Quality Efficacy  with Highest Treatment Outcomes at Par & inline with International Standards Referenced & supported by some of the World’s Top Hospital & Research Institutions/ Organizations.
In order to Fix another 1000s of complex problem in Chronic Disease Management and in complete end to end areas of for Accessible | Affordable | Safe| Quality Health to All as per UN SDG3 and as Per WHO we are working in Non-Communicable Diseases (CD) & Communicable Disease (CD) Clinical Management and Healthcare Management system locally and globally in next 5 Year we are  doing multicentered R&D and AI Health Innovation by collaborating with Top Institutions Globally to develop more than 2000 Novel Tech Products & Solutions ( Our Founder & CEO have already developed 400+ POC already in addition to already Developed Digital Health Technologies Clinical Product / Services & Novel Clinical Solutions in NCD and CD areas) to be Rolled out on our highly Scalable Digital Health | AI Health SaaS Cloud Platform phase by Phase Y by Y Fund by Fund in Healthcare locally and globally.  We are Working in B2B, B2B2C Model with all stakeholders Globally.
Our Founder & CEO has Mentored, Educated & Trained over 70,000 Super-specialist Physicians Dr in India & Internationally in more than 20 Medical Superspeciality areas in NCD & CD areas in Diseases Management in Surgical,Non-Surgicals, Minimum-Invasive, Robotics Surgeries,Diagnosis ( Digital Radiology, Digital Pathology).

SUPPORT US l JOIN l PARTNER l COLLABORATE with Benovymed Healthcare Group
to benefit Impact l Support l Save your life, Your Family & Friends Life & the life of Billions of people globally including India in Public Health.
Powered by: Benovymed Healthcare Global R&D & AI Health Innovation Lab has Developed Benovymed World's 🌎 1st Most Impactful with Innovation DeepTech HealthTech Most Comprehensive SaaS cloud Digital Health l AI Health l Telemedicine Platform for Integrated Care in a hybrid holistic multidisciplinary multistage Journey in Diseases Management l Prevention l Early Detection & Diseases Control in Non Communicable Diseases (NCD) & COVID-19 Emerging l Re-emerging like Communicable Diseases (CD) for the future of Healthcare for Accessible l Affordable l Safe and Quality Health to All globally including India.
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